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Marius Damron

"You can never really fix a broken heart. Not completely."

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a character in “Focal Point Island: Lover's Curse”, as played by Horseygirl


{"Character Quote Here"}

{"Character Quote Here"}


|Full Name|
Marius Robert Damron

His sister and his girlfriend often call him Mari, mostly to tease him, but usually people call him Marius




|Sexual Orientation|
He believes he is heterosexual, but may be bisexual

|Current Occupation|
Wildlife Rehabilitator

Outer Beauty
{"I've been told I'm not that bad to look at..."}

|Hair Color|
Golden blonde

|Eye Color|
Bright blue





A few small, superficial ones

Marius has golden blonde hair that he always leaves in a messy sort of style, that always seems to work itself out. His eyes are the exact same shade as his sister's- an enticing, sky blue. His skin is a light ivory, with just a touch of tan to it. If you look, he has just the faintest spattering of freckles on his cheeks.
As far as his body goes, he certainly doesn't look like someone to be messed with. He has a good amount of muscle on him, and he tends to tower over others with his six-foot-tall frame.

The Ups And Downs Of Me
{"Everybody has a dark side."}


{Easygoing, Protective, Strong-willed, Loving, Broken}
In general, Marius tends to be a pretty easy guy to get along with. He's outgoing, friendly, and quick to smile. He is unaffected by crowds of people, and seems to give off a glow of confidence. He's easy to talk to, and people seem to gravitate towards him. Nothing really seems to get to him. But while he makes friends very easy, trusting them is a whole different story. He is very hesitant to let anyone in. If he feels someone getting too close, he'll almost immediately push them away harshly. He generally avoids any personal questions, and even though he seems very open with people really nobody knows very much about him. Even his girlfriend and Axel don't know everything about him. He keeps everyone at arms length and if they try to get closer to him, he'll just drop them abruptly and move on like it meant nothing to him. He just can't afford losing someone he loves all over again.
Even though he is very distant with his friends, that doesn't mean he isn't still a great friend. He loves being outdoors, having fun, and messing with his friends. He's loyal, and fun to be around. Even if he isn't that attached to them. To keep them from getting too close, every now and then he'll blow them off or snap at them. But it's just to keep them from getting too close, and seeing the real him.

The only people that he actually trusts are Charlotte, Axel, and his girlfriend. In that order. Only his sister knows his whole past, though. Axel and his girlfriend know that his parents are dead, but they don't know what happened or what they were like. Even though he wouldn't admit it, it would kill him to lose Axel. He's built his life around being able to drop anyone that is close to him, other than Lottie. When she almost died, he vowed to keep her safe no matter what. He couldn't afford to be distracted and leave her on her own again- he grew somewhat distant to his parents and her when he was younger, and his parents died. Lottie almost did too. he can't go through that again. He is wildly protective of her, and he's beginning to become quite protective of Axel aswell. He makes a point to be a big part of Lottie's life, meeting and monitoring all of her friends and not tolerating anyone so much as looking at her the wrong way. He made it clear that she was not to be messed with when, after they had only been at Focal Point for a week, he gave someone a black eye because they grabbed her butt in the hall. And as Axel goes through tough times with his brother, he has to keep himself from beating him whenever Pastel says something mean to or about Axel. He misses his parents every day, and fears that he won't ever be the man that his father wanted him to be.

|Habits & Oddities|
-Whenever a stranger approaches someone he cares about while he is standing there, he will always take just the slightest step in front of them
-He bites his nails
-He is colourblind- he can't see the colour orange. Instead he sees various shades of yellow

-Helping animals
-Tagging along with his sister to the horseback riding farm she works at

▲Lottie and Axel
▲Having fun
▲Making his loved ones smile
▲His dog
▼Being pushed around
▼Seeing his loved ones upset
▼Anyone coming too close to Lottie
▼Rude people

My Parcel Secrets
{"Why do you want to know?"}


Strengths and Weaknesses

  • He has one mean death glare, that can shut anybody up (S)
  • He is good at pretty much every sport (T)
  • He can be very convincing (S)
  • He is very good at picking up on people's motives (T)
|Flaws(F)/Weaknesses(W)|(At least 4)
  • He is very overprotective (F)
  • He is blind to any of his loved ones' flaws (W)
  • He can't stand to see his loved ones upset (W)
  • He can be very cold to people who try to get close to him (F)

-He's afraid of cats
-He knows his girlfriend is cheating on him, but can't bring himself to dump her
-If he lost Lottie, he would probably go crazy. She's the last of his old life that he tries so hard to cling to

