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Flying with Broken Wings

Flying with Broken Wings


Deseray grew up in an abusive home, her alcoholic father beating her on a daily basis. But what happens when some unknown relatives take her in, and tell her they're vampires?

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“I can’t believe Mr. Kempler is having us read stupid Shakespeare!” My best friend, Jasmine, yelled loudly into her microphone in her Xbox 360. We had been playing Call of Duty 3, one of my favorite games, all day. The TV had multiple layers of video games stacked on it, precariously, which jiggled each time my controller vibrated. It was often, seeing as it was Call of Duty 3. The house was a rather disgusting dump, except my room, which I kept as neat as I could. My brown hair fell over my shoulder when I leaned forward to stabilize the video game cases with the arm that wasn’t in a cast. Gah! I hate playing video games in this! I love it when my dad is out drinking all day and just leaves me alone.

It’s when he comes back I’m scared.

“Cool it Jaz,” My other friend, Nathalie, said with a sigh. “I mean how bad can it be?” She asked. I hope they’ll remember; I’ve been having a very sucky birthday. Sunlight poured through the cracked window and uneven blinds, hitting the floor in stripes and illuminating the beer stains on the carpet and cigarette burns on the couch. Now if only I could be that poetic in language arts class…

“Very! Shakespeare will destroy our minds!” Even the game systems seemed to be gross. Slightly sticky, won’t close right so I have to put stuff on top to weigh it down, and a burnt edge to the single controller.

“You’re exaggerating,” I drifted off, thinking, and eventually reaching the topic of how tomatoes are really fruit somehow.

“Des? Deseray. DESERAY LYRA!” Jasmine screamed. I’d zoned out somewhat. Where’s Dameian when I need him? I jolted and returned to reality, convincing myself that all I needed to do was stay alive for two more years and not end up in a wheelchair. I tapped my cast softly, which only had two names on it: Nathalie and Jasmine. Maybe I could join the circus. At least there they’d either feed me or pay me.

“Wah! Sorry, I guess I got pulled into the game,” I said. It wasn’t a lie either, I was driving a German tank and needed to escape alive to beat the mission. BOOM! CRASH! BOOM! “Damn!” I yelled loudly into the mic. ‘Stupid land mines.’ I thought. “Anyone up for Masquerade 360?” I asked, mad at my own stupidity. My tank was now a smoldering pile of smoky charcoal, and my game made a noise that basically told me I’m a loser. I glared at it, as if I didn’t know that already, ready to angrily turn the game off and head for the computer and use my vampire character to bite the crap out of measly humans. Hah. Humans. They think they’re so…so…erm. They’re um, that one word. Elitist or whatever. I had to pee really badly, but the bathroom was so disgusting that I usually used my neighbor’s bathroom with the excuse of ‘our septic is down’. I refuse to clean that bathroom; all that’ll happen is my dad will fuck it up again. Clogged drains, ripped curtains, even a broken mirror. Plus I think there’s either water or piss on the floor…and I’m not about to take any chances. I’ll just think of anything but running water.

“Yeah, but maybe later, my mom just got home,” Jasmine said logging off, sounding rather bored and nonchalant. Jasmine only had her mom, her dad had divorced her due to Jasmine’s little sister being a tiny stranger, if you know what I mean. Nathalie had both parents, but three older siblings and a little brother who broke a bone every other month. I didn’t interact with them much, so I only really remember names vaguely, and my headache did not allow me the ability to think of them.

“My parents just got home too. See ya!” Nathalie said, and with that final ‘See ya!’ from her, I was alone. Well, more alone.

They were both lucky, unlike me with my alcoholics anonymous avoiding dad and my mom somewhere out in the world, running away from her problems. My older brother Dameian was the one who took care of me most of the time. That is, he did when he was home from college. He was lucky too. At least his birth had been planned. Me? I was fifteen, around 5”2’, different, and an accident. I was lucky on one thing though; I had popular friends. I sighed and went into the kitchen, getting ready to chow on triple chocolate ice cream until I was high on happy endorphins. I was wearing thick socks, like I usually do when I’m home, just in case I step in something gross.

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me,” I sang dejectedly to myself. Not even my oh-so-amazingly-popular best friends remembered. I shook my head, opened the fridge and took out a soda and went back into my room, realizing that I used all the ice cream as happy pills yesterday. I opened the soda and took a long drink. I set it down and walked over to my large stack of CDs, digging through I finally found what I wanted: my favorite scream-o band CD. Popping it in I turned it up as high as I could until it drowned out my thoughts, which was exactly what I wanted at that very moment. I knew that scream-o was the better choice here than emo; emo music would make me think seriously about suicide.

About an hour later I had turned my music to a dull roar. I heard a bang come from downstairs. My dad, Darren, had stumbled through the door in a drunken stupor.

