Emilia Fontaine

"Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars."

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Emilia Isobel Fontaine

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Seventeen Years of Age

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Standing around 5'5", Emilia is fair skinned with large, expressive beautiful blue eyes, and full lips more likely to be adorned by a smile rather than a frown. Her body's natural curve is the classic hourglass shape even without her corset making Emilia a picture of beauty as a Princess should be.



Eye Color
Ice blue adorned with golden flecks

Hair Color
White Blonde

Emilia is most often seen in gowns that cling to her figure until her hips than flourish out into a loose skirt.


Emilia has always been a warm, generous person. For a majority of her life if not all of it she has carried out her duties for her people and cared for them with a almost unearthly gentle, kindhearted grace. Often characterized by her white blonde hair and kind sincere smile, Emilia has the ability to light up any room she enters. She has a certain honest friendliness about her that people are often drawn to. Calm and patient, Emilia listens to the problems of her friends, family, and people with a caring ear and offers sound advice without an ounce of judgement when she finds it necessary.

Though Emilia is a kind soul, it is still not in your best interest to insult or threaten those she loves and cares for, as she will defend those around her without a second thought. Emilia is forgiving as she believes grudges are too much of a burden for a soul to bare, and that there is little to be gained from holding onto rivalries, new or old. However, there are exceptions to every rule. When it comes to trust, Emilia is not easily won. She finds it as both a weakness and a strength, though her open friendliness draws people in, it also exposes her to the worst kinds of pain, and the thing about betrayal is it never comes from your enemies, therefore Emilia's trust is a hard gift to seek out and be given.

It may seem like all bright smiles coming from the Princess, but it is not all bright smiles behind closed doors. Underneath her shining façade is a person who has become accustomed to being used then tossed aside, left, and forgotten, like a pair of gloves only taken out for the winter. This makes Emilia very dependent on those she is close with. She can grow over-attached to those she loves and cares for quickly, and when torn from them she falls to the point of overwhelming depression and anxiety. But a Monarch is meant to be gleaming with happiness and strength, so Emilia pretends to be just that, pretends nothing can hurt her, painting a false smile on her face like nothing ever pains her.


Emilia. The crowned Princess of France, eldest of five children born to the King and Queen of France.
Next in line for her fathers throne it was decided when Emilia was three that a marriage alliance would be made with England, she was to marry the next King of England when she came of age, bringing the two countries into a state of peace with each other.

Like any royal born child, Emilia has lived a very privileged life from the moment she was born. Schooled in the castle, Emilia was taught everything she knows in the place that would never truly be her home, yes it would be her country and those would be her people but Emilia belonged to England, belonged to England's Crown Prince making England her home. Even as a young girl Emilia was aware of that fact. Still the young Princess focused on her studies and on what she needed to do.

Even as a young child Emilia was adored by her people, her kind heart apparent even when she was little. She would often be seen sharing toys with the children in the castle who belonged to the maids and servants who were less fortunate. By doing this Emilia met one of the maids daughters, a girl her age named Sophia, and the two of them became the best of friends.

Emilia always made time for her younger sisters, she would protect them and care for them, becoming more like a second mother to them than an older sister. However as Emilia grew older, her duties started to come before all else, she started learning how to be a good Queen but along with that she was learning how to be a good Wife. Keep your head down, don't share your opinions, do as your husband tells you. All lessons drilled into Emilia's head, but she was never good at keeping her opinions to herself if she had an opinion she would likely speak her mind getting her into trouble on more than one occasion.

By the time her brother was born she was fifteen. By then Emilia had very little time for her younger siblings, she was being prepared for England and for her future husband. Her lifelong friend became one of Emilia's ladies-in-waiting and also became one of Emilia's most trusted adviser's she valued Sophia's opinion over even that of her parents from time to time. When the plague originally stuck, the royal family was locked away in the castle, no one was aloud in and no one was aloud out. If you were unfortunate enough to catch the deadly disease you were locked away in the cells and left to die.

When the worst of the plague was thought to be over, Emilia, her family, and her ladies traveled to England to help Emilia settle into her new home, as she would probably never step foot on French soil again.

Family Ties
Isobel Fontaine || Mother || Thirty-six Years || Queen of France || Alive

Edward Fontaine || Mother || Thirty-eight Years || King of France || Alive

Annalise Fontaine || Sister || Fifteen || Princess of France || Alive

Elena Fontaine || Sister || Thirteen || Princess of France || Alive

Lucille Fontaine || Sister || Ten || Princess of France || Alive

Liam Fontaine || Brother || Two || Prince of France || Alive

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