Lucinda "Lux" Kemry

"What happens when I... Oops..."

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a character in “Forgotten: Becoming a Team”, as played by City


5'4, regular body shape; Her eyes are a deep blue, her cheeks always tinted a soft pink.
Her hair falls just below her mid back and her skin tone is more on the paler side.

Name:: Lucinda Kemry
Nickname:: She prefers to be called either Lux or Luce.
Age:: 17
Gender:: Female
Role:: Girl 2


Weapon(s):: She does not carry a weapon as she has her animal-shifting abilities.

Extra Skill(s):: Relative to her main ability, Lux is a great runner. Not inhumanely fast, but when she is in an animal form, she also takes their speed. Along with her running, she also enjoys cooking which came with her love for food.

Talents/Powers:: Enhanced Vision ie. Ability to see into the night and slightly farther than the average human. Relates to her ability to shift into an animal.

-Looks for the good in others
-Always in a good mood
-Loves taking risks

-Tends to bottle things up
-Can be impulsive.

Personality:: Daring, clumsy, and playful; three words that simply describe Lux.
Her passion for excitement and adrenaline began to develop at a young age. She is almost always full of energy, consistently teasing and playing pranks on the others. If she hasn't laughed once within ten minutes,
I'd be slightly worried, as she would laugh at almost anything. Lux also surprisingly tends to be
more shy around those she doesn't know very well, but once you do get to know her, she'll always be by your side (that is, until you piss her off).
Another thing is that she is very tactile, which tends to be something that annoys many people, but that will never stop her.

-Lux loves to eat
-She enjoys cooking
-Nighttime walks
-Playing pranks on others
-Storms, animals

-Waking up early
-Getting cold hands and feet
-Cold tea

History:: Writing right this second.. Just wanted to see what my CS looked like...

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