Andrew Blackwood


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a character in “For The Cause”, as played by Zachy1993


Age: 24

Gift: Fire creation and Immunity

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Height and Weight: 180lbs and 6'5

Background: Parents murdered by those who came to take him captive, he has spent from age eighteen to twenty-four undergoing sick experiments and practical starvation at the hands of his keepers. The only thing keeping him going is the thought of vengeance.

Personality: Protective of those smaller and younger in the facility. He may not have access to his powers, but he makes sure to give the guards hell with his fists and any weapon he can get his hands on. He does not tolerate anyone picking on his friends or the younger boys and girls. He is quite a headstrong rebel to most, but inside he's hurting...and burning to kill every person affiliated with their torment..the entire facility and all those allied with it if he can. He so wants to burn the place to the ground with these villainous monsters inside, while all the gifted escape. It is that thought that keeps him going.

So begins...

Andrew Blackwood's Story