Miriam Belka

Miriam is a young Jewish girl who recently moved to Treble City. She plays tambourine and can sing. She has dark hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. She's very curious and eager to explore her new home.

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a character in “Forbidden Heart”, as played by EidolonEtchings


Miriam's instrument is tambourine and she also knows how to sing, along with enjoying dance. Her non-musical hobbies are swimming, reading, and baking.
She moved to Treble City only a few months ago. Before that she lived with her mother near the coast. Both her and her mother are Jewish.
Miriam has dark brown, almost black hair and tanned skin. She has blue eyes. She normally wears dresses that are simple and comfortable.
Miriam is curious and enjoys learning new things. Treble City is still new to her and she's eager to explore it more. She's very talkative and friendly.
Miriam is currently twelve.

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