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Toby Greenfield

"I'm skeptical about this stuff.."

0 · 483 views · located in New York

a character in “Forever Loved”, as played by Ahimlilgina



Toby Greenfeild

18 || Straight || New York || #FFBF48


β€œMaybe love is worth a shot...”

Toby is a fan of many things, such as video games, night clubs, fireworks, books, writing and over all of these animals. He has a small black and white kitten at home, he rescued. However, the kitten is still warming up to him, but Toby loves him. He loves those furry little creatures that roam the earth, weather they be big or small. He connects with them on a different level, a level where he feels he will connect with his future wife on. He can't wait for the day he gets to meet her, along with becoming an animal care giver which is his dream job.

One of his hobbies include getting drunk and playing some video games, maybe thrown in some girls here and there for some fun and maybe see if they are the one for him. However he never really took advantage of them, he is still a virgin he feels that once he find the lady for him he can give himself to her. As cheesy as that sounds he sticks by it, just going on small dates with the others, seeing if they would hit it off.

His friends he mostly meets on his Xbox when he's playing online. He has a hobby of writing and reading books, yes some may find this boring but he finds enjoyment in it and keeps a journal until he finds his love.


β€œDon't judge me by this, I can act how I please..”

Toby is very friendly and kind, he know's how to make a friend and keep them interest in their friendship. He knows whats right and wrong to do in most situations and how to keep a job. Toby has very much experience with animals, given he is an animal lover. Most see him as attractive, which he knows he's cute. He can be a bit stubborn at times, but he's pretty understanding. Toby prefers not to fight. You'll mostly see Toby dressed up on very rare occasions will you see him dressed comfortable, this is only if you are a close friend.

Toby likes the night scene, you'll find him at the parties going on around the clubs and such. He's a huge night owl, and can function on small amounts of sleep. He's also one, who cracks corny jokes and pick up lines to cute females when under the influence. He has yet to see the signs of aging and he hopes he can get his life together before finding her. Though he wouldn't mind if she came a little early. Toby does want a family, preferably a daughter and son, the son first of course. He'd teach his son to always stick up for his younger sister and how to treat a girl right. The world already has to many jerks.



β€œYou just want to know all about me, don't you?”

Toby's childhood was like any others. He was often found playing outside with the other kids, riding bikes and just fooling around getting as dirty as they possible could. They were hardly any kids that he didn't befriend except for bullies and just the other kids who he didn't particular like. His mother and father were high in the businesses they worked at, thus making Toby want to follow their lead little on up. However now that he is older he wants to branch out and do something new. He has a job as a manger for now, but his dream job is to be as funny as it might sound an animal caregiver. Toby was one who'd always bring home hurt animals and aid them back to health. There's nothing he wouldn't do to make sure the animals were okay.

With the invention of the serum his parents didn't know what to think, if it was good or bad. They thought if it would benefit him to have a good life they'd do anything so Toby would get it. Sure they were a bit nervous and all but they had their hopes. Toby will have an eventful life, and hoping live for as long as he'd like too. He doesn't have to find a love right away but if that's what he wants to do he can. Focusing on a career isn't a bad idea so he has money to play around with and a nice house, and car.

Toby has the idea to get established with money and the essentials than find his women so he can provide her with everything she may want. When he finds his future wife he wants to be able to provide and care for her and not have to worry about money. He will treat her like the queen she is. Toby is very kind and caring, willing to do anything he can to help people and the ones he loves.

His parents will be proud of him no matter the path he decides to take.

So begins...

Toby Greenfield's Story


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Olivia awoke from her 6 am alarm, like any other morning she tosses to her side begging for just another 5 more minutes. While the alarm is still emitting noise, she smacks her hand down on the snooze button. She lays there for another minute before finally picking herself up. Olivia swung her feet off the bed, as her bare feet hit the cold wooden floor a chill went up her spin. As she stretched her arms a yawn escaped, her eye's still tired. She quickly got dressed and fixed her bed up. She rubs her head and she makes her way to the bathroom. She splashes cold water on her face to wake up a little more. She has work which she didn't intend to be late for. She grabs her toothbrush and the toothpaste, squeezing out a decent plop on the brush. As she brushes her teeth she stares back at her reflection in the mirror. "Better get used to this won't ever change unless you know...I put makeup on or.." She thought to herself. spitting into the sink she fixes her hair and goes to the bathroom before shutting off the light and heading to the kitchen.

