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Amanda Farix

0 · 392 views · located in DWMA

a character in “Flickering Souls: Soul Eater”, as played by TheRavenandThePawn


Character Name: Amanda Farix

Role: Weapon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Amanda generally prefers dark fabrics and more 'expressive' attire for casual times. While on missions she will forgo her tendencies and go for practical over her normal clothing, thus she can be seen wearing a white tank top, weathered blue jeans, and tennis shoes.

Weapon apearance: Image

Age: 19

Personality: Amanda is more into academics then anything else, intelligent but fun she helps keep Maria out of trouble as a friend should. Passionate and protective Amanda is a fierce warrior when others are put in harms way but would otherwise prefer to avoid head to head combat.

Likes: Academics, reading, writing, music, singing(when alone), dancing(ditto), poetry, her friends, people, and loud music.

Dislikes: Losing friends, failing in her mission to protect the students, losing Maria like she lost her last partner, facing the Kishin Kuja Avon.

Quirks: She twirls her hair when bored.

Hobbies: Reading, Writting, Dancing, Singing, and sword-play.

Goal: To defend her students against all agressions.

Friends:Maria Axandra.

So begins...

Amanda Farix's Story


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Jintsu walked calmly down the hall with two women in tow. He paused to look at Stein and Tanja's battle before sighing. "What is the meaning of this?" He shook his head. "Honestly I have enough to do with out people destroying the school." He looked at the other teachers. "Anyone know what is going on... I find this quite... distracting. and their scuffing the floors I just finished polishing..."


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"Stein and a few students are getting dirt on my freshly cleaned floors... that is what is occuring... also new transfer staff from the Berlin division... be a good Death Scythe and show them around will you Spirit. I can not stand idle as they destroy all of today's work!" He charged forward but was to late to enter the fray. Marie had already taken action and as such he stood at the ready incase the others continued their brawl.

Amanda and Maria stood slightly confused as to what was going on after Jintsu ran off. Though Amanda smiled towards Spirit. "Uh Hello... Mister Jintsu was going to show us to our rooms." Maria merely stood behind Amanda reading a book which had a blank cover. "So... are we suppose to follow you or are we going to wait on mister Jintsu?