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Forbidden Fruits: A Love Story

Magnolia High School


a part of Forbidden Fruits: A Love Story, by RPGNerdette.

The High School

RPGNerdette holds sovereignty over Magnolia High School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Magnolia High School

The High School


Magnolia High School is a part of Earth.

6 Characters Here

Evelyn Madenford [1] the punk sister
Oscar Everett [1] The Teacher
Sam August [1] The Nerd
Matthias Riley [1] The Bad Boy
Isabella Lovegood [1] The Perfect Daughter
Sophia James [1] The Student

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||#0A8540||The Student||17||Magnolia High School||

Sophia slipped into the girls restroom, gently placing the note in her pocket as she pushed the door open. There were two girls already in there primping themselves in the mirror, applying what makeup they didn't, or couldn't, do at home. The two girls smiled at Sophie as they saw her enter.
"Hey, Sof!" The blonde girl said in greeting, "You coming to the game on Friday?
"Hey, Angela. I haven't decided yet. Maybe." Angela was a cheerleader and always trying to get Sophia to either come to games or to join the squad. Though she was in track and field, Sophia never really liked cheerleading.Angela was one of the nice girls on the team, though Sophia wasn't sure if she was only nice to her because she wanted her to join the team or if she just genuinely liked her. Whatever the reason, Sophia didn't mind having another friend.
"You better! We've been practicing a new routine and I'd love to hear your opinion."
"She can always see it at the Pep Rally tomorrow, Ange."
"I know, Beth. But you know my brother. He's always asking about you, Sof.
"Ugh, Ben is such a creep!"
Angela giggled, "I know."
Ben was Angela's twin brother and had been one of Sophia's bullies during middle school. He was constantly teasing her about her braces or how short she was and would often trip her in the halls if she walked past him. Once they hit high school, however, and Sophia had flowered, his demeanor towards her changed. He was suddenly finding any excuse to talk to her, trying to get his sister to talk her into coming to sporting events, him being on the football team, and even attempting to write her love letters. None were ever as good as Oscar's. Sophia, however, never forgot the way he was in their younger days. She never would.

"He knows I'm not looking for a relationship, right?" Sophia asked.
"I've only told him a million different ways. But you know boys; always horndogs until they can get some and then it's on to the next conquest." Angela replied, putting on lipstick, "Anyway, Beth and I are gonna head to homeroom. See you later?
"Yep. Have a good day." Sophia smiled as Beth and Angela exited the room. Now she finally had time to read Oscar's note. Her heart thumped in her chest, as it always did when thinking of him. Unfolding the note, she began reading the poem Oscar had written out. She loved his penmanship. At the end of the note, he posed a question,
"I miss you so much-are you free to visit at some point today?"
She smiled, taking her phone out and texting him.

"Got your note. Can sign out for lunch. Meet in the usual place?
I love you!

Their usual place was a few minutes away within the woods down the hill from the school. Nobody really went into that area, especially during school hours, so it was the perfect place to meet with no hope of being spotted. Even if they heard someone coming, there were plenty of places to hide. It was also quite romantic. She placed the note back into her pocket and stepped into a stall to use it. Once she was in there, she noticed graffiti on the wall. A little note written in pencil, luckily.

Would bang Mr. Everett. Hottie!!!!

Sophia quickly took out a pencil and quickly erased the note. She knew other students pined for Oscar, but despite his feelings solely for her, she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous and insecure about it. After finishing up in the stall, she washed her hands and headed out into the hall, awaiting her meeting later. But first, it was on to homeroom with her peers.