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Pastel Thomas Fakas

"We live in America, don't you think you should know the history of the place you live in?"

0 · 350 views · located in Focal Point Island

a character in “Focal Point Island: Lover's Curse”, as played by Onica-Louis


{"Lately everything has been extremely stressful for me... I don't think having sex with a student helps that out very much."}

{"Our whole lives are built on the history of our countries, so why does no one care how it was formed?"}


|Full Name|
Pastel Thomas Fakas

"Since I'm a teacher I get called Mr. Fakas alot, but I don't mind the kids calling me Pastel."



"My skin may not be brown, but certain parts of me defiantly are black."
60% Italian, 25% Australian, 15% African

|Sexual Orientation|
"What kind of shitty question is this? I love women. Women!"
Heterosexual(Publicly} || Bisexual(Unknowingly)

|Class Focal Points|
"I'm the Student History Teacher, but if you need help in any other studies I might be able to help as well."

|Current Occupation|
History Student Teacher

{"Just look at me, I'm absolutely gorgeous."}

|Hair Color|
Golden Brown

|Eye Color|
"The only real feature my brother and me share."
Creamy Emerald

"Yes, the half inch does matter!"
6'0" 1/2

157 lb.

"Why would I want to ruin my perfect body with such things?"


One behind his ear where a crazy ex tried to cut it off and one on his back close to his spine.

Two things that anyone can immediately notice about him: his toothy smile and his thick eyebrows. Pastel's face is square shaped, like most guys. Unlike his brother is face is rather defined when it comes to both his chin and cheek bones, his nose is also well defined in the shape of a triangle. Pastel's bottom lip is somewhat plump, while his top lip happens not be, but when he smiles they both seem to thin out.

Pastel's hair is very thick, unless it's in it's natural form. Naturally his hair is in golden waves, which he basically hates. To keep himself looking nice he straightens his hair, expect for the bangs. Normally he'll gel or hairspray his bangs into a swoop. "In fact, I'm the one who taught Axel how to do his hair... he was such a joy when he was younger." Aside from the hair on his head the only other hair that can be found on his body would have to be his hairy legs; Pastel's arms and armpits are hairless, because he shaves them.

Another fixture he shares with Axel would have to be physical. Like him he is also muscular in his arms, legs, and has a light six pack. His dressing arrangement is always styled to make him look attractive. No one would ever catch him out of the house in sweatpants or something. For his job and outside school things he normally wears khaki or blue jean shorts, collared shirts or tees. Some days he'll wear suits, but that's on rare occasions. Regardless, he always makes sure his attire suits his body well.

{"Me sleeping with a student? Impossible!"}


{Caring} {Protective} {Childish} {Cocky} {Vain} {Hurt}
Big headed wouldn't be a bad way to describe him at all. Being vain for him is something that comes simple to him, maybe because all through his highschool years he was always extremely popular for playing football and basket ball. Being the center of attention was something he just grew use to. Now that he's older it's just gotten worse in a way. Him being able to sleep with college professors has busted up his ego alot, something that has been very large for a while. Pastel loves being envied by all and never wants that to change. Having everyone wanting to be his friend, wants to know more about her, and usually having all attention centered around him makes him feel powerful. Being one of the younger teachers makes the girls flirt with him like crazy and the guys want to be his friends; being admired so deeply thrills him. Pastel in his own right is king of the school just like he was his highschool years and to him that'll never change.

