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Lidiya Ugov

"I often find myself staring into blank space."

0 · 397 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “For the Love of the Game”, as played by RainbowFace


Lidiya Nera Ugov



Fire Demon


Kensei Shimiza

Lidiya is skilled in archery and hand-on-hand combat. She is also a talented singer, and very intelligent. (She doesn't think so)She is also crafty with the pencil, and enjoys drawing realism, but her specialty lies in the ways of Pyrokinesis. She is able to shoot decent sized sprays of flames from her hands. She is also able to shoot streams out of her mouth, usually wiping out her enemy in a short amount of time. She is able to make the flames take any shape, and throw them as projectiles. She can also hold balls of fire in her hands for any amount of time. When she becomes angry (And I mean angry), her body will shift to her mood. I mean this in a literal manner, as her hair often turns into flames, her body too hot to touch. She can bring on this form at will, and often does in battle.

You would think that a Demon of Fire would be fierce and gracefull, right? Well, you're right about the fierce part. Graceful? Not so much...Lidiya is a bit of a cluts, with an attitude to match. She has quite a temper on her, and can be set off easily (She has been known the burn down full forests or buildings). She is ornery and stubborn, but is apithetic towards others...usually. She has a love for all things sweet, and can't help herself around them. She is extremely sarcastic when she speaks (Which she does rarely), and often uses profanities when she does so. She has a serious demeour, but can be a bit of a jokester is she wants too. She hates to be shown as weak, but is sometimes sensitive, and will often cry if provoked


~Sweet Things
~Cats (She owns 3)
~The Darkness
~Heavy Metal/ Indie Music
~Pianos (She plays very well)
~Scented Candles/ Inscents


~Rap Music
~Lots of Water
~Things that smell bad
~Obnoxious people
~Headaches (She gets them constantly)
~Shoes (She prefers to walk barefoot)


~Excess amount of water, as is dims her powers.
~Freaking Centipedes. She can't stand the creatures. Any other bugs are fine, but not centipedes.

Appearance Description
Lidiya's skin is pale ivory color, dotted with freckles along the bridge of her nose, and scars along her back from various things. Her face is qutie round, and her cheeks are a light red colour, as if she just took a short jog. Her hair is a deep brown color, reaching her waist in length, and curling slightly at the bottom. She often keeps in a braid or loose bun with her bangs hanging in her face. Her eyes are a mesmerizing mixture of crimson red and brown, and are framed with long eyelashes. When angry, they turn a bright crimson, seeming as though they are one fire. She is roughly 5'6, and weighs around 133 pounds. She is curvy, and is on the chubby side around her cheeks, thighs, and stomach, but is by no means fat.

Feelings about other characters.

Kazami Ito - Lidiya adores the Air Demon's sweetness, but is comforted with the thought that her friend could defend herself if nessicary. She often goes to Kazami if she is in need to assitance (Emotion Wise), or just someone to talk to.

Feldt Bakuko Seiei - Lidiya doesn't usually talk with Feldt, as the girl rarely talks. She considers her a valuble ally against Soshi.

Kiera Katzubuin - When Lidiya first met Kiera, she was extrememly surpirsed at the girl's spirit. She considered the two of them "friends", but Lidiya can tell that her clutsy-ness often annoys the other Demon. She respects Kiera for her spunkyness, and considered them alike in many ways.

Kensei Shimiza - Between Kensei's Witty remarks, and love for explosions, she finds him quite...adorable (She would never admit it though.) She feels sympathetic towards him, as he is as much being forced into this as she is.

Taiki Fujimoto - TBA

Nadaki Takeo - TBA

Ginji Hegawa - TBA

She has a bit of a smoking problem.

Open - Regina Spektor

I am
Down the road and up the hill
I wait for you still
Wires 'round my fingers
Potentially lovely
Perpetually human
Suspended and open

I am
Through the woods and past the trains
I wait here in vain
Scrubbing out the stains again
Potentially lovely
Perpetually human
Haphazardly open

Open up you heart, and then
In a night, the snow starts falling
And everybody stares
Through their windows at the streetlights
Too beautiful to see

I am
In a room I've built myself
Four straight walls
One floor
One ceiling
And day after day, I wake up feeling
Day, way
Day after way feeling

Potentially lovely
Perpetually human
Suspended and open

Open up
Your heart
And then...


So begins...

Lidiya Ugov's Story


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Lidiya Ugov

A small shadow paced along the board walk, walking past a row of small shops for the fourth time that night. Lidiya had been walking along for at least a couple of hours, trying to make her brain remember how she had gotten here in the first place. From what she had managed to see, she was in a small town (Baremore, Was it?), with a very small population. Lidiya had attempted to leave the town a couple of times, trying to walk past it's outskirts, but she just couldn't...allow herself to do so. Something was pulling her in, yet she didn't know what.

The Demoness plopped down on a small metal bench, beginning to rub her temples. She already had a horrid headache, and didn't want to make it worse. A small breeze flew by, causing her long, rust colored hair to sway across the bench. 'I really need to cut this... She though, tugging on a long piece of hair. It was past her hips now, and often caused her a load of trouble if it wasn't tied up. She listened to the sound of the waves pushing against the shore, and allowed her crimson eyes to close slowly, jerking them open as she began to doze off in her akward position.

