Kaiya LaCain

"Challenge accepted."

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a character in “Flickering Souls: Soul Eater”, as played by ReaperGirl4


Character Name:
Kaiya LaCain



Average height, long semi-unruly silver/gray hair, red eye, average build


Kaiya is very unique, adventurous, insightful, courageous, and competent, always ready for a new challenge. She has handled many types of weapons in her life, thus giving her skill in this area. She has explored many different regions of the world. Because of this, she knows a lot about different cultures and areas. She is a very capable leader. She can whip a team into shape lickity-split. You can also trust her with your life, and she will not fail you. Steadfast and strong, Kaiya is a formidable opponent as well as an optimal ally.

Traveling, meeting new people, combat, weapons, leading

Weaklings, swamps, people who tease her about her missing eye, slackers, and above all, cocky people

Has a phobia of snakes

Training her various assets for combat and such

To become a better adventurer, leader, and overall fighter


So begins...

Kaiya LaCain's Story


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Kaiya raised an eyebrow as she observed the strange scene by the fountain. Some girl was jumping around this older boy, acting like a complete and utter lunatic. Kaiya shook her head and sighed. What has the world come to? Teenagers, of all people, running around acting like small children. She felt bad for the guy who had to put up with her. Kaiya herself knew instinctively that she was terrible with children. Being an only child was a blessing. Sighing again, she leaned against a tree and clenched her hands into fists, closing her eyes and remembering the last time she'd held a weapon. She remembered the iron grip she had on the ebony handle, the cool air that rushed to her face as she swung down the heavy blade. And of course, the sharp jolt of impact...

She snapped her eyes open and looked about, breaking her reverie. She looked up at the school. What a place. It was grand, that was for sure. Nice place to attend school. Kaiya actually couldn't wait to begin.


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Character Portrait: Kaiya LaCain

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Kaiya slipped into the classroom, while people's attention was drawn to a pink-haired kid who seemed to be having a great deal of trouble getting a weapon into the room. She sat in a seat on the other sidefaced the window, hiding her smile. Poor guy. She sat in a seat by the window, where she had a scenic view of the fountain and the tree she had stood by earlier. She stared off, spacing out, thinking about all the different regions she'd been to, and how she'd be staying here the longest. School was strange. Kaiya wondered how she'd ever get used to it.