Jia Li MingXia

Just a typical girl running her parents beauty shop out of Stroybrooke......nothing more, right?

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Name: Jia Li MingXia (Pronounced; Sh-Jolly Meeng-Sha)

Age: 21


Height: 5'8
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: A light Hazelish-Brown.
Hair: Auburnish-Brown, that reaches to the end of her back when straight-out.
Body-Art: A bellybutton piercing, 5 lobe piercings and 2 cartilage piercings in both ears, tongue piercing, and a large colorful Chinese dragon tattoo on her back.

Bio: Jia Li believes she's the daughter of hardworking parents who immigrated to the small town of Storybrooke from Hong Kong back in the late 70's. They own a local hair and nail salon in town and as of two years ago Jia Li has taken the role of Manager, and can be found in the salon far more than her parents.

In reality though Mulan is a skilled fighter for her lands/countrys military-force, and was believed to be a man all through her training clever disguise.....but was found to be a woman by her units leader when she was treated for an injury. The two fell in love and he held onto her secret for her. However he and a small group of men never came back from a mission one day, and ever since Mulan had been searching for him through the kingdom....and then the curse took hold. (Wouldn't mind someone playing his character if they wanted to! ^^)

**And the reason she joined the military was so that her elderly father - the only man in the family house at the time - wouldn't be forced into the military. She instead took his place as the man of the house without him knowing, and was sent off to war. Once her family discovered what she did they sent a dragon named Mushu to protect and guide her.**


Jia Li = She had a natural gift for a bizarre mix Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga as a child, and therefore began to join small state-wide competitions in each martial art until her mid-teens. (of course she can't really leave Storybrooke, these are just part of her implanted memories!)

Mulan = Is a skilled fighter for her lands army, and was beleived to be a man all through her training thanks to a clever disguise, and was only found out by the leader of her unit when she was injured.

So begins...

Jia Li MingXia's Story

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The morning hours were always slow at the salon, so for the last few hours Jia Li had been alone.
She usually would just take the time alone to clean, watch tv, or read, however none of those three things were suiting her mood at the moment, so she instead grabbed her black messenger bag and removed her waist-apron - revealing her red sweater dress which matched her red red elastic-trim booties.........it was off to Grannys for her usual cup of french vanilla cocoa, OJ, & cinnamon french-toast.

The walk was only a few minutes away, an once inside Jia Li would quickly throw her bag up onto the counter and hop up on a bar stool.
"Hey Ruby!" she'd yell out at the top of her lungs, hoping to scare her friend a bit - who had her back facing where Jia Li sat down.
Out of all the people in town, Ruby was the only one she could really consider a close friend, rather than just another friendly acquaintance, so Grannys was always on the top of her list as a second-home.
"Aww, did i scare ya! I's sowwie!" she'd say in a playful baby tone, before crossing her legs. There was no need to order anything, Ruby and Granny always knew what she got.....

I hope it's okay i made Ruby Jia Li's friend! >.< If not, let me know i can fix it.......

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Ruby was busy getting someones order when she heard "Hey Ruby!" which made her jump and spill a bit of coffee on her apron. Grumbling to herself she turned to see her good friend Jai Li. Eyeing her friend for a few minutes she went and cleaned herself up before going over to put int the cinnamon french toast order in. Grabbing a mug she made the frnch vanilla cocoa and brought it over to her friend.

"How many times do I have to tell you to not do that Jia...jeesh one of these times im going to get you" she chuckled putting the mug in front of Jia then turning around to pour a cup of oj, then putting that in front of Jia also. Leaning her elbows on the counter with her chin in her hands "So how is your morning going?"

((perfectly fine with me!))

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Ava happily skipped down the street and towards Granny's dinner in the mood for a pie, her satchel swinging at her side like a swing and her two braids jumping up and down like frogs. She pulled open the door and skipped in and sat at the counter. "Hello Ruby, Jia." She tapped her hands on her knees, "I think I'm in the mood for a pie." She said smiling at Ruby and tugging at one of her braids slightly." Have you seen Nicholas, by the way?" She said tilting her head to the side. "Can't seem to find him."She muttered.