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Satsuki Kitamura

A singer/songwriter who's pretty chill and friendly

0 · 320 views · located in Treble City

a character in “Forbidden Heart”, as played by musicnxtes


Name: Satsuki Kitamura
Nickname(s): None
Age: 20
Birthday: May 6
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nationality: Japanese
Personality: Friendly and chill, very musical
Grade in school: Junior (College)
Occupation: Singer

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: About to her neck
Tattoos: None
Scars: None
Piercings: Lobe piercing on both ears
Jewelry: Earrings
Height: 70 inches
Weight: 145 pounds
Clothing style: Casual and cute

--Music Info--
Instrument: Acoustic guitar
Do they sing? Yes
Are they in a band? No

Food: Sushi
Drink: Green tea
Color: Maroon
Music genre: Vocaloid
Book: Unknown
Song: Himawari by yanagi-p

--Special Info--
Likes: Sushi, singing, playing guitar, her cat, listening to music, biking, reading manga
Dislikes: Screwing up in songs, bad grades, rude people
Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar
Strengths: Guitar, singing, biking
Weaknesses: Flirting, recognizing love
Fears: Scorpions
Mental issues: None
Physical issues: None
Smokes: No
Drinks: Occasionally
Drugs: None
Other addictions: None
Normal medications: None

Family: Parents
Friends: Several at school
Girlfriend/boyfriend: None

(will vary depending on rp)

--Extra information--
Voice reference:

So begins...

Satsuki Kitamura's Story


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