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Forever Charmed

San Francisco, California


a part of Forever Charmed, by eiraktten.


eiraktten holds sovereignty over San Francisco, California, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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San Francisco, California is a part of Forever Charmed.

6 Characters Here

Penelope Santiago [24] "Everything happens for a reason, remember you taught me that."
Lillian Santiago [23] "I've baked cookies!"
Priscilla Santiago [21] "Welcome to my wicked world."
Dillion Thomas [16] "I saw what you did there, I am no idiot."
Dominic Wells [11] I don't take no for an answer.
Jordan Barkley [2] "I will figure you out it, whatever it takes."

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The moment Penelope was about to get answers from her sister, Dillion finally awoke. She gave him a soft smile when he spoke and reached over to the glass of water Lillian brought over for him as Priscilla began to explain what happened. The brunette handed the glass over to Dillion before Priscilla began to answer her previous question. "Okay. In my premonition saw the shape shifter standing tall while..." When her sister paused long enough to put a hand over her mouth and began to sob, she immediately sensed that whatever she saw was definitely not good and apparently she was right. "While you were laying on the ground, motionless in front of me, Lillian and even Dillion. That was all I saw."

The moment the she received the answer, she was shocked at what she heard. Her sister foresaw her death. What was there for Penelope to say, to do? This had to be stopped, there had to be a way for them to figure out how to change the premonition. "I was dead?" she stated in more of a question to herself, but said it aloud for the others to hear her. "Were there any other details you were able to pick out, anything that stuck out to you other than the shifter?" the youngest Santiago questioned, trying her best to get things figured out before her death was to arise. There was no way she was ready to die, especially when it came down to leaving her sisters and Dillion hurting once she was gone.

The female sighed and stood to her feet and started to pace. This was something she always seemed to do whenever she was nervous and deeply in thought. When it came down to something such as life or death, that was definitely a reason for her to be nervous. Death had never been one of Penelope's best things to deal with. Sure, she enjoyed learning more about it and researching theories, conspiracies, etc. about the subject but when she was forced into dealing with it in her own life, that was a completely different subject all on its own.