Keiko A. Izumi

"Will you be my friend?"

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a character in “Flickering Souls: Soul Eater”, originally authored by TaniaSoulEater, as played by RolePlayGateway


Character Name: Keiko Aoi Izumi

Role: Keiko is a knight weapon, being able to take on the shape of a sword and shield at the same time.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Keiko has long and wavy brown hair, and golden eyes. She is small for her age, but is skinny and slender. She is graceful.


Weapon apearance: Image

Age: 13

Personality: Keiko is often very cheerful and has a sunny nature. She is easygoing and is mostly friends with everyone. She can be very determined, and stubborn when she makes up her mind. She loves her friends very much, and would do anything for them at a moment's notice. She is kind and caring towards others, and is quite naive. She knows exactly when to lighten up the mood and when to be serious.

Likes: Keiko likes listening to music, singing, playing the piano, reading books, being with friends, and writing music.

Dislikes: Keiko dislikes crowds, loud people, worms, disloyalty, and messiness.

Quirks: Keiko is utterly obsessed with music, and is often seen with a large pair of headphones. She is terrified of witches and is often too scared to do anything, so it is god that she is a weapon so that her meister can take over.

Hobbies: Keiko likes to sing, write music, read, listen to music, and play with friends.

Goal: To overcome her fear of witches.

Friends: No one as of yet.

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Keiko A. Izumi's Story


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Keiko walked up the last few steps. "Whew, this is tiring!" she muttered to herself. Finally, she had reached the top. Walking into the large doors, she wonders what she would find here on this new home.

Maka weaves her way through the crowd. "Where is Soul?" Pushing around some people, she finally caught sight of the white-haired boy. "Soul!" she called. "Soul!" Finally, Maka came to a stop beside him. A girl was standing n front of hm. Maka wondered who she was. "Soul, where have you been? I've been looking all over for you!" she muttered to him, annoyed.