Him, caring? Most people think of him as a stuck up douche bag that only cares for himself, and in his ways he is, but he does care about others. Pastel doesn't care about most people, he just doesn't, he's to busy worrying for himself, but his family and some of his friends and students are a different story. Being rude to everyone makes it kind of hard to see who he really cares for. At one point in time it was obvious how much he cared for his brother though. He use to be the only person in town that he wasn't a jerk to, but after he found out he was gay that changed. His homophobic nature didn't just come out of the blue, it came from that fact that his own best friend, that had been gay, had betrayed him. After that betrayal he felt like homos couldn't be trusted, therefore neither could Axel, which really hurt him. Which is only one reason that he treats his brother that way. The other reason is because he wants to show him how other woulds treat him if they found out indirectly. Pastel has always gloated about being right and seems to do everything to prove others wrong, but he wouldn't want anyone treating his brother bad, so he does it himself. It may be a twisted thought, but in his own way he feels like he's helping his brother. Within this sense he threats the people he loves the most worse than anyone else. On the same note he's extremely protective of the people he loves. He may treat them bad, but if anyone else did he'd show them a peace of his mind. Pastel is nowhere near the strongest person in the world, he's a little intimidating from the way he acts, but he's really not that strong. He could easily be beat up and the only reason he ever causes pain to Axel, is because he knows his younger brother refuses to hurt him.

When someone hurts him he does whatever he can to push them away. He doesn't trust easily, the same way no one ever trust him. He's the type to find someone's secret out and then go off and tell everyone if he feels the need, so of course he finds it hard to trust. When he gets hurt he really isn't the type of person to show it, Pastel seems to keep all of his emotions bottled up inside, expect his douchiness, from the fear of getting hurt. The only people he's really ever let in was his family and his friend Marcus, who completely and utterly broke his trust when he: A). He slept with all the girls Pastel did to, B). He tried to date his brother, and C.) Got him so drunk that he talked him into sleeping with him. "If that doesn't break trust then I don't know what does." This is what ultimately brought on his homophobicness. Pastel had completely trusted him, but after he was tricked into sleeping with him and after he slept with a girl he felt like he actually loved, he couldn't take it anymore. That had been his best friend and all he was full of was lies. Pastel completely shunned him and with him gone he bottled everything up and took his anger out on Axel.

Aside from his negatives there are a good things about him. He's funny, has his sweet moments, is the life of the party, and is amazing in bed if he does so so himself. Pastel really does like having a good time, even if sometimes that means bringing others down. When of the things that brings him a lot of joy is manipulating people... well, that's slightly one of his negative features, but the people he normally hangs with finds that fun as well. He's always ran around with the jocks, the douche baggy jocks, but other than that he knows how to make people laugh sometimes. He's really big into partying though. On the weekends that's all he does, because he has no work. Partying, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Pastel is very sexually dependent, not in the point where he has to be having sex all the time, but he needs it at least once a day to survive. He could probably do it with anyone he wanted to, but he only likes the best, a selected few, and one happens to be one of his students. He knows it's wrong to sleep with her, but she's only a few years younger, she's legal, and great in the sack. As long as she keeps bringing him joy he'll keep going back, but if he ever loses interest he doesn't know if he could leave her as easily as he leaves other girls, he's grown a small attraction towards her other than just physical, but he'd keep that to himself.

|Habits & Oddities|
*He has a tendency to say whatever's on his mind, regardless if it's a secret of others, something rude, or even something hurtful. If he wants to say something he will*
*If he's in a situation he finds awkward, unsettling, upsetting, or overburdening conversation he'll just start yelling*
*He has a big habit of asking a girl to be his girlfriend then breaking up with her within hours for a different girl*
*"Not that anyone really cares, but when I'm really uncontrollably upset I read Romeo and Juliet to calm my mind down... it's a sure sign that something's really on my nerves."*

"History is a big passion of mine, so yes, I do take a lot of joy in learning more about it, because I can admit there's a lot of things about history I don't know. Now, I do know a lot of things about it though, you could probably ask me anything and I'd have an answer for it."

"Every weekend, yes! If someone isn't throwing one there is defiantly one at my house, defiantly!"

"Clubs might not be as fun as parties, but at least going to one of them means my stuff can't get destroyed."

"I'm pretty dependent on sex, I have it a lot with many girls. It's almost like a pass time for me."

▲ Women
▲ Drugs
▲ Partying
▲ Clubbing
▲ History
▲ Axel "My feelings for him are neither love or hate,
I don't know how to feel anymore."

