Hanabi "Ghost" Claymore

"Even if I die, I'll remain by your side..."

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a character in “Fly on the Wall”, as played by TheLastHunter


What is your name?
I'm Hanabi Claymore...
How old are you?
I was 19...
Where are you from?
I was from Fall City...
What are you?
I'm a guardian ghost now...
What are you like?
I'm pretty shy and a bit klutz... But I'm pretty loving and stubborn... Well, I was....
What do you like and dislike?
I love anything soft and fluffy. But I hate mean people....
What are your fears?
I fear losing my loved one...
Do you have any powers, if yes tell me?
Does floating through walls count..?
Do you have any weaknesses?
My loved one... Anyone who threatens them will pay!
What about your past?
I had a pretty normal life until the accident... I was a straight A student and had a great future as a novelist. I was engaged and happy. Then a drunk driver hit my car over a cliff and I died. I saw the afterlife but I ran away. I couldn't leave my fiancée alone, not if I could help it.

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