I am a beautiful white she-cat, and I shine iridescent blue in the moonlight. I am 16 moons.

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a character in “Forest Cats”, as played by Shineheart


Name: Shineheart
Age: 16
Clan: CaveClan
Appearance: Beautiful white with iridescent blue eyes, shines blue in the moonlight.
Personality: Defensive of her Clan and family members. Kindness. Humor. Loving. Caring. Gets into a bit of a temper sometimes. Likes it when cats return her favors. Loyalty. Respects the Warrior Code very much. Playfulness at times. Gets what she wants done, whatever it takes. Intelligent. Creative.
Powers: Very good at battle moves, hunting, and stealth.
History: I was pretty playful, and pulled pranks on the senior warriors, like putting bramble thorns in their nests, tickling them with feathers, pouncing on them unexpectedly during training, etc.
Extra: Likes rabbit, birds, and snakes; thinks they're tasty. Secretly goes to RiverClan's territory and catches fish, crabs, etc for CaveClan.

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Shineheart's Story