▲ Smoking
▲ Fishing
▲ Swimming
▲ Sex
▲ Boy 1
▲ Girl 5
▼ His Confusion Towards Men
▼ Homosexuals
▼ Not Having Sex For A Long Time
▼ When People Think They're Better Than Him
▼ People More Attractive Than Him
▼ Competition
▼ Feeling Threatened
▼ Not Getting What He Wants
▼ Failure
▼ Looking Dumb
▼ Boy 3 "I want the best for my brother, and I don't
feel like there friendship is.

{"Dude... did we seriously just have sex?"}


Strengths and Weaknesses

*His Memory(S/T)
|Flaws(F)/Weaknesses(W)|(At least 4)
*Sexual Dependence(F/W)

Slightly Zig-Zagged
"There's no way in this world I'd ever admit to finding other guys attractive, probably because I don't! I'm a guy and some males may find me attractive, that's cool, it doesn't mean I'll have that attraction back towards them! Yes, some guys do look better than others, that's a fact! Sometimes I may find myself talking to guys longer than I should, sometimes it feels like they may even be flirting with me and I might continue talking to them. We might share a few few laughs and I might even buy them a few drinks. It's always the same type of guys though, it's always the bad boys that are tall, slightly built, the rebel boys I guess, the ones I always end up talking to at bars... but I'm not... I'm heterosexual all the way."

Dropping The Soap
"Once... my best friend Marcus got me really drunk... extremely drunk. The whole night was a blur, but when I woke up the next morning we were in bed together, which wasn't to strange because sometimes we shared a bed, but this time was different. We weren't wearing clothes, and then he started crying and apologizing to me for what he had done. Truthfully I was hurt by it, but I didn't tell him that. I was anger for a while and forgave him, but of course he ruined that when he told me he had feelings for my brother, that was to much for me."

Desiring The Illegal
"Lola, what a beautiful student she is. When I first laid my eyes on her I was in the eighth or ninth grade or something. Anyways, I didn't come on to her at first, but when I started hearing about how good she was in bed I became curious. I never got the chance to find out when I was in highschool, I thought she was to young for me when I went college. When I came back as a teacher she was a sex bomb, breath taking. With my teacher authority I had her stay after class sometimes and help me and it wasn't long before we were having sex."

Same Sex Things
"Yes, ok! Gay people scare me in a way! I feel like I'm a gay magnet and they always end up convincing me to trust them just so they can break my trust later on. Homos just... I don't understand why anyone would want to be with the same sex really, how is the sex any fun?"

Becoming The Fear
"Living with a homo makes me afraid I might become one. I know that sounds crazy, but I feel like being gay rubs off on someone! Axel grew up straight, started dating a gay girl and then claims to be gay! I'm beginning to feel like he thinks he's gay because he's girlfriend prefers girls and he's just doing that to cope with pain... yep, that has to be it! Some days I lay and bed and imagine what it would be like if I were with a guy... the thoughts beginning to become more normal, which scares the crap out of me."

Losing It All
"Even though I don't complete show it I'm afraid of being alone. Pushing people away is something I do nature, I just can't help it anymore, it's something I do to keep from getting hurt, but I'm beginning to fear in the end that it's going to leave me with no one. I care and love my little brother lots, I always have and I always will, regardless I hate the fact he claims to be 'in love' with his bestfriend. In ways I'm also afraid of losing Lola... she has a boyfriend that doesn't have such a player reputation as I do, which means in the end she'll probably stop seeking sex from me. I'll miss it."