Olivia opens the cabinet and grabs the first box of cereal she sees. Another long yawn yet again escapes her mouth as she retrieves a bowl and spoon. Pouring some cereal into the bowl, filling the rest with milk. She plops down at the table and proceeds to eat. Glancing over at the time it was only about 6:25, she was on time which meant she could have the luxury of making a cup of joe before leaving. A smirk came across her face as the thought of coffee being a luxury. As she finished her breakfast, she quickly got her coffee ready. She grabbed her apartment key's and headed out the door, she closed and locked her door apartment number C23 on the third floor. Yeah sometimes the stairs got annoying but she's scared of elevators. She smiled as she trotted down the hallway and down the stair occasionally sipping her drink. She made her way out of the building and headed off to work, which was only about a 10 minute walk. The morning air was cooler today, which she didn't mind cold weather was nice to an extent. She glances around her now and again, watching who passes by her. The streets are active all day everyday given being in New York and all. She doesn't particular mind but some days are a handful.

Upon getting to her work, Olivia heads to the back and sets her stuff down in her usual spot. She throws her apron on, and pulls her hair back into a ponytail before walking out behind the counter where she greets all her regulars and newcomers. She smiles upon seeing a one of her regulars come through the door."Good morning, Want your regular Scott?" He gives her a faint smile and nobs as he thanked her. She smiled and shouted to the chef his order.

The sound of Toby's alarm rang throughout his apartment. His eyes slowly opened as he yawned, sitting up to start yet another none eventful day, although he did hear of a party going on across town which he may attend. He hits the dismiss button on his phone and glances up at the time. It being 7 am he gets up and fixes his bed before shuffling to the closet for his work clothes. As he slips on his shoes a long yawn escapes his mouth, he should have went to bed earlier. Toby didn't mind the loss of sleep, he's be fine. He made his way to the bathroom where he fixed himself up and brushed his teeth along with emptying his bladder. A smirk appeared as he looked in the mirror, he didn't mind being young for a while. He shuffled out the bathroom door, no need to fix his hair which was a wild mess but in a sexy way.

He reached the kitchen and pulled out a coffee mug, filling it to almost the brim. Toby liked his coffee black, there was a bitterness to it he found intriguing. A smile formed over his lips after he drank about half the mug already. Toby sat down in a chair and leaned back, he smiled as he felt something on his leg. His pet kitten who's name was Binx has climbed onto him. "Awh, hey are you finally use to me?"Toby asks in a high pitched voice, as he went to pet her head. His hand was ambushed with claws and bites. "I guess not..heh' He said with a smile. As he finished his coffee he placed his mug in the sink, Toby picked up Binx and grabbed some of her favorite cat food. He poured some in the bowl and set her down next to it. Almost immediately she started munching down on the food. Toby smiled and rose from one knee. He grabbed his apartment keys and opened the door. "See you later Binx! He called out before closing the door behind him, locking it.

He got out of his apartment building and headed for his work. He didn't mind walking, sure it was a hassle with all the people but he's use to it. Growing up here you learn to be assertive and aren't afraid to push through people. He had about a 15 minute walk, as he made his way down the sidewalk he noticed the air was colder, he could see his breathe. He shrugged it off and continued down to his place of employment. Upon getting there, he opened the door and went inside. It was noticeable warmer in there which brought a smile to his face. Toby nodded to the women at the front desk "Good morning" He said to her before proceeding up to his office, where some paperwork was awaiting him. He opened the door to his office, upon seeing the paper work a sigh escaped his mouth as he shut the door, he hated paperwork it was so boring. He placed his coat on the hook next to his desk and sat down in his oddly comfy chair. Toby picked up his pen before yet again sighing as he began the work in front of him.