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"There is no point in doing anything."

0 · 210 views · located in Binghamton Mental Health Center

a character in “Folie à deux”, as played by Szeptanie-tosia


"I like nice things, I don't understand the problem."


May Knight





  1. Intense,
  2. ecstatic,
  3. shy,
  4. aloof,
  5. insecure,
  6. romantic,
  7. impatient,
  8. passionate,
  9. apologetic,
  10. aggressive,
  11. anxious,


  • Othello syndrome,
  • Klepto
  • and perfectionism

May has always stressed to be perfect, it stems from being neglected as a child. As she grew to always falling short of perfection did she find it impossible to please herself, and thoughts of suicide invading her mind. With insecurity creeping up on the impressionable girl, and no one noticing, leaving it untreated, irrational jealousy started to take over. Causing any relationship to fail from wild accusation and abusive tendencies such as, harming others and self-harming. Trying to fill a void but not knowing how to fill such a exasperated need, and having a love of beautiful expensive things, stealing became problematic as well.

So begins...

May's Story

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Tap, tap, tap, the footsteps down the hallway echoed around the ward, seeping into the bright white lounge room. The noise bounced around inside May's head. Her posture was perfect, as she sat on the couch starring out the window lost in deep though. The tapping stopped, and all was silent once again inside her brain. She didn't have to be in group for another hour, which left her time her own.
As the time slowed, she began feeling depressed, there was no need for her to get out of bed, she had already failed by ending up in this place. May knew she could never hid the fact she spent time in an asylum from future employers, panicked ensued. Perfection was no longer able to gain, forcing life to be helpless.
Tears burned inside her eyes, and snot dripped. The back of her hand whipped the tears and snot, holding her breath trying to keep from letting anyone noticing she was crying. May's hand slipped into her pocket and felt the queen chess piece she had stolen from the only set they had. It calmed down her nerves as she breathed out and letting out a small sigh.
She twirled it around her middle finger and thumb. Her hands were sweaty and clammy, making the plastic slippery in the pocket. Her blond hair was sticking out all round, showing her split ends making May feel imperfect. So many thoughts swallowed inside, as she gulped down the lump inside her throat.
"I must be getting sick." May thought as her hand left the pocket and started playing with her dried hair, trying to make it more soft and silky. It was the price she had paid for watching her hair three times a day with scolding hot water.