{"Why is everyone in this small fucking town turning out gay?"}

For Pastel it was just another party like all the weekends before. Having his own place was amazing, it meant he could do whatever he wanted to it without a penalty, but of course he didn't buy it himself. He's parents of course did, even though the no longer lived in town, which meant they couldn't find out how he was treating the home they had given him. "Here you go." He may have been completely out of it, but he could never forget deep smooth voice of his friend. "Aw, thank you, bestie." Taking the red cup from him he then chugged whatever it was quickly. The feeling of being drunk was always amazing to him, he loved how all the flashing lights mixed with the loud music made him feel. It made him wobbly and unstable, but he tried his best to dance and keep himself up right, "I think you need some rest." Marcus' voice had a hint of a mocking tone in it, which made Pastel attempt to fight back, but that just wasn't working. Pastel was then gently laid onto the bed. "Thanks, you're a great friend." Watching his friend stand him he patted the bed to let him know it was ok to lay down. When he did Pastel rolled over on his side to face him and he did visa-versa. "You're so perfect, Pastel." Marcus ran a hand through Pastel's hair, "Yeah, I know." The both shared a laugh, and before he knew it Marcus was kissing him, and in his state he kissed back.
When he woke up it wasn't exactly pleasant, he was hearing his friend crying. Springing up he grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him to face him. "What's wrong?" At first his friend didn't say anything, he just pulled the blankets off of him. Out of confusion he spoke slowly, "Why am I naked but you're not?" "I'm so sorry." His first reaction was of course to hold his friend and tell him everything was going to be ok, but his pride go in the way of that. "We're both guys as in we're male, so I don't know what you're problem is, but you need to leave!" Screaming as loud as he could at Marcus, it hurt him to do it. Marcus got up quietly and left the house without another world. Pastel really wanted to follow him, but he couldn't, not after he had violated him like that.
It had been about a week since they had both talked, it was extremely annoying too. Sighing, Pastel caved. Picking up his cellphone he called Marcus. "I don't understand why you haven't called me yet or texted or even showed up at my house. I'm pretty sure we've talked everyday to each other ever since we were young, so I don't get why you haven't even tried talking to me yet. I would really like it if you came over, right now!" Even though every word was meaningful it all came out in a yell. "Ok, I'll be over there soon." Hanging up the phone Pastel then smiled and waited for his friend to arrive.

It wasn't to long after being home when he finally got a student teaching job at the school and it was going extremely good for him. Being around all the senior girls was a perk of the job as well, gosh he found them all gorgeous, but there was one in particular that caught his eyes, Girl 5. He wasn't fixated on her or anything, but there were a few rumors around the school about her being slightly easy and how the guys enjoyed her. With all these ideas floating around in his mind he decided to see if the rumors were true for himself. After the school bell rang it seemed like everyone got up to leave, "Girl 5, please stay behind. He said without looking up at her. As students continued to leave he just looked down at a stack of papers and graded them. "Um, yes?" Her question made him smile. He knew it would probably take some time to talk her into doing anything, but he liked rushing things for he had never been patient. Slowly moving from behind his desk he walked to the other side where she was at. "How long have we known each other, a few years? When we met I was still a student here and we shared a few laughs and flirts, right?" She hadn't answered him, but that was fine, because he knew exactly what he was doing. "I know a few things about you, like all the boys love you, how you love sex, and how your boyfriend doesn't give it to you," with a smirk he took her hand, "I've known (Boy 3) for a very, very long time, he's my brother's best friend and I know he'll never give it up. So, if you're ever only and looking for some fun just text me or something, I'm sure you already have my number." Leaning forward he kissed her cheek. Pulling back he took another look at her and then left the room as if nothing ever happened. It hadn't taken he to long to text him like h had suggested and the both of them met up at his house when his brother was out.

