Zakarii Temehara

"For whom doth the bell toll? It tolls for thee."

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a character in “For the True Mother!”, as played by Moon/Mihael



Zakarii Temehara stands at at the height of six feet and seven inches (6'7"), weighing only at 235 pounds, he gives off an air of superiority around others. He wears a black robe, and over it, a light gold armor with the symbols of Septriss woven into them. His only weapons are his magick and his scythe, which he enchants daily in order to keep it sharp. Upon his face, he wears a human skull mask when he is summoned to perform a task for his god, but normally wears only a leather mask over his noes and mouth, making it seem as though the bones of his lower face were exposed to the elements. Within the folds of his robes, are a few secret pouches, hidden in plain sight. In these, he keeps a talisman of Septriss, four gold bars, and a small oil painting, depicting a young woman, perhaps a lover, perhaps not, for he will not speak of it.


Zakarii is cold and timid when performing tasks set by his god. He will often mutter under his breath, fervently praying to Septriss when the solution wasn't available to his eyes at that moment. If the task involved taking the lives of others, he would often laugh maniacally, swinging his scythe back and forth, not caring how injured he becomes in the process. When called to do battle with a large group, or an army, he is often seen chanting a few miles away, praising Septriss, and asking for power to crush his enemies.

When Zakarii is not performing a task, he is often seen with a twinkle of merriment in his eyes. He will enter a tavern and within a few minutes, turn it into a lively party. His enjoyment for music of all kinds, and his story telling is what makes him well liked, even if he is a mage of Septriss. Many view him with suspicious, but he shrugs them off, ignoring them until they "lighten up", as he calls it.


A black robe and light gold plate mail with symbols of Septriss etched into them.
A black and gold scythe, seven foot tall oak staff and a three foot iron blade.
A worn human skull that fits over his own head, used only when performing a task for Septriss. He will not wear it otherwise.
A leather mask that fits over his noes and mouth, only worn when not performing a task for Septriss.


Zakarii was never born into power, nor was he born poor. He was just somewhere in the middle. Having grown up in a "normal" family, he was apprenticed to an aspiring chef who worked in a noble's home. At some point, a mage was being hosted there, and when he noticed Zakarii, he stood up and pointed, saying, "To whom doth the bell toll?" Without missing a beat, Zakarii replied, "The bell tolls for thee." Not know what he had just said, he found himself whisked away from the nobles home, and found himself in a temple for Septriss.

Shocked, dismayed, unsure of what to do, Zakarii cried heavily for many nights. Until one night, a voice spoke to him, quieting his fears, and parting the clouds within his mind. He was shown a new path to his life, one that he had never dreamed of. After accepting this new path, his mind was opened to the world and his training began the very next night.

So begins...

Zakarii Temehara's Story