-Losing Lottie and Axel
-They he'll push everyone away, and be left alone with nobody

Digging Up The Memories
{"All of my dirty secrets..."}



|Place Of Origin|

|Birth Date|

Marius Robert Damron was born in a wealthy British town. Her father was a wealthy, yet down to earth man from a very wealthy family. Her mother was one of the most well-known ballerinas in the nation. They were madly in love when they married, and had soon after Marius. Their love never faded in the slightest. They raised their children right, and did their best to expose them to other social classes at their equals, sure to stress that they were not above anybody. This gave both of their children a sense of humility. They also grew up next to an equestrian farm. Even as a child, Charlotte would go over and interact with the horses as much as she could. She always seemed to have a way with them. Marius would often tag along, mostly to make sure she was safe. Although he could barely watch as she would fly by on a beast that could easily break her spine with little to no effort. By the time she was eight, she was part of their elite riding team. Her and Marius had grown quite close to the woman who ran the farm, who had taken a real liking to Lottie and Marius. Whenever they were upset or needed to talk, they would go to her. She was always like a second mother to them.
Their house was always so full of love. Sure, Marius an Lottie would play fight and argue like siblings and sometimes their parents would get frustrated but they did an amazing job raising their children. Sure, they were privileged but those kids had to work. If they wanted something, they had to earn it. But you would never find a family that was so close knit and loving. They couldn't see it at the time, but Marius and Lottie pretty much had a dream life. They had everything going to them.

One day, Marius and Lottie had a little squabble over something stupid, and even though she had an important riding competition, he refused to go. He let her go alone, and regretted it almost immediately. He was her number one fan, and was there for all of her competitions. It hadn't even been half an hour before a policeman showed up at his door. He told Marius there had been an accident, and it was as though the wind had been knocked out of him. He couldn't breathe. His vision was blurry. his fingers were numb. He just caught little bits of what the man said. "... died on impact." No, no, no... ".... felt no pain." This has to be a mistake!!! "... sister is in the hospital. She's injured very badly, and they aren't sure if she is going to make it through the night.' His heart leaped.
"Lottie?! Lottie is alive?! I-I have to go! I have to see her!! This is all my fault!!" Marius was a blubbering mess, and demanded to see his sister. He couldn't breathe until he had seen her. She was alive. Even if it was just for now, that was all that mattered. When he saw her, is heart sank. She had tubes sticking out of her left and right, bandages covered most of her body, and it even looked like she was bleeding through the ones on her ribs. The heart monitor bleeped in a rough, uneven pattern. She was limp and pale. If he didn't hear that beeping, he would've thought she was dead. He held onto her hand, his whole body shaking, and wept. "Mum and Dad are dead. Please, please, I can't lose you too. I love you, Lottie. I love you so much." He whispered, clutching her cold hand. The worst part? He hadn't even told her that he loved her before she left. If she died, her last memory of him would be of the fight.
He stayed by her side for weeks, and she didn't move. She was in a coma, but she appeared to be healing. The doctors said that it was a miracle that she survived the night, but not to get her hopes up. Even if she did survive, they didn't know how many permanent injuries she would have. But she made it. She survived, and the only permanent damage she had were the scars that covered her ribcage. But Marius didn't care- she was alive and that was all that mattered.

As soon as Lottie was well enough to leave to hospital (which was months later), they were shipped off to the U.S. to live with their aunt. Their aunt was a bitter woman, who hated them due to her deep-seeded jealousy of her successful sister. Marius had grown wildly protective of Lottie, and wouldn't even let them be alone in the same room together. After they had been in the Focal Point Island schools for a week, Marius had already given someone a black eye for grabbing Lottie's butt in the hallway. He would've done much worse to him, had Lottie not stopped him. And it didn't help that their aunt was constantly being cruel to the both of them, poking fun at him and saying that Lottie was just as brainless as her mother. That got him really mad, but he forced himself to refrain from hitting her or anything. As soon as he turned eighteen, he gained custody of Lottie and moved out with her. They've been living together ever since.

|Relationship Status|

|Family Tree|

Oliver Damron | Deceased

Eleanor Damron | Deceased

Charlotte Damron | Living

Bear, his German Shepard

Theme Song
{"Character Quote Here"}

[url=PageForSongHere]"Title Of Song Here"[/url]|| Author
Lyrics here

So begins...