As he sat in his room alone reading Romeo and Juliet from anger. He was mad about the fight he had just had with his brother a few hours ago, he wanted to kick him out of the house so bad, but he knew he'd have no where to go if he did that, but at that moment he really didn't care. After his incident with Marcus he started hating gays, he didn't trust them anymore, but for some reason he kept him around, he just couldn't get him out of his system. In the mind of Pastel being gay was a disease that spread through people some way, that drove them to do stupid things, like his best friend raping him. "You're reading Shakespeare, I wonder what happened this time." The toothy smile of his friend made him relax enough to put his book down, "It's Axel." "What about him?" He asked as he took a seat next to Pastel on the bed and wrapped an arm around him. "He thinks he's gay." Sighing he let his rest on his friends shoulder, "What am I suppose to do? Do I take him to the hospital to get cured or something?" Marcus pulled him in as he chuckled, "There's no cure, people find others attractive and love who they love. I'm guessing he told you he was in love with (Boy 3)." At the sound of the name he pulled away. "How did you know?" "By the way he looks at him, it's pretty clear." Pastel shuck his head in disbelief. "Being a fag is so disgusting and I don't get it. It's revolting!" The confusion just made him raise his voice, he was so pissed beyond belief. "I'm sorry that's how you feel about me." Marcus calmly got up, he was always so calm not matter what. "Where are you going?" "If I repulse you that bad I'll just leave." Pastel shot up like a rocket from frustration. "But I don't, why are you thinking like that?" "I'm bisexual, I like guys, that makes me revolting too. In fact I've liked you for a long time and right now I like your brother-" The thought of Marcus liking his brother made him jealous to the point where he punched him across the face. "You're right, I do find you disgusting, just leave!" Like the last time Marcus just left, but this time Pastel never called back, never texted, and rarely thought of him again. He wasn't comfortable with the confusion that drunken night had brought, but he was even more confused why the fact that he liked his brother made him react so strangely. The only time he was ever reminded of his old friend is whenever he's around Boy 1.

|Place Of Origin|
Focal Point Island

|Birth Date|
January 12th

|Relationship Status
It's Complicated

|Family Tree|
Father || Dale Fakas || 50 || Owner of Fakas Coffee || George Clooney
Mother || Dasiy Fakas || 45 || Out Of Town Brain Surgeon || Halle Berry
Brother || Axel Fakas || 18 || Librarian Assistant and Coffee Maker || Dylan O'Brien

{"I love club music, clubs are fun... always ending with me waking up next to a pretty girl."}

"Tonight Alive"|| Little Lion Man
"Weep for yourself, my man,
You'll never be what is in your heart
Weep Little Lion Man,
You're not as brave as you were at the start
Rate yourself and rake yourself,
Take all the courage you have left
Wasted on fixing all the problems
That you made in your own head

But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?
Didn't I, my...

Tremble for yourself, my man,
You know that you have seen this all before
Tremble Little Lion Man,
You'll never settle any of your scores
Your grace is wasted in your face,
Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Now learn from your mother or else spend your days
Biting your own neck

But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

Didn't I, my dear?


But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

Didn't I, my dear?"

So begins...

Pastel Thomas Fakas's Story

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Time: 3:00 A.M.
Date: Friday, June 22th, 2015
Location: Focal Point Island
What's Occurring: Summer Break



ImageFor some reason or another he hadn't been able to sleep for the past couple of months, which really sucked. He could feel the tiredness of his eye bags, he didn't have to see them to know they were purple and blue shades. He knew if anyone saw them they'd freak and ask what was wrong, so he had been covering them with concealer her borrowed, without asking, from his mom. He was so tried and ready to just fall asleep, to doze off until a world that wasn't real, but lately that hadn't been working for him. Every night he tried keeping himself entertained by doing things likes reading, watching T.V., dancing, and just other pass times that made him forget about the fact he needed some sleep; at the moment he just watched the ceiling. He felt slightly lonely, but it's not like he could just call someone up at three in the morning, that thought had already crossed his mind and he had decided it wasn't the best idea. Most of his friends normally didn't rise until around two in the afternoon, meaning his loneliness might stretch longer then he wished.

"Ok, this is enough of silence!" Finally growing tired of the loneliness, he sat up and let his feet touch the warm white carpet. He's room wasn't very grand, in fact it was very simple. The bed was barely big enough to fit two people in and was pushed up against the right wall next to the door, the same wall was covered of pictures of so many things that Axel had taken, on the opposite wall there were random black and white poster of old famous stars and more pictures he had taken, there was also a keyboard in front of the window (which he was trying to teach himself to play); the view from the window was beautiful. Outside the window was nothing but soft moon light casting gentle shadows across tree tops and floating on the pond in his backyard. In the summer he'd swim in the pond with his friends, the closet thing to a lake he had ever seen since there were none on the island. In fact Axel lived out in a small area of woods with his brother.

