"If you're going to try and stop me, get out of the way or I'll run you over."

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a character in “Flock: The Next Generation”, as played by ravenXrose




"Don't regret anything in life. Take it as a learning experience and move on to greater things."

Position: 3rd Member
Birthdate:She chose April 1st because sometime after they escaped she heard about April Fool's day
Gender: Female
Power 1: She can control the weather to a certain extent, She can't stop something formed by nature but depending on how powerful the storm she created is she can usually stop something she started.
Power 2 : Retrocognition she can look into the past by touching a person or object she can't really control it though when it happens it does it on it's own and usually leaves her in a daze.


Hair color: Black with natural streaks of different shades of brown
Eye color: a strange silver color
Height: 5'1
Weight: 90 lbs.
Body Shape: tiny and petite. With slight curves here and there.
Distinguishing Marks: A heart shaped birthmark on her right collarbone and a scar running over her left eye that she covers with her bangs. There's also other random scars on her back and arms. Her wings are about 12 feet in diameter and a shiny silver color with black individual feathers spread out in different places
Clothing: various tank tops that are usually a neutral color with over sized sweaters and skinny jeans. She wears a pair of ratty black converse that she adores and a gray hoodie that practically dwarfs her.

Personality: Storm prefers to keep to herself and is usually very quiet. When she appears to be doing nothing she's examining her surroundings, taking everything in. She's very stubborn and once she's set her mind to something she's not changing it. She doesn't exactly look for fights but somehow no matter where they go she always manages to find trouble and once she's in a fight she's not backing down. It's not over until she wins or she's unconscious. She doesn't really care much about her well being though. She often gives the younger kids her food or her jacket instead of taking care of herself which sometimes causes problems but not usually. When she speaks she's often really blunt, she doesn't mean to be but when she has to talk she says exactly what she thinks. She may act older then she really is, but honestly she loves playing with the other kids and goofing around it just doesn't happen often.
Special Skills: She's great at reading people's emotions and hand to hand combat. This isn't really relevant to surviving but she loves to draw and she's really talented. She doesn't talk much but when she does she's very good at cheering people up.
Weaknesses: When she was escaping the school an eraser managed to scratch her left eye and now her vision in that eye is really blurry and sometimes she can't see out of it at all. Her power of seeing into the past often terrifies her. Some of the things she see's are horrible and when it happens it's as if the things that happened are happening to her.

History: Like all the other bird kids she was raised in a lab and put through painful experiments and tests. It has done some damage to her emotionally and she doesn't remember ever having any sort of friends or family before the flock. But now that she' s escaped and has a family in her eyes. She's trying to make the most of it.
ღ a fading purple backpack
ღ some clothes that she's not wearing and her large gray hoodie
ღ a sketchbook filled with random drawings and few pencils
ღ a bar of soap
ღ a few chocolate chip granola bars
ღ an ipod she stole from some kid they walked by
ღ and a tube of mascara

So begins...

Storm's Story