Marius Damron's Story

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Time: 3:00 A.M.
Date: Friday, June 22th, 2015
Location: Focal Point Island
What's Occurring: Summer Break



ImageFor some reason or another he hadn't been able to sleep for the past couple of months, which really sucked. He could feel the tiredness of his eye bags, he didn't have to see them to know they were purple and blue shades. He knew if anyone saw them they'd freak and ask what was wrong, so he had been covering them with concealer her borrowed, without asking, from his mom. He was so tried and ready to just fall asleep, to doze off until a world that wasn't real, but lately that hadn't been working for him. Every night he tried keeping himself entertained by doing things likes reading, watching T.V., dancing, and just other pass times that made him forget about the fact he needed some sleep; at the moment he just watched the ceiling. He felt slightly lonely, but it's not like he could just call someone up at three in the morning, that thought had already crossed his mind and he had decided it wasn't the best idea. Most of his friends normally didn't rise until around two in the afternoon, meaning his loneliness might stretch longer then he wished.

"Ok, this is enough of silence!" Finally growing tired of the loneliness, he sat up and let his feet touch the warm white carpet. He's room wasn't very grand, in fact it was very simple. The bed was barely big enough to fit two people in and was pushed up against the right wall next to the door, the same wall was covered of pictures of so many things that Axel had taken, on the opposite wall there were random black and white poster of old famous stars and more pictures he had taken, there was also a keyboard in front of the window (which he was trying to teach himself to play); the view from the window was beautiful. Outside the window was nothing but soft moon light casting gentle shadows across tree tops and floating on the pond in his backyard. In the summer he'd swim in the pond with his friends, the closet thing to a lake he had ever seen since there were none on the island. In fact Axel lived out in a small area of woods with his brother.

Once he was completely up on his feet he walked over to the wooden door, pulled the golden nob, and then made his way down the hardwood floor. He only took about ten steps before reaching his destination and stopping in front of another wooden door. Raising a clenched fist, he hit the door before opening it himself. As soon as he entered the room he was attacked by coolness of the early morn, he immediately got cold chills all over his body. "Why the heck do you insist on sleeping out here? You're going to catch your death!" His voice was barely below a yell as he called to his brother, who for whatever reason thought it was okay to sleep in the screened-in patio during such cool mornings, and even sometimes during the winter. It was cold to Axel, but he knew his brother was probably finding warmth from the fact he was lying on a bed that he had drug in himself years ago and was bundled in a cocoon of covers.

"Why the heck did you come in here? I need my beauty rest!" Before Axel had time to react his brother had already brought his arm back and threw a pillow towards Axel's face. When it hit him it didn't hurt at all, it was the most comfortable thing ever either, but at least there was no pain. The pillow fell to the ground followed by his glasses. "If you had broken those I would have made you buy me new ones." "Like hell I would. Can't you go bother someone else?" He watched his brother flop around in the bed before quickly falling back to sleep. Thanks for the heart warming conversation. As the thought faded, wit the feeling of defeat he sighed and left the room shutting the door behind him.

Knock! Knock!

"Who the fuck could that be?" The groan from his brother's room only made him laugh as he walked through all the twist and turns to make his way to the living room to the door. Normal people probably would have thought it was crazy he was about to open the door at three in the morning without any weapon, but of course on the island everyone knew each other so there was no need to fear anything.

Opening the door he was kind of shocked to find a girl wearing a black leather jacket with silver studs. The outfit was sexy in it's own right: a black loose shirt, skin hugging black ripped tights, black combat boots, and in her cotton candy pink hair was a homemade crown of sunflowers, which really showed the girls personality. "I hope I didn't wake you." A warm smile grew across her face as she brought Axel into a comfortable hug. She was in most ways perfect, from her personality to her appearance, Axel cared greatly about her, in fact he viewed her like a little sister. "You're always welcome here, Barbie, and you already know that." Before he even got the chance to finish his sentence Barbie had made her way to the couch and stared at the suitcase that laid in front of it. "You're taking another trip." Without words he just nodded his head to her statement. The tiny girl giggled as she began to step inside the case and crouch down in it. "Well this time you have to take me too!" Watching her only brought a smile to his face. "I would invite you, but we only bought three plane tickets-" [color=#ED6868]"I know, I know, you're going to invite Marius to go with you, though you haven't yet." At this statement Axel bit his bottom lip. He was nervous to ask his best friend to go on a trip with him, though the two had gone on vacations with each other before this time was different. Not to long ago when the two boys had been drunk they had shared a kiss, he wasn't even sure if Marius even remembered it. "In fact..." Before he had time to react Barbie had popped up and taken his phone from him. Dialing some number she put the phone up to her ear. "Who are you calling." "Marius of course, if you can't ask him I will for you." His heart raced as he tried to prior the phone from her, but she was to fast and began to run.


