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Amaterasu Shiragami

"dont come close or you'll suffer my curse..."

0 · 352 views · located in stone-sin academy

a character in “for my master”, as played by darkengel


name: Amaterasu Shiragami
hair color: Auburn
age (12-18): 15
race (if not human): Human (Actually a witch)
pix (must be anime):
mentality: Observant, manipulative, distant, introverted
history: Her history.... Is a secret that even she keeps hidden, but Amaterasu is a child born from the famous or in the underworld... infamous Shiragami family, they were wellknown for their numerous multi-million corporations that soon grew into an multi-billion enterprise. They were a shrewd clan... willing to do everything that it takes to reach the top. That included the black market. They dealt with blood... a lot lost their lives just because of this family's greed until one day... they were mysteriously killed in their island home leaving only one survivor little Amaterasu who spent her life being drifted from one family member to another all just wanting the large fortune left to the child. But one by one... they mysteriously died while having her in their care. One might think of murder but there were no wounds, they just... fell dead. One tried to kill the child but the girl merely ended in a coma for a year and a half until she was sent to Stone-sin to study by a family friend.
bracket (1 being the lowest 5 being the highest): 5
personality: Define the meaning of an introvert, a distant person who strays away from human contact and you'll get an understanding on the type of person Amaterasu is. She's no social butterfly, others think she might have some sort of mental disability that prevents her from enjoying the companionship of another human being but thats just her personality. Truth be told, deep down she's socially awkward who distrust her own skills at socializing. Another thing about this girl she thinks before she acts. A thing her late father drilled into her at a young age.
master,slave or servant: Master
weapon of choice:
Dont... Even ask, this child has several in her arsenal all hidden inside her clothes. But the most common she has is a black staff she can turn into a chained scythe

So begins...

Amaterasu Shiragami's Story

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" ok down the hall you will find a girl and a boy walking take your pick and send the other back to me do you understand" mrs. black turned around and looked at the room one more after this thank god.