James Ashton

A "rising star" just starting to rise. Although very handsome, and equipped with an amazing voice, he is really anti-social.

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a character in “Forbidden Heart”, as played by CraziestCoolestGirlofAll


James Ashton is a resident of Florida. He has lived there all his life. He is eighteen years old and already starting to become a somewhat popular musician. He was born with naturally good looks, which up until now, no one has given him enough credit for. Even in the world-famous studio, he was invited too, few have heard of him. But with one look at his face, it's easy to tell, he has definite potential. Hear his voice, you know he is a star. Just one little thing that gets in the way, is that in reality, James is one of the most anti-social people you may know. When he does decide to introduce himself, he will eventually tell you, the one thing he hates most in the world is a cheesy romance novel. Altogether, James is not a fan of romantic things at all. If he were to be in a play, he would most likely rather be the janitor in the background, versus the leading part of any guy who falls in love with a girl. Or even a guy for that matter.

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