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Kiler Thurlow

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

0 · 323 views · located in Geraldine Manor

a character in “Forgive & Forget”, as played by Thadine



Name: Kiler Thurlow

Nickname: Well, some people have accidentally read his name wrong, and said "Killer" instead of Kiler. You could call that a cruel nickname. Other than that, some people call him by his last name.

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Role: Boy 5

Who you need to forgive and why: Emery, because he saw her with one of her wealthier friends, one that obviously liked her a lot. He saw that it wasn't just a regular meeting between the two. It was obviously set up to make him jealous. So he dumped her, and knows that he's never going to forgive her, or be fooled by her again.

Appearance: Kale has a dark, dirty-blond shade of hair, with natural streaks of brown in it, a deep shade of it, almost like mud. Not the most pleasant color. It's cut in short layers with bits that fall in front of his eyes. It reaches to the end of his neck in the back, falling around his face in the front in wisps. His eyes are pale, like the sky on a winter day. There is a tint of blue, but with a gray overtone. He has lightly tanned skin due to the time outside that he spends, though there are some patches of burns on his back and upper arms, never shown or seen by anyone unless he wears a t-shirt. There, you can see some of his minor, burned patches of skin past the sleeves. (More in his history) He has soft features, that give him a calm expression most of the time, though inside his head he really is a lot more panicked.

He is pushing just above average for height, with a lean build toned only by the small amounts of work that he does, and the bits of sports done at school. His usual clothing is casual, t-shirts, long-sleeved, and occasionally hoodies. The colors are often either pale pastel colors, or dark, never anything too bright or eye-catching. He wears nothing else but jeans, and only sneakers or runners for his feet.


Childish: At his age, he acts years younger than he should act. He has a habit of being overly-sarcastic. He has the creativity of an 8 year old, dreaming up different worlds and places other than this one, just because imagination is the only weapon in a war against his view of reality. He is often very head-strong, and voices his opinion on everything. He has the attention span of a sparrow, and hardly retains any information unless he is interested in it.

Paranoid: His life at home really affected him. Rather than making him stronger, it only made him more vulnerable to anything and anyone that came his way. He avoids personal relationships with most people around him, afraid that they will either grow to like him a lot, and want to know more about him, or they may grow to hate him, and continue to bother him for the rest of his school-life. He is open to the usual, small-talk, conversation sort of friends, but never took any risks, and is afraid of taking risks. He is very over-cautious, and never crosses the line. Though he has a strong opinion and stubborn attitude, he knows when to shut up.

Clever...kind of: Kiler lacks book-smarts. His mind basically figures out it's own way of doing something, and sticks with it. If he doesn't know the answer for sure, he is smart enough to look in a book, or ask someone about it. He is very good at speaking, and has a certain way with words that makes people like him, if he tries, yet lacks the skill to put words on paper. He draws things out instead. He can't really write that well. Some people may think he is stupid, but really, he has his own way of working things out, and getting what he wants.

Kind: Though he avoids people in general, once someone can get close to him, he really is caring. Overall, he is kind at heart. He will help people up when fallen, comfort others if they are hurting, generally he just isn't rude to people unless they deserve it. Kiler really doesn't enjoy hurting others, physically or emotionally. He has a way with words, saying certain things that can encourage people, inspire them, or even heal them. He is often sarcastic, and due to how quiet he is, may be seen as dark and cold, but really isn't.

History: The home he grew up in was nothing to classy, but nothing shabby either. It was a regular middle class home, wide halls, hardwood floors, and a vast amount of family photos. He was an only child, so got a large amount of attention from his mother and father. He spent most of his time outside, as they lived out on the countryside, so was very outgoing and loved to explore. He didn't know it as a child, but his father had started becoming addicted to drinking. Slowly, his habit grew, and they were running low on money since he was often calling into work as, "sick".

One night, while there was a fire burning in their fireplace, a fight broke out between mother and father about his habits. A bottle of alcohol smashed on the ground near the fireplace. The rug near them was a lit in a wave, and a wall of fire soon began to take over the entire home. All of them tried to escape, Kiler getting out with just minor burns on his back and arms, yet his mother had died. Him and his father were forced to find another place to live and it was...nothing pretty.

Kiler is now often the one that goes out and does repairs on the small home, since it seems to be falling apart at their fingertips. Not only is his living space a disgrace, but his life at his home as well. His father lays around, drinking, neglecting his son. Kiler closed up. At school, he never talked to anyone about his personal life. He hardly tried anymore, lacking book smarts that was required. Though actively participating in some sports offered, and making a few friends at school, he never took any risks. He was known as just a quiet person. It was his own decision, not too long ago, when he thought that maybe he should try a bit more to get to know people. He began dating Emery, though soon found out that he was not able to get close enough to her, or even trust her enough to tell her everything. He thought he was doing a decent job of fabricating his own, fake life, until one of her friends spoiled everything.

It was nothing but instinct, a bad decision to rid of her from his life. He does still miss her, yet won't admit it to himself, seeing that she had almost fooled him. He doesn't want it to happen again. After their break-up, he could no longer even come within eye-contact of her. Kiler felt so close to having someone that he could trust, yet there was that lasting, paranoid thought that made him decide that she couldn't be trusted at all.

Other: Lamb.
Kiler has a fear of many different things, though his main phobias are...
-Closed off, small spaces
-Pure Darkness
-Being restrained

So begins...

Kiler Thurlow's Story