Once he was completely up on his feet he walked over to the wooden door, pulled the golden nob, and then made his way down the hardwood floor. He only took about ten steps before reaching his destination and stopping in front of another wooden door. Raising a clenched fist, he hit the door before opening it himself. As soon as he entered the room he was attacked by coolness of the early morn, he immediately got cold chills all over his body. "Why the heck do you insist on sleeping out here? You're going to catch your death!" His voice was barely below a yell as he called to his brother, who for whatever reason thought it was okay to sleep in the screened-in patio during such cool mornings, and even sometimes during the winter. It was cold to Axel, but he knew his brother was probably finding warmth from the fact he was lying on a bed that he had drug in himself years ago and was bundled in a cocoon of covers.

"Why the heck did you come in here? I need my beauty rest!" Before Axel had time to react his brother had already brought his arm back and threw a pillow towards Axel's face. When it hit him it didn't hurt at all, it was the most comfortable thing ever either, but at least there was no pain. The pillow fell to the ground followed by his glasses. "If you had broken those I would have made you buy me new ones." "Like hell I would. Can't you go bother someone else?" He watched his brother flop around in the bed before quickly falling back to sleep. Thanks for the heart warming conversation. As the thought faded, wit the feeling of defeat he sighed and left the room shutting the door behind him.

Knock! Knock!

"Who the fuck could that be?" The groan from his brother's room only made him laugh as he walked through all the twist and turns to make his way to the living room to the door. Normal people probably would have thought it was crazy he was about to open the door at three in the morning without any weapon, but of course on the island everyone knew each other so there was no need to fear anything.

Opening the door he was kind of shocked to find a girl wearing a black leather jacket with silver studs. The outfit was sexy in it's own right: a black loose shirt, skin hugging black ripped tights, black combat boots, and in her cotton candy pink hair was a homemade crown of sunflowers, which really showed the girls personality. "I hope I didn't wake you." A warm smile grew across her face as she brought Axel into a comfortable hug. She was in most ways perfect, from her personality to her appearance, Axel cared greatly about her, in fact he viewed her like a little sister. "You're always welcome here, Barbie, and you already know that." Before he even got the chance to finish his sentence Barbie had made her way to the couch and stared at the suitcase that laid in front of it. "You're taking another trip." Without words he just nodded his head to her statement. The tiny girl giggled as she began to step inside the case and crouch down in it. "Well this time you have to take me too!" Watching her only brought a smile to his face. "I would invite you, but we only bought three plane tickets-" [color=#ED6868]"I know, I know, you're going to invite Marius to go with you, though you haven't yet." At this statement Axel bit his bottom lip. He was nervous to ask his best friend to go on a trip with him, though the two had gone on vacations with each other before this time was different. Not to long ago when the two boys had been drunk they had shared a kiss, he wasn't even sure if Marius even remembered it. "In fact..." Before he had time to react Barbie had popped up and taken his phone from him. Dialing some number she put the phone up to her ear. "Who are you calling." "Marius of course, if you can't ask him I will for you." His heart raced as he tried to prior the phone from her, but she was to fast and began to run.


The phone rang around three times and she wasn't sure if it had been answered or not, so she just began to speak. "Hey, Marius, this is Barbie, and Axel was wondering if you wanted to-" Stopping mid-sentence Axel had caught up to her when they had reached his room and hung the phone up. "I didn't get to finish!" Frowning at his actions, she just pulled her phone out and held a finger up to him when she noticed he had flinched. "Hey, Jessica, I Imagelove you and we should hang out later, bye love you." Barbie didn't give her girlfriend much time to reply or even pick up, for all she knew she just caught the answering machine again. "That was extremely brief." With a flimsy smile she yawned, and that made Axel yawn as well.

She didn't say another word, but instead laid down on his bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. Axel smiled at her and covered her up with his blankets, happy that his loneliness was gone. Watching her he decided to curl up next to her and hold her in his arms, though he wasn't tired, he just laid next to her in silence with his eyes shut.