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Daevon de Guiffort

"A great amount of wealth without a position of power is next useless, as is the reverse. In order to be truly powerful, one needs both. In abundance."

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a character in “Forged of Blood and Steel.”, as played by Binsetsu




“He is a self-made man and he worships his creator.” – John Bright

Role: Lord Regent of the Valley of Knives.

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Nicknames: Daevon has no flattering nicknames, only nicknames most would not speak out loud while Daevon is within earshot. Lord de Gold Fort is one of his more popular nicknames amongst the commoners and nobles alike.

Height: 5ft 7in.

Weight: 217 lbs.

Build: He has the build of a man who clearly enjoys the finer things in life and quite dislikes the tiring things.

Hair Colour: Black, although his completely shaven head makes it hard to tell.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Scars?: None, Daevon’s skin remains pristine, something he takes quite a bit of pride in.

Brief written description: Short and clearly on the rounder side of things, Daevon typifies quite a few things that most consider to be wrong with the nobility. He enjoys the finer things in life, especially food, and disdains exercise, preferring to avoid it whenever possible. This is portrayed in his physique as he is on the hefty side. Supposedly, he also shaves his head, though there are some rumours he is actually bald. Similarly he shaves his beard religiously and he is never seen with a unkempt stubble. All in all, he enjoys keeping himself neat and tidy, never letting others catch him at a time he is not looking his finest. For the most part his looks have not made him the kind of lord most young maidens would spent sleepless nights fantasising about.

Clothing preference:Although a unimportant lord of an even less important spit of land, Daevon wears the finest of clothing, each piece custom made especially for him. His clothing is made of the finest materials, all made by greatest of couturiers in the world. To say Daevon has expensive tastes when it comes to clothing would be an understatement. Daevon only wears the finest, made by the greatest. Daevon’s wardrobe is sometimes jokingly referred to as being worth more than Daevon himself.

Skills and Assets: + Intelligent and educated. Daevon has enjoyed the privilege of a good education and has the mental faculties to make the most of it.
+ Rich. Despite being only a minor lord at best, Daevon is rich. Very, very rich. In fact, he may just be one of the richest men, if not the richest man in Saebel.
+ ‘Friends’ in high places. Many a lord, knight and merchant has a significant debt to Daevon. Daevon uses these debts strategically, using his power over these other important figures to manipulate the court and kingdom of Saebel to his will.
+ ‘Friends’ in low places. Whether they be smugglers, mercenaries or assassins Daevon has many a shady ‘friend’. There are even many rumours Daevon himself is a smuggler and has earned most of his wealth through shady dealings and even more fantastical ones that he is the master of an assassin’s guild. Of course, no one has ever proven this.
+ Economic Wizard. They say that the economy bends to the will of Daevon de Guiffort. Whether or not he is an actual wizard remains to be seen, but the simple fact that gold seems to appear when he claps his hands might prove some credence to the rumour. What is certain is that Daevon knows the ins and out of the economy and knows exactly what strings to pull to make it work in his favour.
+ Businesses. Daevon is the owner of several well-respected businesses throughout Saebel and the owner of several other “Businesses” as well. His collection of both legal and illegal enterprises have given him a significant amount of wealth and influence throughout Saebel.

Quirks: + Daevon is well known for keeping a small fan on him at all times and to use it whenever he gets hot. Which is all the time, even in the colder regions of the north.
+ Daevon often uses a handkerchief, but never the same one twice. As a result, he has a very large collection of handkerchiefs.

Likes: + Politics.
+ Falconry.
+ Economics.
+ Business.
+ Debts.
+ Trade.
+ Intrigue.
+ Gold.
+ Merchants.
+ Banks.

Dislikes: + Horses.
+ Knights.
+ Warriors.
+ The poor.
+ Religion.
+ Other lords.
+ Noble ladies of the court.

Fears: + Losing his gold and influence.

Written description: On the surface, Daevon is almost the perfect lord. He is always polite and never fails to take an opportunity for a little civil discourse. His sense of dress is impeccable and his clothes never have a smidgen on them. He even enjoys some of the more stereotypical ‘masculine’ endeavours such as falconry. But what lies underneath the surface is what one might call the ‘true’ Daevon and the reason why Daevon is the current cause for quite a bit of the rumours concerning corruption in the king’s court.

Although rumours have tarnished his reputation somewhat, Daevon never fails to live up to the ideal of a noble lord. Polite and humble, wealthy and good to his people, educated and intelligent. This is the public persona of Daevon. But his true self is quite different. His politeness is merely a cover for a more aggressive and power hungry side. His wealth is amassed through ruthless and often time shady business deals. He is good to his people, but is also known to be unforgiving to those who get in his way. And he uses his good education almost entirely for the purposes of manipulating others or manipulating the numbers of his many ledgers.

Rich beyond belief, despite being a minor lord from an out-of-the-way and utterly uninteresting spit of land, Daevon has come quite a ways from his original station. His wife’s father had not been rich and all of the money that came into the fallen lordly family came from the daughter’s marriage to Daevon. Rumours have it that when the father died, Daevon took over as lord and began using his connections to smuggle all sorts of things in and out of Saebel. Whether any of the rumours are true or not, the fact that Daevon deals in many a shady affair is a simple fact, even if copious bribes and rumours of webs of corruption with Daevon in the centre have kept such affairs under lids.

Politically, Daevon finds himself in a precarious position. Although he is technically the lord regent of a spit of land known as the Valley of Knives, his position has been threatened ever since his wife passed away. His position as lord was only in effect due to his marriage to his now deceased wife. Daevon was originally a third son of a branch house of a branch house of a noble family, making his own noble status nebulous at best. Because of this, there are many who feel the regency of his holdings should fall to the closest living relative of his late wife. Fortunately for Daevon, such a relative has been hard to find, although those of questionable blood relations to the former ruling family have been many. Currently, he holds his position by cleverly leveraging the power he has over lords indebted to him to ensure they vote for keeping him as lord of the Valley.

