Can...I protect them...or even myself...?

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a character in “Flight 157”, as played by Sona


Name: Sona

Age: 18

Looks: Image

Power: Can control blood (mostly his own blood because controlling others blood is too Over Powered)

Pesronalaty: Smart, Shy, doesn't trust people easly, doesn't like when people messes with his hair or tease him

Other: Willing to fight for his friends as well protect them, has a long knife.

Knife looks: [img]

So begins...

Sona's Story

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She ran down the forest path, jumping and dodging various obstacles in her way, before stopping and looking behind her, hoping she had no followers. She sighed, and began walking nonchalantly. Her father was too protective of her and her people, always making rules, and expecting her to blindly follow them, like lemmings over a cliff. HE thought they would get hurt from venturing too far off into the island, but nothing had ever happened to her and she had been out here many times before. She came to the river, and watched it rush past her before she closed her eyes and concentrated, when she opened her eyes once again they were glowing along with her tattoos, and the river began to slow and part right in front of her. She walked across the dry sand bed and as she reached the other side the river began moving again.
All of her people had powers, and all of her people were born with the tattoos that glowed while using their powers. It was a gift from the Mother, one she never squandered, and used to her advantage. She crouched behind a bush as a lion prowled his way through the forest path, before continuing on her way.
Finally, she reached the beach. She hesitated, making sure she was alone, before walking onto the beach. She closed her eyes and breathed in the salty air, and looked off into the distance. It was said her people once originated from a far off land, and The Mother had granted them special powers that other could not have, so they were to stay on this island forever.
As she walked along the beach, a noise caught her ear. There was a... boy sleeping on the sand. She stumbled backwards, and began a slight job away from him before accidentally running into another boy, she gasped as she saw his face. He was unwelcome, he wasn't her people, she looked at him and for a second before retreating into the nearest tree.

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The loud rustling of leaves and the growl of a distant lion shook James awake. He scrambled to his feet with a surprising burst of energy. Even with the rest on the sand, he thought he would be sore. That was not true, however. He felt like a million dollars.

James only managed to get a glimpse of a young woman in some unusual attire running for the trees beyond the beach. Besides her, there was another boy- a younger one- He looked wounded… badly wounded.

James reached for his pack and started looking through it for anything that could help. All he could find was a few rolls of workout tape (Thank goodness they were wrapped in plastic) and a couple of cloth bandage rolls- damp from the sea water. Also in the pack was a ziplock bag with a phone, toiletries, and a lighter inside. Oh crap! He forgot about the lighter, and couldn’t believe customs didn’t find/confiscate it. Also in the pack were a soggy change of clothes, James’ wallet with the typical stuff that was officially rendered useless, a thankfully intact jade bracelet, and a simple clasped neck chain.

He did have a utility knife, but that was in his stored luggage. Although his suitcase was airtight and could potentially float with the airpockets inside, James wasn’t sure if he’d ever see any of that again.

If he had something that could work as a sterile cloth, he could wrap said cloth around the wound to stop the bleeding, but the best option on this island would have to be a leaf.

He wished he took his mother’s advice to learn at least a bit of botany. James wasn’t sure if any of the leaves on the nearby trees would make a good wound cover. Regardless, he packed a saltwater-soaked bandage roll and ran to the wounded boy. “Dude, are you okay?!” James called as he jogged with trained speed. If James got within six or seven feet, the boy's pain would ease a little.

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“No, dude, you’re messed up! I need to-“ Too late, however. The boy was gone in the foliage. James had half a mind to run in blindly, but he had only just woken up, and he had no time to examine his surroundings first. Also, the jungle further in looked thick and unforgiving to anyone foolish enough to underestimate it. James didn’t dare follow, not even to save the kid.

Instead, he focused on what he could do to try to get help. He pulled the phone out of the ziplock bag and checked for any kind of reception. There was none, so James slipped it back into the bag. Along the shoreline, the occasional piece of luggage had washed up. Hoping to find anything to help him survive the island, he started searching the cases, boxes, and duffel bags he could find.

Most of them contained clothes several sizes too small for the tall, muscular guy. Amongst the cases full of clothes, James did find a long, thin box. After stomping on a weak portion of the plywood cover that was already further weakened by the salt water, James pulled open the box to find a decorative piece based on a viking sword.

It only took one lift for James to realise that the sword would be completely useless in a fight. It was unbalanced, and the blade needed serious sharpening. It was little more than an awkwardly handled thin metal club. A piece of rebar would’ve been a better choice.

In the next duffel bag, he found camping equipment. Though the tent poles were ruined, there was still a sheathed machete that was still intact. James slung the machete onto his back along with a package of firelighting equipment. A flint and steel, where the steel piece was connected to a whistle. That would come in handy.

There was also a first-aid kit. While it was soaked, the materials inside were sealed in plastic. James also slipped that into his backpack. He felt rushed as he was searching. There was that lion that sounded off earlier, and there was that woman with the unusual attire. James didn’t want to take any chances.

He hoped he would find his own luggage, but the chances of it reaching his particular location would’ve been slim. Who knows, maybe the luggage was brought into the ocean depths by the plane wreckage?

For now, continue searching the luggage that did wash up. There had to be something to help him and whoever else survived.