"B-Bleh." Lidiya said, shaking her head furiously from left to right in a desperate attempt to stay awake. Wake. UP! She though, angry at herself. 'I can't allow myself to...doze... She began to drift off once again, before jerking her head up once more. Sadly, her legs went up as well.

"Damnit!" She exclaimed, narrowly escaping herself a knee to the nose. Lidiya was past angry now. Jumping up from her less-than comfortable seat, Lydia began to pace once more. Minutes passed, and shop owners began to close down their brightly-lit shops. Soon only one store was left open, it's lights glowing brightly under the pale moonlight. A...Sushi resturant? Lidiya shrugged her shoulders, and continued walking.


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Kensei Shimiza

Today was just another day to Kensei. He had sat at home for the past few hours working on his new puzzle of Tokyo in the Night. It wasn’t a flashy picture, just the skyline with everything all light up. It was approaching ten o’clock and the sun had clearly set. Today was the first day all week that Ginji hadn’t stopped by to hang out and as a result, Kensei was awfully hungry at this hour. He hopped over to his computer, the light blue screen illuminating the room. “Let’s see how much money I have…” He yawned as he checked his bank account. “Just about 20k (Yen) that should be plenty.” Kensei logged off his computer and walked out of his apartment.

“Sloan would probably be fastest. I’d get to walk along the boardwalk too.” Kensei set off, walking down the two flights of stairs onto the pavement. He began his stroll down Sloan, a quiet little street that was the home of the only apartment buildings in Beamore. ‘I wish I had a bike…’ The walk wasn’t real long; it was more of a waste of time. He yawned as he turned the corner to get onto the boardwalk.

Prince was another street that ended on the boardwalk; Kensei just happened to notice some sort of scuffle as he walked by. “I swear, if Ginji is participating in those night fights again…” Ginji had a habit of being short on money and found out that these night fights could produce some hefty cash prizes. It wasn’t something Kensei liked to see at all, no matter if you win or lose, you’re always beat up. ‘I just hope they don’t notice me, I’m not getting wrapped up in that shit.’ Kensei continued his walk, praying that the group of guys down Prince wouldn’t notice him. Thankfully he cleared the intersection peacefully. It was only two more intersections until he arrived at Beamore’s sole sushi bar, Oshiguru Sushi. He was what someone could call a regular there. So long as he had the spare yen, Kensei made Oshiguru a regular destination.

The walk continued. Kensei was almost to Oshiguru’s when he tripped, falling flat on his face. “What the heck…” He picked himself up and rubbed his face, feeling a little bit of blood falling from his forehead. “Well that’s just awesome…” He rose to his feet after a few moments of wiping the blood off of his forehead and rubbing his aching forehead. He couldn’t see anyone around and he knew something deliberately tripped him. Alas, there was nothing but a shadowy figure sitting on a nearby bench.

Looking around, Kensei found no trace of any mischief. “I could’ve sworn…” He knew something tripped him, he wasn't a clutz by any means. The only good thing was that the bleeding wasn’t excessive, it actually stopped pretty quickly. He walked up to the shadow covered person sitting on the bench. “Excuse me; did you happen to see anything, odd, just a second ago?” Kensei wasn’t exactly sure why he was bothering this person; it just seemed to be the right thing to do. His spare room was free for the night and he didn’t like seeing anyone forced to sleep on a metal bench all night, even if they were homeless, one kind gesture can make a world of a difference.


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Character Portrait: Lidiya Ugov Character Portrait: Kensei Shimiza
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Lidiya Ugov

Lidiya had long since finished her walk, and was soon passed out on the uncomfortable metal bench. Well...she was sleeping untill she heard a loud thump as someone fell on the boardwalk, not to far in front of her. Lidiya sat upright, her mouth twisting into a deep scowl. 'Who in the hell is up this late?' She thought heatedly. She watched as the figure picked itself up, holding a shadowy hand to it's face. Lidiya snickered softly, figuring the figure had injured itself.

“What the heck…Well that’s just awesome…” The figure began to look around itself, seeming asthough it was searching for something. She heard a clacking of shoes, and the figure began moving towards her. Lidiya narrowed her eyes, and sat cross legged across the bench. Yawning, she leaned her head against her hand, waiting for the figure to reach her. She was still tired, and would've killed for a cup of coffee right then.

“Excuse me; did you happen to see anything, odd, just a second ago?” Lydiya paused for a moment.

"No..." She said, her small voice breaking the akward silence between the two of them. "Nice fall. You okay?" She asked, standing. She walked closer towards the figure, her demon get-up swishing across her legs. She finally got a clear view of the figure. A male stood in front of her, a few inches taller than herself. Dark brown hair fell in streaks across his forhead, covering a pair of large hazel eyes. Lidiya frowned once more, waiting for the man's anwser. She never had been patient, and figured now wasn't a time to start. She was especially ornery, considering she had lost her powers recently.