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Evelyne Drien

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0 · 155 views · located in Earth

a character in “Forbidden Love: Forever?”, as played by Toxic Nightshade




Name: "Evelyne Drien."
Age: "I am 16 years old currently."
Gender: "Obviously female!"
Height: "5'7", five feet seven inches."
Weight: "98.7 lbs/pounds."
Sexuality: "Why does this matter!? Um straight?
Sort of. Lesbian."
Birthday: "April 6th."
"Every single animal
Brunettes and red heads.
The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings
Myths and legends and daydreams
Dr Who
Doing crazy things
Riding horses
Hanging out
Doing crazy things
Laughing, making others laugh
Pranking people
Leather Boots and Jackets and All in all leather clothing
Faux animal print clothing
Racing(I'm fast)
Snuggling with my kitten ;3
Spending time with loved ones
Piercings and tattoos
Lots more having to do with pets, movies, posters, family, friends, but I don't have the room to list them all."

Heartless jerks
Narrow minded people
Being alone
Living in a homophobic society
My eyes
How much my hair curls
Petty people
Rude people
Vain stuff
Animal cruelty
People killing endangered animals."

Playing pranks
Being hyper and crazy
Doing people's makeup
Riding horses
Doing volunteer work with endangered species
Singing and dancing
Working out."

Riding horses
Understanding all animals
Doing makeup. I'm trying to be a makeup artist.
Getting out of trouble
Being trouble
Having cutting remarks, witty saying, sly sayings, great comebacks. I can come up with it all as soon as the other person is done talking.
Pranking people
Being crazy and hyper and talkative
A couple more, but they won't get me famous."

"Tends to be too talkative and hyper and crazy
Eyes are creepy
Strong, but with extremely strong but lean muscle so it's not bulky
Long legs

Personality: "She's quick with her mind for remarks or comebacks or whatever you want to call them. She comes up with great ones to. Can be stubborn, impulsive, reckless, thick headed, but always means well. She can be rash. She definitely has her own opinion and only ones closest to her could sway it, or at least try. She would be a great leader though, because despite all this she has a clear head. She is overprotective sometimes. She will stand up for her own opinion and defend it. She will fight someone if she thinks they are wrong or doing wrong. She will stand up for her family, friends, and the ones she loves and will die for them. She has a lot of back bone. She loves to sing, and is amazing at it. She is not the best dancer, but she's okay and is really flexible. She holds all her emotions in and doesn't dare let them out. She hasn't come out of the closet to anyone yet and doesn't intend to. They'll find out when she marries a girl. And if. She has stage fright though. She's great at piano and the fiddle, but guitar and all others she fails in. She has an active and amazing imagination. She is hyper. She's actually really sweet once you dig through her hard shell, and loves to laugh and spend time with friends. She's actually very kind inside and loving and caring. Don't get on her bad side though or you might end up half way across the world. She loves her country and loves country music. She loves camping and fishing. She has great survival skills. She's clever and cunning. She can crack jokes even when in danger and everyone else is paralyzed with fear, even her, and they're good jokes too. She's friendly and welcoming.
Pets: Ash, a sweet loving Scottish fold.
Natural Hair Color: "Jet Black naturally. Like, solid Jet Black."
Natural Eye color: "They're... Odd. One has a vivid bright amber marbled with dark, deep blue, it's mixed perfectly so you can see both colors nicely. The other is a darkish green marbled with reddy brown, nicely so both colors are shown. They're weird so I usually wear light blue contacts. Some times my natural eyes change color, but it all depends on the light and what I'm wearing and what mood I'm in. But they're always marbled."
Grades: My Averages are:
Math- 99.5%
Physics- 95%
Biology- 97%
Chemistry- 96%
Greek- 92%
Literature- 100%
History- 94%
Geography- 95%

Other: I have thistattoo from my left hip, swerving smoothly to my right shoulder, except its only two inches thick. Over top of it is a very detailed looking black dragon with his back to you if you were looking at my back. You can see the top of his head and his wings are spread out. His head is at the tip of my upper back and the tail is at my tailbone. It's detailed and really nice. I have three ear piercings and one nose piercing on the right nostril, and a nose ring. I don't ever wear the nose ring though.

So begins...

Evelyne Drien's Story