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Isabella Lovegood

The Perfect Daughter

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a character in “Forbidden Fruits: A Love Story”, as played by BubblyBrunette



«""I asked, "Why are you afraid to go out with me?" He replied, " I don't want to be the one to break your heart."" »

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|Full Name|
⌊Isabella Lexi Lovegood⌉

⌊Bee|| Bella⌉



⌊The Perfect Daughter⌉
Isabella is considered quite a unique individual. She isn't like other girls. She has a lot of different sides to her. She can be meek and shy to loud, outgoing, and cheerful. She is very optimistic and beautiful some may say.
At first sight Isabella may seem shy and hard to speak too. But once she introduces herself a goofy smile will appear on her pale face along with a slight blush. Bella will dance in front of strangers, as she is a major dancer and has danced in front of them before. But she always has that slight discomfort towards people she hardly knows or people she's just met. Bella isn't that bashful or shy when she opens up, though she can appear quite stand off ish' sometimes even if you do know her, and even if you know her well. Once she opens up she opens up quickly. From that point she is very talkative and will blab about anything and everything that comes to mind. Even though people might not care about what she has to say there is never a dull moment, which is a good thing. It depends on the perspective of the person she is talking to.
Bella is one of those people who can talk and talk for hours, but she isn't annoying; she talks about things that are relevant at the right moment and thinks before she speaks.
When Isabella says Dance is her life she means it. When Bella is left alone music is her choice of drug. When she feels heartbroken, music is the antidote to her sorrow and grief. Music can heal anything in life for this girl, and she can't help but obsess over it. If music was an addiction, she'd be on it all day, all night.
When people ask about Isabella the first word that comes to mind is Sassy. She can be loud, in your face, and opinionated at times. She is very strong, intelligent, and sarcastic.Isabella has been in an confusing relationship with the bad boy for a while. They have close to nothing in common and yet she cannot get enough of him. They argue most of the time because of his past but the love they have for each other is so strong.
Being considered the 'Perfect Daughter' puts a huge strain on relationships especially with men. From a young age Isabella was groomed to be perfect in every way shape and form. At the age of three her father put her in dance specifically ballet. Her mother happened to be the ballet teacher. Not only was ballet her life she also did many extra curricular actives such as tennis, volleyball, dance, drama,etc. Staying late after school was the only reason she met Matthias. He was always in detention and she was always at a club. One day it was down pouring, Isabella's parents were both out of town. Matthias saw her walking in the rain. She was drenched from head to toe. Of course she was stubborn and wouldn't let him take her home. After fifteen minutes of persuasion she finally got into his car. Since that day she has been head over heels for the boy who helped her in the rain.

✦Hot showers - "The part I miss most is sitting on the shower floor and letting the hot droplets cascade down my back."
✧The Bad Boy - "Opposites attract."
✦Lightening/ Thunder -" I used to say I'm not a girl, I'm a storm with skin. I think its because I'm so unpredictable".
✧Dancing - "I lose myself when I dance".
✦Coffee - "I have at least one cup every morning."
writing|| poetry||adventures|| green tea

✦Fighting - " I'm weak."
✧Anxiety - "I get anxiety attacks at least once a day, they have gotten better though. Or so I thought."
✦ The Bad boy- "It is a love hate kind of relationship."
✧Swimming- " I have never been much of a swimmer I look like a drowning rat."
✦The Dark - "I know I'm seventeen and still afraid of the dark."
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So begins...

Isabella Lovegood's Story


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||#0A8540||The Student||17||Magnolia High School||
Sophia stretched as she sat up in her bed. She always woke up just a few minutes before her alarm went off at 7:15. Getting up, she walked to the bathroom in her pink pajamas. She got into the shower and got out about 15 minutes later, brushed her teeth, and got dressed in a lace top with a flowy flower skirt and leggings underneath. Lastly, she put on her necklace that Oscar had given her for their 2 year anniversary. Walking down to the kitchen, her mother was washing dishes and greeted her. Sophia grabbed a banana from the basket of fruit on the kitchen table and ate it semi-quickly. Picking up her backpack, she said goodbye to her mother and began her 10 minute walk to Magnolia High.

Upon reaching the school, Sophia greeted those she passed on the way to her locker, smiling sweetly as she always did. She headed inside to her locker and placed her backpack inside, seeing a note from Oscar within the space. She smiled, closed her locker, and taking it into the bathroom to read it, just to be safe.

The setting changes from Earth to Magnolia High School

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||#0A8540||The Student||17||Magnolia High School||

Sophia slipped into the girls restroom, gently placing the note in her pocket as she pushed the door open. There were two girls already in there primping themselves in the mirror, applying what makeup they didn't, or couldn't, do at home. The two girls smiled at Sophie as they saw her enter.
"Hey, Sof!" The blonde girl said in greeting, "You coming to the game on Friday?
"Hey, Angela. I haven't decided yet. Maybe." Angela was a cheerleader and always trying to get Sophia to either come to games or to join the squad. Though she was in track and field, Sophia never really liked cheerleading.Angela was one of the nice girls on the team, though Sophia wasn't sure if she was only nice to her because she wanted her to join the team or if she just genuinely liked her. Whatever the reason, Sophia didn't mind having another friend.
"You better! We've been practicing a new routine and I'd love to hear your opinion."
"She can always see it at the Pep Rally tomorrow, Ange."
"I know, Beth. But you know my brother. He's always asking about you, Sof.
"Ugh, Ben is such a creep!"
Angela giggled, "I know."
Ben was Angela's twin brother and had been one of Sophia's bullies during middle school. He was constantly teasing her about her braces or how short she was and would often trip her in the halls if she walked past him. Once they hit high school, however, and Sophia had flowered, his demeanor towards her changed. He was suddenly finding any excuse to talk to her, trying to get his sister to talk her into coming to sporting events, him being on the football team, and even attempting to write her love letters. None were ever as good as Oscar's. Sophia, however, never forgot the way he was in their younger days. She never would.

"He knows I'm not looking for a relationship, right?" Sophia asked.
"I've only told him a million different ways. But you know boys; always horndogs until they can get some and then it's on to the next conquest." Angela replied, putting on lipstick, "Anyway, Beth and I are gonna head to homeroom. See you later?
"Yep. Have a good day." Sophia smiled as Beth and Angela exited the room. Now she finally had time to read Oscar's note. Her heart thumped in her chest, as it always did when thinking of him. Unfolding the note, she began reading the poem Oscar had written out. She loved his penmanship. At the end of the note, he posed a question,
"I miss you so much-are you free to visit at some point today?"
She smiled, taking her phone out and texting him.

"Got your note. Can sign out for lunch. Meet in the usual place?
I love you!

Their usual place was a few minutes away within the woods down the hill from the school. Nobody really went into that area, especially during school hours, so it was the perfect place to meet with no hope of being spotted. Even if they heard someone coming, there were plenty of places to hide. It was also quite romantic. She placed the note back into her pocket and stepped into a stall to use it. Once she was in there, she noticed graffiti on the wall. A little note written in pencil, luckily.

Would bang Mr. Everett. Hottie!!!!

Sophia quickly took out a pencil and quickly erased the note. She knew other students pined for Oscar, but despite his feelings solely for her, she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous and insecure about it. After finishing up in the stall, she washed her hands and headed out into the hall, awaiting her meeting later. But first, it was on to homeroom with her peers.