“Deseray! Get your ass down here! DESERAY!” He screamed. I ran downstairs and slid to a stop a few feet away from him. His brown hair was in a state of disarray, tie hung around his neck untied; face stubbly, clothing falling down in every area. His eyes were completely dilated, and were seriously bloodshot, with shadows that made him look like an asylum member or convict more than usual. “What the hell is this?!” He asked thrusting my report card in my face. A big black C sat right after all my classes.

“My report card, sir,” I said trying not to let the fear I felt seep into my voice. He moved towards me menacingly. I fought the urge to run, hide in my room and lock the door. Not that it would do anything- he would just break down the door anyway and beat me harder.

“And why the hell is it all C’s?” He yelled, spraying spit that was nearly completely dissolved into a mix of saliva, vodka and beer into my face.

“I missed some school when you... when I fell off the stairs and broke my arm,” I said gesturing slightly to the brace on my arm that reached from my elbow to my wrist.

“Shouldn’t you have made up the goddamned assignments then?” Darren was closer now. His eyes were dilated so much that there were practically no irises now. Rather demonic, if you can imagine.

“Yes sir. I’m sorry sir,” I knew it wouldn’t be much longer till he snapped….and I was right. Nearly a minute after that thought the first hit came. I knew I was being hit continuously, because I could see him still, but he hit my head first, and I was pretty sure I was concussed. I watched in horror, and only blacked out once he got me so hard in the eye that my head drove into the floor so it bounced back up.

That’s how I spent my sixteenth birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Okay guys so this will start when Deseray wakes up in the hospital with her brother sitting with the family (her "cousins") who are going to take her in. Now these "cousins" aren't much older than her. They're about 21, but in reality they're vampires of about 400 years. They actually are related to Deseray, but way way way back before cars and shit. Deseray's brother, Damien, is also a vampire, though no where near as old as their "cousins". When they up and move from California to Maine, Deseray is destraught. However, she doesn't realize they are saving her from a 6.000 year old curse that has it's eye on Deseray. With help from some unexpected friends at her new, Creatures Only high school, can Deseray defeat this curse?


The Good Guys

Deseray||16||FC: Danielle Panabaker||The Cursed

Ryan||400 (looks 20)||FC: Chris Hemsworth||The Savior

Hayley||350 (looks 20)||FC: Emily Vancamp||The Mother Figure

Adam||98 (looks 19)||FC: Channing Tatum||The Crush

Li-Li|| 70 (appears 17)||FC: Ayase Hakura||The Best Friend {Reserved for Natzalia}

Anthony||60 (appears 18)||FC: Harry Styles||The One Who Doesn't Want to Be a Vampire

The Not So Good Guys That Might Possible Turn Good

Jackson||200 (looks 20)||FC: Marshall Mathers||The Bad Boy (not totally evil)

Terra||88 (looks 17)||FC: Taylor Momsen||The Girl Who Doesn't Know Where She Belongs (not totally evil) {Reserved for Natzalia}

Lydia Grace||250 (appears 16)||FC: Bridgit Mednler||The Nerd (completely evil)

Amber||700 (appears 25)||FC: Kelly Clarkson||The One Who Wants Deseray Dead (I'd hope self explanitory)

Codi||900 (appears 45)||FC: Jude Law||The One In Charge (well duh he's evil)

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Have fun, I know I'm asking a lot, but I want a literate RP
FC's are negotiable but must be approved by me :)

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Re: Flying with Broken Wings

I'm sorry. I'm not sure if I will be able to do this role-play. I have way to much on my plate and something has come up. I won't be able to post as much as I normally do. Really sorry...I never even sent the character in :(

Re: Flying with Broken Wings

Sorry about delay in getting the character in. Thanksgiving in America has kept me busy. My relatives have been in for three days now. I will be sure to get the character in at least tomorrow. Very sorry. I promise to get it in, I just need more time, until my relatives leave.

Re: Flying with Broken Wings

Thank you :D I'll start working on them right now, and your welcome :)

Re: Flying with Broken Wings

I purposely don't reserve my main characters to see if other people can play them better. You are more than welcome to both of them. Thanks for the support and interest!

Re: Flying with Broken Wings

Hey Natzalia!

first off, I love this, the detail is awesome and if you ever write this out I would love to read it.

lol anywayy, is Deseray a open character or are you playing her..? If so I'd like to Reserve her and Anthony. :) I'll start working on them right away :)

Thank you!

Re: Flying with Broken Wings

I mean...I guess so. As long as you promise to get a second!

Re: Flying with Broken Wings

Hey Natzalia! I loooove the fact that the nerd is the evil one! can I reserve her (Bridgit Mednler||The Nerd). I know the mimumum is two, but for now can I just stick with one, and then grab a second a little bit later on? I promise that I will have two, just for now, only one.

Flying with Broken Wings

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