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River McMillan

"Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only sane one around here."

0 · 1,231 views · located in Tennessee

a character in “ForeverMates”, originally authored by Elysium, as played by RolePlayGateway



River Donovan McMillan
Seventeen | Black, Brown & White | The Quiet One | Ash Stymest

Age: Seventeen; "And a half, damnit!"

Nickname: River; "Don't even try calling me anything else."

Position: Beta

Pack: Left

  • Classic rock (Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, etc.)
  • Cold weather
  • Hitchcock films
  • Getting tattoos
  • High places

  • The smell of cigarette smoke
  • Reality TV shows
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Vegetarians
  • Loud people


River stands at a height of five feet and eleven inches (5'11"), taller than most of his pack mates, but not especially muscular. He actually a bit underweight, only weighing a mere one-hundred and forty pounds, gangly, and with long, thin limbs and slender fingers. His hair is a rich dark brown in colour - natural, of course - beautifully contrasting against his pale, alabaster skin and clear blue eyes. River also has numerous tattoos covering his body; notably an inverted cross below the corner of his left eye, and the word MISCHIEF split between his knuckles.

Wolf Form:
River's wolf form greatly differs from his human form. It's slightly larger than your average Gray wolf, slender, and heavily muscled, with a shoulder height of nearly three feet and weighing ninety to ninety-five pounds. Unlike his human form, his pelt varies in colour, with a white undercoat, and a peppering of various shades of black and brown guard hairs. The only thing his wolf form takes from his human form are its piercing, clear blue eyes.

River's hardly what anyone would call a "people person". He keeps to himself most of the time, preferring to watch over his pack from the sidelines, and making sure his alpha doesn't do anything too brash. He's basically the complete opposite of his alpha. He's quiet, never reckless nor impulsive, and reacts to most things in a rather annoying passive-aggressive manner. He tries to keep his temper down. In fact, he prides himself for maintaining an even temper. But, once he starts losing it, expect more than just a scratch or two. He may seem all quiet and unassuming, but he may prove to be quite deadly once angered. In addition to being a closet worrywart, he's also a bit of a pessimist, choosing to analyze the downsides first before doing anything big rather than disappointing himself later. He's not too big on trust, either. Sure, he trusts his alpha with all his life, as with most of his pack, but the other packs? Not so much. He isn't openly hostile towards them, but that doesn't mean he likes them, either. However, while not as open as his alpha, River's actually quite friendly, especially to the younger members, and constantly worries about the well-being of his pack.


Theme Song:
Two Against One - Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi ft. Jack White

So begins...

River McMillan's Story