Similarly to his position as an actual lord, his position on the war is equally nebulous. Although he has considerable power within the court, none of it is official, as his influence stems from the lords indebted to him that he can manipulate. Strategically, his lands hold barely any value, being out of the way and only possessing a few small towns and a small port city. But his immense wealth have made him a valuable asset for either side. Although Daevon has always been a firm supporter of Lancaster rule, it is no secret that often times he has helped the people and lords of the south financially. For many, Daevon’s position on the war and who he will support remains a mystery.

Relationship Status: Widower.

Family: None, though there are rumours that two boys in his service are actually his bastard sons.

Secret Word: This is war.

So begins...

Daevon de Guiffort's Story


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”Oh, dreadful travelling, must you torment me so? Must you dig thy thick claws into my lower back and never let go? Surely, I have done nothing to offend, for I am but a humble lord, never have I reached to far, or done anything to inspire such ire within thee.” Daevon muttered to himself in a voice soft and smooth as velvet. His carriage swayed gently, occasionally rocking whenever the wheels hit a rock. Outside, he could hear the soft clip-clop of horse hoofs striking the ground in quick repetition. There was no peace conference in the world that was worth this. Daevon did not dislike travelling, but Beaumont castle was far from his own, which meant he had to travel far. He had never been one to travel far, but this was not the sort of event he could simple sent a representative to. No, he would have to suffer through the rigours of travel by carriage and hope after arriving at Beaumont castle he would have a chance to rest. At least the banquet there should be fantastic. He tried and tried, but he never managed to lure away some of the royal family’s chefs. Pity, really. His own had grown so dreadfully boring.

The carriage carrying Daevon slowly moved across the country side, escort and servants in tow. They had been on the road for what seemed like an eternity, slowly moving closer and closer to their destination. Daevon was unsure whether he was required to be at the peace meeting, or even wanted. But this was a matter that concerned the continued existence of the realm and he was a lord of the realm. It was only natural for him to be present. The other lords may dislike or even despise him, but they would not, could not ignore him. And this meeting offered opportunities. The chance to observe both sides premier amongst them. If continued peace was to be the outcome, then so be it, he made the trip for naught. But if war was the outcome, well, then things would get very interesting very fast. If war were the outcome, he would need to choose a side and such a decision could not be made on the reports of spies. He need to see for himself what these Lancasters and Rayleighs were made off. Both sides already had supporters, but there were still many lords on the fence, lords like Daevon himself.

Daevon could hear the carriage’s driver grumble and yell a few moments for the carriage slowed down and then came to an halt. They had arrived then. Hushed whispers and the sounds of scuffling people came from outside the carriage. A soft thud indicated that the stepladder had been placed next to the carriage and it was time to leave its confines. With a sigh Daevon got out of his seat, opened the carriage’s door and slowly descended the stepladder. With eyes squinted to keep out the sun’s blinding light he looked around. Beaumont castle was not as he had imagined it, but then, so very few things in the world were. With a second sigh he moved towards the gate holding one hand over his head to keep the light from his eyes. One of his household guards announced him to the gate’s guards. A moment of silence passed. Then another, followed by yet another. With a soft voice Daevon addressed on of the guards. ”Alas, it seems my face and name remain as obscure and unknown as ever. Surely, you fine gentleman have received word of my coming? Rushing you would be most uncourteous of me, but it has been a long journey and I wish to rest before the conference.” Daevon added a gentle smile as he spoke, hoping the guard had indeed been informed of his coming.

Another moment of silence came along and went before the gates were finally opened and Daevon was ushered in. Dreadful, truly dreadful, the uncourteous behaviour of this castle’s inhabitants. Well, he supposed this time he would let them off the hook. Surely they were all tense and tired due to the upcoming peace summit. Daevon could understand and it eased his outrage, if only slightly. Softly shuffling through the hallways, following a servant to his room, Daevon took the time to observe the interior. He had not seen such gaudy tapestries in a long time. He never did understood the need to decorate one’s hall with imagery of greatness that belonged entirely to someone else. Surely, one should celebrate one’s own greatness or not celebrate any at all. Taking such pride in the achievement of others was most unbecoming indeed. But, perhaps to those who had achieved nothing things were different? And perhaps whoever put these up simply wanted to impress the royal family. Equally foolish an action of course, but at least understandable. Daevon was so lost in thought he did not notice the servant stopping and nearly bumped into him. They had arrived at his room then.

With a gentle smile Daevon addressed the servant. ”Thank you, child. I shall require no further aid so you may leave. I am sure you have many other matters to attend to.” The servant muttered in a fashion Daevon had not heard before. Dialects and a poor understanding of grammar was a most confusing combination indeed. Why the serfs and common folk did not simply learn how to speak in a proper fashion baffled Daevon. Surely the ability to communicate with their betters in an efficient and proper manner would be a boon for all of them? Alas, it seemed that Daevon was doomed to be the only one with the sense to understand such things. The common folk were slow of thought after all. Well, no reason to disparage them for such things, if all of them were blessed with sense then Daevon would never be where he was today. Daevon stretched his back for a few moments before entering his temporary lodgings. Equally gaudy of course, but at least the bed was comfortable and candles had been prepared should Daevon feel the desire to read late at night. With a soft sigh Daevon sat down on the bed and pulled a fan from one of his pockets and began fanning himself down. He had arrived and now he would have to wait. When the other lords arrived, he would finally get the chance to study them up close.