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"I don't really care."

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Name: Aranda DelFord
Age: 16
Personality: Aranda is determined to get what she wants and won't let anyone stand in her way. She is loyal to people she's close to, but to everyone else, she just doesn't care. She'll help people she knows, but is not so friendly towards strangers. She hates when people try to stop her from getting to her goal and is very greedy. Aranda is also very impulsive and rash, but it's possible that a patient person can bring out her good side. Even though it's buried deep, deep inside her. She worked as an assassin before getting caught.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5 feet 4 inches
110 pounds
She has a long scar down her back and a tattoo on her right wrist
Criminal Accusation:
Thievery and Murder
Bow and Arrow

So begins...

Aranda DelFord's Story

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#, as written by Felilla
When Aranda first woke up, she had been confused. Incredibly so. Then, the memories came rushing back to her like floodgates releasing dam water. She sat up, every part of her body aching and saw a large wolf standing in front of her. Instinctively, she reached for her bow and an arrow. The wolf lunged, but she had already nocked an arrow and was aimed for the wolf. It was dead before it even scratched her. She scrambled away from the dead animal, taking her quiver off and counting her arrows. Twenty-nine, not including the one she had just used. She placed her quiver on her back and stood up shakily. When she walked over to the wolf, she pushed it over with her foot ripping the arrow out of it.
For a moment, she glared at the blood staining the perfectly good aluminum before using her cloak to wipe it off. With the arrow secured in her quiver, she stalked into the forest, looking around. It would be best to get to higher ground, better assess where she was exactly. She turned to a nearby tree before scrambling up it. About four yards away from her, she saw a polar bear and a girl. She wondered if this girl was an enemy to her. She was about to aim for the girl when she heard a noise behind her. Startled, Aranda jumped to the next tree and saw a monkey blinking at her. There was a few seconds of silence before it screeched loudly.
Aranda did what any sensible person would've done. She screamed and ran.

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#, as written by Zalgo


Walter waited in his cell. The harsh white light bulb cast it's unpleasantly white light across the painted concrete walls. The metal slab which they called his bed wasn't exactly comfortable but he wasn't exactly offered much alternative. There was no clock in this room so he wasn't exactly aware of what time it was right then. Years could of passed by then and he'd of been none the wiser. Of course he would starve to death if that scenario were the case so he assumed otherwise.

The door to his cell was distinctly different from all the others. Stuck in the cement archway stood a massive metal door at least twice as tall as he was and a foot thick. It was not made of bars but was simply enough one large sheet of metal with hinges, numerous locks both electronic and mundane as well as a plate of shatter-proof glass set in the middle. The warden had this room especially commissioned for his stay here.

Walter wasn't exactly a threat to anyone else in this prison. He hadn't killed anyone and showed little interest in conflict. Still, understanding what he could do the warden had him put in this special cell and kept strictly out of the prison's population. The warden's measures to keep him in had made life uncomfortable and boring.

Of course he had no way of knowing that this day was a fateful day indeed. There were footsteps outside his door, numerous ones. Keys were punched, keys were turned, key cards were swiped and deadbolts were opened. The door's weight weighed on it heavily as it groaned with the burden of it's size while it opened. Outside in a long featureless grey with dimmer lighting were six guards all clad in rubber hazmat-esque suits and all but two were holding M16 rifles. Walter yawned, dragging himself off the bed and onto his feet.

Two of them stood guard just outside the room while another two kept watch from inside the room, their guns aimed and ready to fire at the slightest provocation. The two guards who had no rifles approached, bringing along with them what appeared to be a cross between a bondage device and a trolley. "Going for a trip am I?" Walter quipped, His face still a smug grin like usual.

"Slowly come forward and stand on the transport, facing away from it. Any sudden movements and we shoot."

The guards sounded pretty grim. Walter understood why they spoke with such a cold tone of voice. They were clearly afraid of him. Why else would they bring so many guards with guns when they have all these measures to keep me locked up in place? He mused. He was very careful to move slow like molasses, his every movement as smooth as freshly polished ice. Once he was upon the metal base the two guards got to work strapping him in all over with strong chains and tough straps.

He was bound, immobile. His arms were tethered to his sides and his legs were cinched firmly together. All of these bindings were connected to the trolley, holding him to it as much as they were holding him to himself. After confirming that he was as tied up as he could be the guards braced his stand up on it's wheels and proceeded to roll him out from the room. The two guards without guns were in charge of pushing the trolley while the other four stood in a box formation around their prisoner.

Down the hallway he was taken. At the end of the corridor there was another door which while not quite as strong as the other door it was just as elaborately locked. With a beep and a click and a rattle the guards unlocked this door as well, shutting it and taking another full minute and a half to close it.

