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Shawn "Hellshock" Brock Hopkins

He's called Hellshock for a reason, boys 'n girls.

0 · 452 views · located in Middle-Of-Nowhere Arizona.

a character in “For The Cause”, as played by TheXenomorph1


(I do not claim to have drawn this picture, nor do I know the illustrator/if it is from anything)

Number: 666

Age: 15

Gift: Able to control the bodies of dead humans as if they were puppets for about 3-40 minutes, depending on the size and eight of said corpse, but when he does this it causes two small horns to sprout from his head until he finishes the action, making it hard to hide. He can also partially manipulate anything dying, rotting, or doing anything else of that sort.

Hair style: Shawn allows his hair to rest in a downwards position but will spike it up sometimes, usually in a fauxhawk when he decides to spike it up in some way..

Hair color: An extremely dark, almost black shade of brown.

Eye color: Changes depending on his environment and his feelings about the current situation. The most common colors are dark blue, dark red (when anger mixes with frustration while several things are stressing/annoying him) and dark brown. His irises have turned black once before, but no one has given any information about the event at this time.

Height: 5"12

Weight: 187, despite being pretty average sized for his age... Sure, he's a little bit overweight, but it annoys him, so you'd rather not mention it.

Likes: Video Games, Being the tallest person of his age in a group, music, originality, his friends.

Dislikes: Intolerance, idiots, pop-music, rap, most things mainstream, people of his age being taller than him, people who insult Punk music without knowing anything about it, stereotypes, incorrect stereotypes, people using stereotypes incorrectly, someone using incorrect stereotypes, "soft" people, romance, romantic things, anything that might hint to something that might hint that romance is involved, people in relationships, people in fake relationships, rich people, people who act rich, people who make him angry, people who try to use their race as an advantage/excuse, people who try to use their gender as an advantage/excuse, people who look down on poor people, rich people who look down on poor people, poor people who act rich so they can look down on people, emo, emo people, emo music, people crying over stupid things, modern fashion, old fashion, mainstream fashion, cold weather fashion, hot weather fashion, in between fashion, male fashion, female fashion, people who follow fashion trends, fashion trends, stupid shirts, people who act cool, people who change themselves, people who change themselves to be accepted, people who change themselves BECAUSE they were accepted, people who think he's not what he is, people who label people, labels, Electronic Arts, Disney, Movies, the obsession with money that humans have, people getting angry at stupid things, people who cut themselves, people who are too trusting, people who don't listen to truth, people who think things are stupid because it's not approved by the mainstream crowd, the mainstream crowd, Country music, people who laugh at him for having to be on a short bus because he goes to a school that he isn't zoned for, people who randomly kill on video games, people who think they're cool for being an idiot, idiots who won't listen to wisdom, false wisdom, false courage, happy endings, people who act like Good Samaritans so people will like them, people who act one way in front of other people but then change themselves in front of others, people who lie to people to gain something, people who gossip, gossip, The Cycle of Emo relationships, emo relationships, people who hurt themselves, people who hurt themselves for attention, the idea of inflicting pain on oneself other various things...


Personality: Filled to the brim with energy that he will never use. Cold, Angry, Frustrated, and Tired of idiots pretty much gets the outside. A dark look full of hatred and anger usually covers his face when around "Those egotistical, brainwashed, mainstream douche-bags". If you know him, he's still an angry person, but the anger seems less towards you and more against the other 7 billion "Non-shit-giving sons of bitches on this planet who only want money."

Background: Shawn grew up poor. He was always poor, though it never really mattered to him. At about the age of 12 he started listening to punk music. After a while of listening to it, he started hearing what the lyrics said instead of just listening to the words. At age of 13 he went "Exploring" (it was really trespassing) in the woods with some friends, where they found a dead deer. They were all poking it and messing with it, and he imagined it jumping up and eating the stick... which it did. After they all screamed in horror, it fell to the ground and Shawn got out of there as quickly as possible, feeling an odd pain in his forehead. He got the name Hellshock when he was piddle-fartin' around in a graveyard with some friends (Age- 14). Some turd-nuggets rode in on bikes and started crap. The kids beat down two of the kids before Shawn got angry. As Shawn got angry, the horns grew from his head and multiple things started to come out of the ground. No people, however. Mostly long-dead cats and other animals attracted to the scent of dead stuff or animals that came to die. Well, there was one person, but he was really old and wasn't buried too well. There wasn't any skin on the guy, just rotted meat. Poor dead guy. Anyways, this (to quote his friend, who didn't really care) "Shocked the Hell out of those fuckers!' Therefore, Shawn was dubbed Sir Hellshock the great. (They mostly added the "Sir" and "the great" as a joke.) As he was listening to "American Jesus" by Bad Religion on the night of 3/14/15 (Age - 15) some agents came in and took him in (with a fight, of course) after a few more incidents like the Graveyard event were recorded, but the straw that really broke the camel's back is when his cat died. His mother was there, which made this time different. When his cat died he cried a bit and punched the ground (The cat was in the floor, as it had just fallen over dead with no real reason). After a minute or two, two huge horns emerged from his head, but he let the cat lie where it was. He got up after a few minutes of sitting on his knees over the cat and went to his room, the horns receding back into his skull. His mother called the authorities right away, which called the government people, who sent out 4 agents, who captured Shawn that night. (best line of events ever written down anywhere.)

He had to be heavily tranquilized for the removal. Two agents left with broken noses, one with a black eye, and the fourth with a busted lip (which bled quite a lot). Shawn left with three broken knuckles (right hand) a broken middle finger (left hand) and the fingernail of his left hand little finger was completely gone. Several other bruises and scratches were on both of his arms. The only words to come out of his mouth before falling unconscious was "I'll never give in, you slimy government bastards..."

Didn't work too well on his part, did it?

Favorite Bands: Anti-Flag, Sum 41, Rise Against, Green Day (Don't laugh at him about it, he'll hurt you), Various other artists, and Matchbox Twenty. (He hasn't heard all of their songs, but he's like all of the ones he has heard as of this point.)

Side Note: Shawn Hopkins is almost always injured in some way, mostly by his shenanigans. Sometimes, however, Shawn can be locked in his room or some other place with no way to gain these injuries but will still have them when he is seen the next time.

So begins...

Shawn "Hellshock" Brock Hopkins's Story

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Shawn rolled over on his shit-mattress, snoring very loudly. He had been asleep since yesterday, when he passed out at Nine from being extremely tired because he was kept up until Four a.m. the day before. Shawn slowly woke up as his cell-mate was returned to the cell, but quickly fell asleep again, mumbling "I'm tryin' to fuckin' sleep..." as his eyes closed once more.