Forbidden Lovers

Forbidden Lovers


In the city of Verona, forbidden loves are forming. But, the royal childrens are engaged and as the date comes closer they dread the day. Until they meet someone they shouldn't have. Will they follow their mind or their heart?

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Love Story-Taylor Swift

Check Yes, Juliet-We The Kings

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Creative Credit Goes To....
The amazing and talented screenwriter who was known as William Shakespeare. If you haven't heard of him, may I ask why?



Amor. Amour. 愛. Amar. 사랑.....Love. No matter what language you speak, we all know what it is and hopefully have or soon will know how it feels to be in love. To most, it's unexplainable something you can't explain until you feel it for yourself. No matter who that lucky someone may be in our life.

We all fall in love sooner or later, yet we cannot chose who we fall in love with or if we even love them or not. We can only chose the moment we decide to admit it to them. But, parents still think they can control us to love who they see fit, well at leas that is how it is with the royal children of the new king Leon. He has chosen people all for his children on the day of their sixteenth birthday and now they are adults. The day is drawing nea but at the last moment, something well, someone comes out of no where and something may not click at frist but after a while something happens......Something called love.

But, there is something standing in the way. The love of their lives are people that if caught loving can get the paupers killed for loving a royal. Yet, the couples don't care about it nor do they care about the royal weddings, they just care for the real love of their life.



The Gypsy ll Age:19 ll Relationship:Had A Fling With The Con-Artist but Starts To Have Feelings For Royal 1 ll Face Claim:Selena Gomez ll Status: TAKEN by Me/BleedingLover

Royal 1 ll Age:22 ll Relationship: Engaged to Princess 1 : Starts To Have Feelings For The Gypsy ll Face Claim: Ed Westwick ll Status: OPEN

Royal 2 ll Age:20 ll Relationship: Starts To Have Feelings For The Con-Artist : Engaged to Prince 1 ll Face Claim: Odette Annable ll Status: RESERVED

The Con Artist ll Age:21 ll Relationship: Had Fling With The Gypsy : Starts To Have Feelings For Royal 2 ll Face Claim: Zayn Malik ll Status: OPEN

Royal 3 ll Age:19 ll Relationship: Engaged to Prince 2 : Starts To Have Feelings For The Manipulator ll Face Claim:Lily Collins ll Status:RESERVED by HeavenAndHell

The Theif ll Age:20 ll Relatioship: Had A One Night Stand With The Sneak : Starts To Have Feelings For Royal 3 ll Face Claim: Zoe Kravitz ll RESERVED by MaliceInWonderland

Royal 4 ll Age:23 llRelationship: Engaged To Princess 2 : Starts To Have Feelings For The Sneak ll Face Claim:Tyler Blackburn ll Status: OPEN

The Sneak ll Age:23 ll Had A One Night Stand With The Manipulator : Starts To Have Feelings For Royal 4 ll Face Claim:Tyler Posey ll Status: OPEN


Princess 1 ll Age:20 ll Engaged To Royal 1 ll Face Claim:Barbara Palvin ll Status: RESERVED by ScarnyLuv

Prince 1 ll Age:21 ll Engaged to Royal 2 ll Face Claim: Louis Tomlinson ll Status: RESERVED by OverTheRainbow

Princess 2 ll Age:21 ll Engaged to Royal 4 ll Face Claim:Teresa Palmer ll Status:RESERVED by mimivanpatten

Prince 2 ll Age:21 ll Engaged To Royal 3 ll Face Claim:Taylor Lautner ll OPEN

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1.We are the GMs. What we say goes. We am open to suggestions but, please listen to us and what we have to say.

2. No godmodding!

3.Be respectful

4. Posts must be at least 160 words per post. Posting limit is 3 times a day. Post at least every other day.

5. Have correct grammar and spelling please. This isn’t grammar school, but don’t write like you have never been taught English. I understand a couple of errors here and there. I make them too. Those are tolerable xP

6. Romance is definitely encouraged. If it gets hot either fade to black and hint what happened or take it to the PMs. Don’t blind us with your words please.

7. Be nice! Talk with each other. We’re all friends. Lol, right?

8. You can play up to two characters, if you can handle them.

9. Follow the character skeletons. It’s there are a reason. I’m not accepting anything that isn’t in that format.

10. If you’re going to be gone for more than four days, just PM me or inform the group in the OOC.

11. If you read all these rules Put somewhere, anywhere on your character, a sweet quote from your favorite movie. Romance, Horror, etc, it doesn't matter. Oh if I don't see it, I will reject your character. :D

12. Have fun and be as creative as humanly possible

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Thank you! And that's ok, i'm just starting to work on mine.

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I'll take the FC for Taylor L., It might take me a while though :)

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I will see what I can do. I think I know someone who might be interested.

Btw My Chara's all finished XD save for a few details involving other charas.

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Hey,guys. If you know anyone who would be interested in playing a boy can you let me know. I really don't want this one to die before it even started.

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Oh this sounds like fun XD I sent you a PM!

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Can I reserve Prince 1 pleaseeee?

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Can I reserve Face Claim:Lily Collins?

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May I reserve Princess 1?

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Can I reserve Princess 2 please?

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May I reserve Royal 2 dear?

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Who me? NAHHHHH people just know me and how did you see me coming ?? I see a psychic lol

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Ok it strange to say I saw it coming? :D

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Lovin the rp even if i can't join i wanna take some part of this :D so in advance
" Say Hello to my little Friend "-Al Pacino,Scarface :P

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