This part of the prison wasn't new to him but it was still a rare sight. Unlike most prisoners he wasn't allowed outside his cell unless the circumstances were very special. What they have in store for me must be quite special He figured, looking around since there was little else for him to do while guards fiddled with chains, knobs, buttons and keys.

As they went he got weird glares from the prisoners around. They didn't see much of him so they could only wonder what about him required as many restraints as he's been given. Eventually they made their way up an elevator, traveling up until they reached the top floor. Unlike the section where they kept the prisoners this area seemed much nicer. Looking at the surrounding affectations it was clear that this part was designed for the employees. It was a nice change of scenery from the cracked white paint and harsh white light that his cell primarily consisted of. The lights were still a little bright for his taste but it was still a pleasant shift in decor.

He was eventually brought up to a wooden door. On the glass panel in the door there were big white letters painted on. 'WARDEN' Those letters spelt, a clear indication as to who's office it was. One of the two guards who were holding the trolley went over and knocked three times upon the oak door. A silhouette approached from behind the door, opening it from within.

The warden was an older man, roughly his forties. His hair was grey and swept back and he sported a bushy mustache of the same color which went down to just about the sides of his lips. He wore a business suit that was a sort of brownish tan color and had a mesh pattern along with polished black wingtip shoes. The warden adjusted his black tie before clearing his throat to speak.

"Ah yes, Walter. Have you been enjoying your stay here?" The warden grinned, the creases in his face growing more defined as he did. "You should know. The camera in my room offers no privacy whatsoever." Walter retorted, his smile now more of a smirk at this point. The warden just chuckled, folding his arms in front of his chest. "You're a cheeky one, I'll give you that. I just wanted to take one last look at you before you're transferred."

Walter raised an eyebrow in confusion. He didn't really expect them to let him out after putting this much effort in keeping him in. "Transferred? Where?" He asked, wondering what they had in mind. "You don't deserve to know where or why." The warden chided him for daring to ask. The warden saw all prisoners as beneath him but he always took special exception in berating Walter.

The warden motioned to the guard behind him and without delay a black bag now covered Walter's vision. Though the warden couldn't see it he was actually smiling underneath the bag. If they are going to take me there they are probably going to render me unconscious before dropping me off. I can trick them into thinking I'm out by changing the sedative into plain ole' water and after that the rest just figuring out how to get out of the transport unseen. He was confident in his escape plan. "If you're going to sedate me then stick it in me and get it over with." He responded in fake annoyance, acting as though he weren't looking forward to fooling them all with his clever ruse.

"John, let me do the honors."He heard the warden say rather close by. He was having trouble not bouncing with excitement as he awaited the needle full of drugs for him to change.



Slowly his eyes began to open. The light burned at first forcing him to squint, letting little light in so his eyes could adjust. Eventually the world came into view, a canopy letting rays of sun through, one of which was directly into his face. As he sat up he started to take in the surroundings he was currently situated in. A forest?... Well I guess the name would of been boring had it been just an asylum. He recalled the detailed he picked up back from the prison during his little chat with the warden.

Regarding his meeting with the warden as a result of the incapacitation his head now hurt like crazy. "Ow..." He felt the back of his head, his hand brushing up against the lump that was left from the impact before pulling back as it jolted with pain. "Ow!" He complained, not that anyone was listening.

Though no one else might of been listening he certainly was and what he heard caught his attention. The slight sound of water trickling telltale of a stream nearby could be heard not too far away. As if by instinct that's the direction he proceeded towards.

Eventually it came into view. A calm little flow of water set along this green thicket. He approached the water like a kid at the door of a candy store. He stopped just short of the water's edge, His feet sinking a little into the muddy bank. "That's right, come to pappa." He chimed merrily as he cupped his hands and brought them to the water.

What he pulled from the stream was no longer water. What used to be the clear electrolyte everyone knows and loves was changed in an instant, becoming Walter's favorite drink: Jones brand green apple soda. It had been too long since he last enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. He thought they might not let him enjoy such trivial abuse of his powers until he was done his time which considering what they had locked him up for wasn't going to be soon. Alas, the pool of vibrant green chemical nectar wasn't an endless spring. He drank it all, savoring each moment it lasted. Now that he had done that he turned his mind towards more practical matters, one such matter being finding out just where on earth he was.

A scream rang out from the forest, interrupting his train of thought. He turned to face the direction from which the sound emanated from. He looked to see nothing at first, looking left and right but seeing no one. Out from a particularly obscuring bush ran a girl clutching a bow with a look of panic. He had little time to react as she nearly knocked him over in her haste. He managed to brace himself so he didn't fall back into the water but now he was standing no further than a foot away from this stranger.

"Woah! Watch out, you nearly ran me over. What are you running from anyways?" He questioned the strange girl right by him as he reaffirmed his balance.

