Sophia Piers

"It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright."

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Seraphine Francesca Piers
(Note: Everyone calls her Sophia no one calls her Seraphine)

|| Sophia || Sophie ||

|| Lady Sophia ||

Seventeen Years of Age

|| France- House of Fountaine ||
|| Emilia-her future Queen ||

Sophia's face has gentle features and though her skin is a golden brown she is often described to be like a porcelain doll. Her golden brown eyes can often be mistaken as dark brown depending on the light or if you are a good distance away from her. She stands about half an inch shorter than Emilia, her hair falls is gentle curls past mid-back.


5'4 1/2"

Eye Color
Golden Brown

Hair Color
Very Dark brown almost black.

Growing up as the Daughter of a farmer and a maid in the castle and then becoming a maid for a short time herself. Sophia has never been accustomed to the fancy dresses that Emilia, her family, and other ladies of the court are seen wearing. Though when she turned sixteen Emilia asked her to be her Lady-in-waiting and Sophia moved up the class ladder. Still trying to adjust to the dresses she now has to wear, when Sophia can she is often seen in dresses that look more suited for a farm girl than a Princesses Lady. Though she will usually get away with it.


As a child Sophia was always very curious, constantly taking apart and reconstructing anything she could get her hands on (mostly her few toys) in order to figure out how it worked. An insatiable curiosity and an incredible imagination always had her asking 'what next?'. It wasn't rare for her imagination and curious ways to get her into trouble as a small child. Frustration is hard to find in Sophia, when something doesn't work out the first time her undeniable determination rarely meant she was ready to give up at the first barrier she came to. As with her whole family and all her siblings, Sophia has always been hard-working, pushing herself until she achieves whatever it is she wants to accomplish.

Socially, she's friendly and talkative the majority of the time, never particularly shy about making herself heard when needed and always happy to spend time with friends but is usually seen in the company of her closest friend Emilia. Yet, there are moments when she'll breeze right by a friend without a word, simply because her head is in the clouds. Usually a nudge or calling her name loudly is enough to break through her concentration, and she'll turn with a smile to apologize.

[font=Brush Script MT]History

[i] Sophia was born into a farming family, her father farmed the land. For the three of them the money from the land was enough to tied them over, keep a roof over their head and food on the table, however when Sophia's mother became pregnant with her second child, the money from farming alone would not be enough for the growing family. Sophia was young at the time she didn't understand what was happening. Sophia's Mother took up a job in the castle as one of the maids bringing little three year old Sophia along everyday to work where she would play with the other maids children.

It was around this time that Sophia met Emilia, the young Princess though only a few months Sophia's elder was always kind to the children sharing her toys with them and very happy to play games. Sophia and Emilia played together everyday and as the years started to go by they became best friends, inseparable as if they were sisters. While her mother worked Sophia would look after her younger sister the best she could, though she didn't see Emilia as often as the Princesses duties and studies began to pick up and Sophia was looking after her sister they kept in constant contact by writing letters to one another and trying to meet up with each other at least once a week.

At the age of Fifteen Sophia's Mother grew very ill and could no longer work in the castle, Sophia took her Mothers place as a maid in order to keep the money coming into her house, however when she was sixteen Emilia had asked Sophia to be her lady-in-waiting, which brought in more than enough money to support her family, and gave her al;l the time in the world to spend with her best friend.

Moving to England with Emilia, has probably been the hardest thing Sophia has had to do in her life, leaving her sister and parents has not and will not be easy for her, however as long as she can keep providing for them, and keep standing by her best friend she will do just about anything.

Family Ties

Cecilly Piers || Mother || Thirty-six Years || Was a castle maid|| Alive

Andrew Piers || Father || Thirty-eight Years || Farmer|| Alive

Serenity Piers || Sister || Fourteen || Alive

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