The phone rang around three times and she wasn't sure if it had been answered or not, so she just began to speak. "Hey, Marius, this is Barbie, and Axel was wondering if you wanted to-" Stopping mid-sentence Axel had caught up to her when they had reached his room and hung the phone up. "I didn't get to finish!" Frowning at his actions, she just pulled her phone out and held a finger up to him when she noticed he had flinched. "Hey, Jessica, I Imagelove you and we should hang out later, bye love you." Barbie didn't give her girlfriend much time to reply or even pick up, for all she knew she just caught the answering machine again. "That was extremely brief." With a flimsy smile she yawned, and that made Axel yawn as well.

She didn't say another word, but instead laid down on his bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. Axel smiled at her and covered her up with his blankets, happy that his loneliness was gone. Watching her he decided to curl up next to her and hold her in his arms, though he wasn't tired, he just laid next to her in silence with his eyes shut.


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ImageA soft tickling sensation next to Barbie's face caused her to gently wake from her sleep. The vibration itself was so tiny and silent, yet it still woke her up. Her vision was blurry as she rubbed her eyes. Sitting up a small yawn escaped from her mouth as she picked up her phone. Looking at the home screen she saw the contact name Jessica <3. Seeing this of course brought a cheeky smile to Barbie. Quickly sliding the unlock button she read the text:

From: Jessica<3
Good morning beautiful. Can't wait to see you. Give me a call when you can. Love you xx

After reading it she immediately called her girlfriend.

Ring. Ring. Ring.


For Jessica not to answer Barbie's call was strange, though she didn't think to much into it. With every fiber of her being Barbie trusted Jessica, mainly because she loved her so much but also because they had been bestfriends for a very, very, very long time.

Slinging her feet off the edge of the bed she then looked over at Axel, whom appeared extremely peaceful. In a way she wanted to wake him up and ask him to take her by Jessica's house, but at the same time she wanted to watch him sleep and remain in his peaceful little world. Axel thought he was sneaky, but his tired like tendencies didn't surpass Barbie. She wasn't sure what was wrong with him, but she had noticed the eye bags; she hoped since summer how just begun he would start getting more rest. A gentle sigh managed to leave her lips, and the after her small sound the room turned back into quietness. Not sure what to do she leaned back and rested her head on Axel's stomach.

Accidentally she had woken him up; she had known as soon as she heard him groan. "Why are you already up, beautiful?" Followed by the question was Axel's hand soothingly running through her hair. "Jessica texted me, but when I call she didn't answer." He hadn't replied to her, he just got up out of bed. "What are you doing?" She watched as he removed his pajama pants and replace them with a pair of blue jeans that had already been in his floor. "We can go drive by her house and see if she wants to go shopping with us today." "But I don't know if she's home." "We'll see anyways." Popping out of bed she followed him out of his room.


ImageSitting in the front seat of the car she repetitively texted Jessica with messages like: Where are you? Would you like to go shopping with me? Is something wrong? After about the eighth text Axel took her phone from her. Barbie looked out the window with glistening eyes and a puppy dog pout. "You can do that all you want, you're not getting your phone back until we get to her house." She didn't try to get it back, nor did she say anything about it, she wasn't easily upset or saddened, she was just a little worried that Jessica wasn't answering her. It was odd for her girlfriend to not reply right away, but on the occasion she did, sometimes.

The car ride for a big sum of it was quiet, expect for their small conversations here and there and the fact that Axel kept the radio playing the whole time. Living on the island limited the stations they could listen to, there was three radio stations, all gospel all the time. Barbie was Christian in her own opinion, she knew that most people didn't agree with being attracted to the same sex, but she was. When she was younger she tried to trick herself into being straight, but as time went on she learned that God loved her for what and who she was.

"We're here." Those words brought Barbie out of her train of though and into a very uplifting mood, until she noted that Jessica's car was gone. "Her cars not here, she's gone." She wasn't really sad, but that life that had just reached her was drained. Axel pulled her into a hug and started messing up her hair was his knuckle. "Stop!" Giggling and squirming she took some time to wiggle away. When she got away the two teens shared a laugh before Barbie gave Axel a smile and then grabbed back her phone. Going through her recent calls she dialed Marius' number. "Hey, Marius, this is Barbie again. Axel and I are going shopping, would you like to come with us?' She was a little bummed out that she couldn't see Jessica, but she didn't want that to ruin her mood, so what better way to fix that then to spend time with some friends?