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#, as written by Felilla
Aranda clutched her bow tightly as she ran before eventually dropping to the ground and running through a bush. She glanced back to see that the hellish monkey was still behind her, but it was confused by her sudden disappearance. She turned back around, slamming into something... Um, someone... "Woah! Watch out, you nearly ran me over. What are you running from anyways?"
She took a moment to catch her breath, nocking an arrow. She glanced at the boy as she put a finger to her lips. The monkey leaped out of the tree and she aimed faster than was almost humanly possible. The arrow flew through the air, slamming into the monkey's chest. It dropped like a rock in front of the two teenagers. She sighed before pulling the arrow out.
Slowly, Aranda looked over at the boy. He was skinny and short, with plain brown hair and plain brown eyes. There was absolutely nothing special about his appearance. However, Aranda knew more than anyone that looks could be deceiving. She stood up, nocking the same arrow she had used to kill the monkey, her green eyes focused on him. "You have five seconds to tell me who you are."

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#, as written by Zalgo
He watched as the girl who nearly bowled him over like she was a bowling ball and he was a bowling pin raise a finger to her lips indicating a need for silence. As she pulled an arrow the tension in the air grew thick, the suspense was killer.

Twang! Thump.

His heart skipped a beat as she whipped right around and put an arrow through a screaming monkey's chest. He was rather impressed with her aim, even if the demonstration was a little impromptu for his taste. Of course before he could breath an air of relaxation she nocked another arrow, this one aimed straight for him.

"You have five seconds to tell me who you are."

He held his hands up as though at gunpoint, a bead of sweat making it's way down his brow. "The name's Walter, can we put the arrows away now?" He asked in a polite but somewhat concerned tone. He was understandably a little concerned with being at the receiving end of a bow held by someone that he didn't really know or trust.

After a moment he had the time to collect his wits, his blood pressure dropping as the tension did. His hands gradually drooped back down until they were hanging by his sides. "If you do not mind me asking may I know your name?" His request was formal but still rather natural, meshing rather nicely with his generally relaxed demeanor.

He never really lived in what anyone would call a posh or upper crust environment so he never really gives off any kind of informal or artificial feeling even when he pays attention to social etiquette like someone who had grown up in a upper class neighborhood would. He was just being himself, an unusually casual kind of guy for someone who's been thrown into a strange environment like this.

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#, as written by Felilla
Aranda watched in amusement as the boy's hands shot up. "The name's Walter, can we put the arrows away now?"
The brunette girl lowered her bow, but her arrow was still nocked. She watched as Walter slowly lowered his hands, relaxing. A mistake if you asked her. You should never relax in front of someone you didn't know. "If you do not mind me asking may I know your name?"

She noticed that his tone was natural, which surprised her a little because she was by no means used to people being normal around her. Then again, most people would be begging for mercy on their knees. She was amused by this boy, that was for sure. "Aranda," she introduced herself, bobbing her head. "I'm guessing you're also some sort of criminal?"

As she asked the question, she put her arrow away and slung her bow over her shoulder. She knelt down to get a drink from the river. She chugged down the water, her throat worn from screaming. With a satisfied sigh, she walked over to the dead monkey and ripped the arrow out of it's heart. She wiped off it's blood without hesitation, removing a small hunting knife from the folds of her cloak. She focused her green eyes on Walter. "You hungry, Walter?"

It might be good to have allies in this "Forest Asylum".

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#, as written by Zalgo

Now he had a name to put to this new face. Aranda... Not a bad name, though definitely not one I've heard used around back home. He spared little thought over the name before she continued.

"I'm guessing you're also some sort of criminal?"

He shrugged. "Yep." He didn't say much on the matter mostly because there wasn't much to say about it in his opinion. What was more interesting was the fact that the question pretty much confirmed that she too was a criminal.

It was nice when she finally put the arrow away. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned back against a tree nonchalantly, mostly chilling out while she did her thing. It was a bit amusing to him how she settled for the water from the stream, something he'd never accept at base value considering what he could do.

"You hungry, Walter?"

She offered, standing over the dead monkey's body with a hunting knife in her hand. "I'm alright. Thanks for the offer though." He turned down the offer in his trademark casually pleasant manner. He didn't see her prepare a way to cook the meat and whatever meat it was would probably taste kind of bland without any spices. He could theoretically convert water into a sauce for the monkey flesh but at this point he wasn't really hungry enough to stop holding out for a fast food restaurant or something along those lines should there be one around.

"You wouldn't happen to know where we are? All I was given was a name before I was dumped here." He asked, hoping she'd have more of a clue than he had. Not to say that he's a dumb guy, far from it, but he still needs to operate off what he knows and to make what isn't known into what is known sometimes requires asking questions.

