Ashley Holmes

The Guardian Angel

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a character in “Forbidden Fruits: A Love Story”, as played by Winds Of Fate



Ashley DiMonte Holmes
The Guardian Angel

Ashley is constantly changing his hair color. He has three piercings, one in each ear and a nose piercing. His hair is never the same length for long, but he does enjoy having it long almost to the center of his back.

Ashley, or as he likes to be called “Ash” is a very unique individual. He is optimistic about life which allows him to see the brighter side of things, but he is able to see both sides of a situation which makes him a great ear to talk to. He is kind, always looking out for others, and going as far as to put the needs of others before his own. It is hard to anger him, but when you do it is best to stay out of his way. Ashley doesn’t like to feel betrayed or to be lied to. Trust is a big thing for him, and if you violate his trust, it is extremely hard to get back, if you ever get it back. He’s a sweet guy, but he has his moments, and unlike some he tries to deal with them one step at a time. Ashley is the kind of guy that everyone loves. It’s hard to not like him, and because of this he is friends with tons of people, but his circle isn’t that large, but despite time constraints he is able to make time for each of them in his circle.
Ashley, though appearing to be Caucasian, is actually mixed. Born to a well-known and powerful judge, and a celebrity, Ashley never had to want for anything. This doesn’t mean he didn’t have to work for things he has either. His father believed in making him work for anything he wanted, while his mother enjoyed spoiling him with fancy gifts. Yes, even though his family was rich, tracing back through his family tree, there was not a single member in his family who didn’t have millions in the bank. Ashley, while having access to money, is not one to throw it in the face of others, or flaunt his status in the face of others. He understands how blessed he is, and he knows that others will look at him with expectation and hate. They will hate him just because of who he is related to, but they will also have great expectations for him because of the same.
Ashley is currently enrolled in college, it is his Junior year and he’s working on becoming a Math teacher. It’s something he’s always wanted, and it’s something his parents support, but he isn’t one to take school lightly. All throughout his life he was expected by his dad to make above average grades. His mom was hardly there being a celebrity and all, but he got to talk to her over the phone and he loved her. High school and Middle school were a breeze, but college was totally different, luckily he was prepared for it.

Being raised around music, Ashley loves to listen to various songs that put him in moods depending on the song. He loves to listen to the lyrics, the melody, the rhythm and he loves to sing. He sang in his church choir until he turned 18. He loves to read and write and wants to publish a book one day. He loves to hang out with his friends, travel, and enjoy the finer things in life.
Ashley dislikes liars and those who lie to get ahead in life. He isn’t one to hang around hypocrites and he doesn’t try to pretend to be perfect. Those who do rub him the wrong way. He doesn’t like when people put him in a bubble and judge him because of his parents without getting to know him first. He’s pretty cool once you get to know him.
FC: Tyler Posey


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