Forest Of Eternity.

Forest Of Eternity.


In this little forest Sarhia waits. She wants to have a friend or two. She could also be apart of someone else. Help her to finally find rest. Or perhaps be able to harm her and suffer.

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In a vast forest a small girl with raven hair and fair skin hides. She is named Sarahia and she is a wingless angel. She can control light and tries her best to make people feel at home in the forest. Her heart is too big for her chest. She is really shy and will hide on sight. You must prove yourself to her. Other creatures will roam through as well. (I have many characters).

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#, as written by Sarahai
-a small girl with black hair and grayish eyes curled up under a bush and fell asleep. She breathed in softly and let out small noises. She would shiver every now and then but stayed asleep. Her eyes flittered as they were closed and she twitched. Her nightmares re always getting the best of her. She stopped moving and curled into the bush trying to grasp any warmth she could get.

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Thomas was running but still careful as not to break the silence. He jumped over a sand dune and ran into the forest the guards stopped chasing him then. *Sigh of relief.* "That was a close one they almost shot me." Thomas walked now but was still just as silent until he tripped over a girl with black hair he hit his face on the ground and got up as he looked at the girl. "She looks a little cold." Thomas thought sliding his jacket off he put it over the girl like a blanket.

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In a forest of vast lands

In a forest of vast lands by Sarahai

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Character Portrait: Akru Sheno
Akru Sheno

Don't give me that bull.

Character Portrait: Thomas Lenning
Thomas Lenning

"I'm um a little less then noble towards the wealthy."

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Sarahia Mope

Shy and small yet fiery and fearful.


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