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#, as written by Felilla
Aranda smiled in amusement at his obvious disinterest. She had to wonder if he thought that she wasn't going to cook the meat. She was about to withdraw a very specific arrow from her quiver when she heard a rustle. Her head snapped around to face it, and she dearly hope that whatever it was, it wasn't another monkey. "You wouldn't happen to know where we are? All I was given was a name before I was dumped here," Walter asked.
"Nope," Aranda replied just as a girl stepped out of the bushes, unsteadily holding a rapier in front of her.
"Who are you two? I'm assuming you're criminals. I think everyone here is," she talked pretty fast, like she was nervous, and her hands were kind of shaking.
Aranda looked down at the monkey, picking up her hunting knife. She then proceeded to do what everyone does when they hunt. "Yep," she said, answering the girl's question. "We're criminals. Something you really don't seem like you want to be."

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#, as written by Felilla
"At least, not here. Do you know anything about this place except for the name? It looks like you two are allied."
Aranda smirked, "Well we haven't quite discussed that yet. Are you hungry... What was your name again? I'm Aranda."
She raised an eyebrow at the girl, finding it curious that she hadn't introduced herself. The girl lowered the rapier and Aranda stood up, "You're holding it wrong."
With a sigh, she took the girl's hand and placed them in the correct position so that she was holding it steadier. "There," Aranda nodded. "Don't go killing me with that thing."

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#, as written by Zalgo
Upon hearing her reply he was a tad disappointed. He had hoped she'd be able to divulge more information than that but unfortunately they were all in the same boat it seemed. Just as everything seemed comfortable a girl came out of the thicket bearing a sword at them both.

"Who are you two? I'm assuming you're criminals. I think everyone here is."

The girl seemed less confident in her abilities than Aranda did in hers. Between her apparent lack of confidence and the fact it was two versus one he didn't show much concern. For the moment he was more preoccupied with thinking of where he could find some sort of canteen to hold liquids with. Everyone seemed to have a weapon but him but he still had his ability, a weapon in the hands of someone knowledgeable enough to use it correctly. Now that I think about it since they are all criminals like me who on earth captured them and then released them with a weapon? What about me? He wondered about that curious little quandary while he leaned against a tree and put his hands in his pockets. His right hand came into contact with something cold.

What in bloody blazes? He mentally exclaimed in the surprise of his discovery, his eyebrows jumping up a bit before he produced this odd object from his pant pocket. In his hand he had produced a slightly impressive switch blade knife. It's foldable blade was about as long as his hand from the tip of the middle finger down to the base of the palm and it had a custom grip which fit him almost perfectly. Hot dang this is a sweet blade. Someone must of gone out of their way to get me something like this. Who on earth would take a guy like me out of prison and land him in a forest with a knife like this though?

He seemed stirred out of his deep thought after some conversation from the other two had past him by. Clearly whatever they were talking about didn't involve him so he didn't really concern himself with the details they were divulging. What did get his attention was the fact that there was a set of footsteps too many on the bank of this stream. The grass wasn't exactly high right next to the water so the footsteps weren't too hidden for him to spot. Looks like we have another mystery guest. Is this one another criminal or someone with a modicum of knowledge about this place?

"I'd hate to interrupt your conversation but judging from the footprints leading up into the woodland it seemed we're not the only ones here. Perhaps we shouldn't stand in one place too long in case that becomes a problem?"

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{OOC: Sorry I've been gone. I was at camp from the 21st to the 26th. But, I'm back now. Yay.}

"Great, now we're all besties, can we get going? Staying in one place and making lots of noise is probably a bad idea, you know."

Cynthia turned to look at Soul, who had one eyebrow arched. The large silver bear had also ambled up behind him, and was looking down at the group tiredly. Cynthia shrugged. "I guess we should get going. Any maps or anything?" She inquired, looking around at the lengthening shadows of nightfall. The bright eyed creatures had shown up again. They were shining like living lamps, sending beams across the forest floor. Cynthia noticed that all of the beams were leading vaguely in the same direction. Could it be a sign, or was this whole asylum place going to her head? Cynthia shrugged and motioned for the others to follow as she walked in the direction of the lights.

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Cynthia smiled as the bear sniffed Rush, the girl who was apparently close to Soul in some way. She stepped over to the massive silver beast and stroked its soft fur as it began to lick Rush, like a dog.

The bear stood on its haunches suddenly, sniffing the air and growling a bit. It ambled into the brush again and came back just as quickly, an elephant-sized deer being dragged behind. The bear dropped the dead animal and huffed. It pushed it in the group's direction, like the bear had just caught them dinner. Cynthia laughed.

The silver animal pulled the carcass towards Rush. It seemed like there was some sort of peace offering being given. Cynthia wondered if this was normal magical beast behavior. She wondered if they should build a fire, to cook the meat. However, Cynthia had nothing to light a fire with. "Who's hungry?" she asked, smiling to herself. These people could definitely be good friends, given time.