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Uninhabited Island is a part of Flight 157.

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James Foley [20] Let me stand next to your fire
Gracelynn Randolf [12] Fire?
Nidawi Niabi [12] Outsiders aren't to be trusted.
Gaz Soron [7] "I will survive, no matter what life throws at me"
Finch Meadowholm [7] Young, traveling college student
Yui Nightgale [6] Light hides the evil, shadows hide the good.
Jel Herz [3] "Looks can be deceiving" WIP
Sona [3] Can...I protect them...or even myself...?
Gabriel [1] "Live life while you can."
Kidus [0] "Do you not like me? Huh, I shall try harder next time."

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Her leg was all patched and had completely stopped throbbing. Ever since the man had come to her side, it seemed the pain had completely left Finch's leg and left her with a numb and heavy feeling, as if it were asleep. The wash of pain relief began make her feel very sleepy all over. She looked from the man to the woman. "Let's get to that camp," she agreed as the crash from the forrest erupted. She pivoted on the sand to look back at the island's tree line toward the cause of the sound.