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Flight 157

Flight 157


Flight 157 has mysteriously disappeared along with all of its passengers around the Bermuda Triangle.

2,398 readers have visited Flight 157 since TwitchtheLady created it.


The storm had come out of nowhere, the radars hadn't even picked it up. It seemed as if someone had willed it themselves, one second it was sunny and beautiful the next thunder was literally shaking the plane and lighting was mere inches from the windows. Everyone fastened their seat belts and put the masks on as the pilot informed them they were going down and losing altitude at a very fast rate. The plane plunged into the depths of the ocean, many swam for shores, many didn't make it. The waves were tall and sucked many down, holding them under before they could finally break surface for air.
Many who have made it to shore are still unconscious and most badly injured, as the storm fades into the distance, and the moon casts its glow to the island. The sand has a weird glow to it.
Hope of rescue is futile, as they have made it to the Sandy Island, also known as ' The Island that doesn't exist '. It had shown up on maps for a hundred years, but when researchers decided to go see what kind of life inhabited it, they couldn't find the island.
There is a magical feeling once you awake, and many are soon to realize they have powers, but how? What dark secrets are deep in the forest to be unraveled? Why, after all these years of no one being able to find this island, have they, been able to find it?
There is a small Tribe of people in the heart of the jungle, maybe if you found them, they could tell you? Or maybe that's not a good idea, and you should beware of them?
Fate has set you all here, for some reason or another, and now you must accept it.
Character Application:







Current wounds:

Anything else:

About the Natives:

The Native of Sandy Island were once shipwrecked refugees, originating from all over the world. Upon shipwrecking on Sandy island the island disappeared and no one could find the island again, making it known as 'The Island that doesn't Exist" and is the object of many sea-tales.
Once they made their life on the island, they soon realized the island had blessed them with powers to help them survive in the harsh jungles, they called the heart of the Island, The Mother. Upon receiving their gifts, they were told not to trust any outsiders, for they could be the end of them all, and destroy the island.
The first generation born on the island, had strange markings, that glowed when they used their powers, and the markings have stayed within the tribe ever since.
They have many ceremonies, celebrating life, and their powers.

Toggle Rules

1. Semi-Lit+
2. No one Liners
3. Ask before you kill off anothers charrie.
4. no gm pp mary lous or gary sues
5. have fun

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Her leg was all patched and had completely stopped throbbing. Ever since the man had come to her side, it seemed the pain had completely left Finch's leg and left her with a numb and heavy feeling, as if it were asleep. The wash of pain relief began make her feel very sleepy all over. She looked from the man to the woman. "Let's get to that camp," she agreed as the crash from the forrest erupted. She pivoted on the sand to look back at the island's tree line toward the cause of the sound.

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Character Portrait: Finch Meadowholm
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Yui Nightgale

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