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Kenna Zestelan

Love is fire. But whether it's gonna warm your heart or burn your house down, you can never tell...

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a character in “Forest Asylum”, originally authored by BurningDark, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Kenna Zestelan

Age: 15

Personality: Very confident and energetic. However, she is usually stubborn and has a short temper. She takes her anger out on other people and other things, and is mostly avoided by others. Like fire, she is unpredictable and sometimes moody. Kenna doesn't care if she doesn't fit in, and she'll blaze her own path out instead of following someone else's.


-Hair Color: Fiery Red
-Eye Color: Gold
-Height: 5'7"
-Weight: 135 lbs

-Other: Long gold tattoo of fire down back

Criminal Accusation: Arsonist- Burnt down her foster home and otherwise set fire to the city.

Class: Pyro

Weapon: Bo Staff (Immune to Pyro's Fire)

So begins...

Kenna Zestelan's Story

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-Kenna Zestelan

Kenna felt like she was on fire.

Of course, she had been on fire before, but this was different. This fire burned strongly, but only inside of her. She opened her eyes, taking in the surrounding forest. Great idea, she thought, putting me in a forest. I could burn this down so easily... She ran a mental check of herself. No injuries except for a few bruises. One bag- Kenna instantly reached inside for her familiar blowtorch. Nothing. She grasped wood, and pulled out a long bo staff. The middle was wrapped in black leather, slightly warm to the touch. Anger flared in the girl's mind. First, I'm tossed into a forest. Then, I get a long stick to fight with.

She punched a tree, and her whole hand blazed. A tongue of flame licked her fingers, moving like a living creature. Kenna smiled. Now, her hands were as deadly as any flame thrower. She lit the bo staff ablaze like driftwood, but the wood refused to burn. The stick was quickly blackened, but not a single splinter was burnt. Shrugging, Kenna put out the flames on the staff and tucked it in her bag again.

This kind of situation reminded her of the TV shows where they had a bunch of people in some remote place and they had to survive. If they had wanted to get rid of her, then why did they put her in a place where she would adapt so easily? Stepping silently across the forest floor, she listened for any noises. Nothing except for birdsong. Good enough.

Climbing a tall pine tree, she roasted a small mockingbird just as it opened its wings to flee. Picking up the tiny carcass, she dusted off the ash and burnt feathers clinging to the bird. She then surveyed for any life. Scaling the tree, she landed at the roots quickly. She ate the roasted bird as she walked, finally seeing a glittering creek. A small amount of water had spilled on the sand, and it was stained green. Picking up some of the damp, sticky sand, she sniffed it. It seemed like someone had spilt some kind of soda on the ground, maybe apple? She let the sand sift through her fingers and dropped the bird bones in the creek. Washing off her hands in the frigid water, she drank some of it. She roasted some of the water, sending steam into the air.

Stepping up the banks, she wiped her hands off. She hiked off into the trees, pine needles silent underneath her combat boots. She climbed into a tall tree, sitting in the crook between the trunk and a thick, high branch. She lay down on the branch, falling asleep with the knowledge that she was well concealed.

(Sorry I had to repost this.)

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#, as written by Zalgo
Upon hearing her reply he was a tad disappointed. He had hoped she'd be able to divulge more information than that but unfortunately they were all in the same boat it seemed. Just as everything seemed comfortable a girl came out of the thicket bearing a sword at them both.

"Who are you two? I'm assuming you're criminals. I think everyone here is."

The girl seemed less confident in her abilities than Aranda did in hers. Between her apparent lack of confidence and the fact it was two versus one he didn't show much concern. For the moment he was more preoccupied with thinking of where he could find some sort of canteen to hold liquids with. Everyone seemed to have a weapon but him but he still had his ability, a weapon in the hands of someone knowledgeable enough to use it correctly. Now that I think about it since they are all criminals like me who on earth captured them and then released them with a weapon? What about me? He wondered about that curious little quandary while he leaned against a tree and put his hands in his pockets. His right hand came into contact with something cold.

What in bloody blazes? He mentally exclaimed in the surprise of his discovery, his eyebrows jumping up a bit before he produced this odd object from his pant pocket. In his hand he had produced a slightly impressive switch blade knife. It's foldable blade was about as long as his hand from the tip of the middle finger down to the base of the palm and it had a custom grip which fit him almost perfectly. Hot dang this is a sweet blade. Someone must of gone out of their way to get me something like this. Who on earth would take a guy like me out of prison and land him in a forest with a knife like this though?

He seemed stirred out of his deep thought after some conversation from the other two had past him by. Clearly whatever they were talking about didn't involve him so he didn't really concern himself with the details they were divulging. What did get his attention was the fact that there was a set of footsteps too many on the bank of this stream. The grass wasn't exactly high right next to the water so the footsteps weren't too hidden for him to spot. Looks like we have another mystery guest. Is this one another criminal or someone with a modicum of knowledge about this place?

"I'd hate to interrupt your conversation but judging from the footprints leading up into the woodland it seemed we're not the only ones here. Perhaps we shouldn't stand in one place too long in case that becomes a problem?"