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Regina Mills/The Evil Queen

"Since when do I care about anyone's happiness but mine?"

0 · 280 views · located in Storybrooke, Maine,Earth/The Enchanted Forest

a character in “Forgotten Fairytales Reboot”, as played by FalloutRomanae


Regina is an imposing woman with dark brown eyes and hair, fair skin, and a chic fashion sense.


Regina is a cold-hearted, manipulative and fiery woman. She has, as Mary Margaret says, an "aura of fear" on the people of Storybrooke. She sees Emma as a threat to her happiness as well as to the Dark Curse and tries everything she can to eliminate that threat.


Believe it or not, The Evil Queen wasn’t always evil. She was raised as Regina, the daughter of a noble house by her father Henry and her mother Cora, who had gained magical powers and wasn’t afraid to use them to control her carefree daughter. Regina loved horseback riding and had found true love with the family’s stable boy, Daniel—a relationship her mother would never approve of. Then, one day, Regina saved a young girl on a runaway horse. The girl was Snow White, and she was so taken with Regina that she told her father, King Leopold, all about her. The King insisted on meeting the young woman who saved his beloved daughter and knew instantly that he wanted to marry her. Regina and Daniel planned to run away together, but Snow White overheard. Regina made her promise not to say anything, but Cora manipulated young Snow into revealing her daughter’s secret. Cora responded by murdering Daniel before Regina’s eyes and insisting she marry the King. With her true love dead, Regina had no choice, and her hatred for Snow White began. Queen Regina seemed to be miserable. The beloved King Leopold and his precious daughter, Princess Snow White, were the apple of each other’s eye, but Regina was trapped in an unhappy marriage. The Genie, whom the King had discovered and granted his freedom, noticed Regina’s plight and fell in love with her. Queen Regina had an extremely venomous snake brought to her and told The Genie she planned to have the snake bite her since death was preferable to her life as Queen. He refused to let her go through with it and instead used the snake to murder King Leopold. The Genie assumed that meant the two of them could be together, but the whole thing had been part of Regina’s plan. The snake was from the same land as The Genie, meaning the guards would capture him and Regina would be innocent and free to rule as Queen. He used a wish to become her Magic Mirror and she pretended to be heartbroken at the King’s death. She had eliminated one enemy, but there was still one left... At King Leopold’s funeral, Queen Regina comforted her stepdaughter, Snow White, but the whole time she schemed to arrange her death. She hired The Huntsman to carve out her heart, but when he couldn’t bring himself to do it, she took his instead, making him her unwilling servant. From then on she constantly worked to capture and kill the outlaw princess. In the meantime, she tricked two children, Hansel and Gretel, into stealing a magic apple from The Blind Witch—then killed her. She also tricked Belle into revealing her love for Rumplestiltskin, which she knew would cause a rift between them. Then she captured Belle and told Rumple that she had been killed. In short, she became the scourge of Fairy Tale Land, the malevolent sorceress everyone came to know as The Evil Queen. Even amongst all of the trouble she caused for the people of Fairy Tale Land, The Evil Queen was committed to a single goal: destroy Snow White’s happiness. When King George finally captured his renegade “son,” Prince Charming, she bought the Prince from the wrathful King to use as leverage against her enemy. She arranged a meeting with Snow White at Daniel’s grave site, and told her that she must choose between taking a bite of the poisoned apple, or Charming’s death. Snow White had no choice but to choose the apple, and she immediately fell into an endless and horrible sleep from which she would never awaken. The Queen, at last, had her revenge. But curses, it seems, are made to be broken. When Prince Charming gave Snow White True Love’s Kiss, the princess awoke. The two were soon married, and The Evil Queen was furious. She stormed their wedding, declaring that she would enact a curse so evil, it would rob everyone in the land of their happiness. She set about acquiring The Dark Curse, battling one of her only friends, Maleficent, for it. The Curse demanded a sacrifice, so she cut out the heart of her prized steed, yet it wasn’t enough. The Queen sought out guidance from Rumplestiltskin, the man who had created The Curse in the first place. In exchange for a life of comfort in the new land—and the ability to get whatever he wanted should he say “please”—he told her she had to sacrifice “the thing she loved most.” That night, she tore the heart out of her beloved father’s heart and used it to cast The Dark Curse, blanketing the land in a dark mist and changing the fates of everyone in Fairy Tale Land forever.

So begins...

Regina Mills/The Evil Queen's Story

Regina smiled as she waved to Henry through the window of the bus. She was kind of sad that he was leaving, but he would be back in a month or so. And Dr. Hopper had said that some time away from home would improve his mental health. Despite what many - including Henry himself - thought, Regina really did love Henry, in a selfish kind of way. His very name was comforting to her, as it was the name of her late father, whom she had dearly loved... whom she had killed. Henry ignored her, staring at the back of the seat in front of him. He was going to a camp out in the country with some other children, where he would be nicely out of the picture, no longer getting in the way of Regina's plans to get rid of Emma. Now she could enact all of her plans, and Emma would have nothing to hide behind. She turned on her heel and walked away towards Mr. Gold's pawn shop, smiling in anticipation.

Abd al Aziz, or "Fadi" as his many friends called him, sat in his office, reading The Daily Mirror. Apparently there was a new woman in town. A strange woman. In fact, the very fact that she was here was strange. Fadi knew that no one came to Storybrooke, and no one ever left. He knew about the curse, and he knew who he was. He knew who most people were, but that was beside the point. The point was that he didn't know who this new woman was, and that bothered him. He liked to have all of his ducks in a row. And this duck was very much out of line. Just thinking about it made him annoyed. So with that, he folded up the newspaper, patted his pockets to make sure he had everything he needed, and then walked out the door.

"Yes, thank-you Leroy, see you next Monday." Doctor Hopper sighed as he closed the door. He didn't want to show favoritism to any of his patients, but his mandatory sessions with Leroy were not his favorite. Whenever Leroy was pulled in for a drunk and disorderly, he had to have several sessions with Doctor Hopper as rehabilitation. And since Leroy didn't want to be there, it only made Doctor Hopper's life more difficult. He walked over to his chair and at down. He would miss his sessions with Henry, even if it was only for a month or so. Henry was a good kid, despite his weird delusions. And being Jiminy Cricket inside some little kid's head wasn't so bad. At least then he valued whatever Dr. Hopper said. But Mayor Mills was growing more and more adamant that this delusion must disappear. Henry wouldn't stop accusing her of evil plots and calling her the "Evil Queen." Poor kid. It only made sense that he would retreat back into his fairytale land and turn on his mother when she loved him with such a selfish love. No matter how many times Dr. Hopper told her that she needed to back off a little, she still stifled Henry. And the more Dr. Hopper advised her, the angrier she became. The pressure she was putting on him was becoming unbearable. To tell the truth, he was glad that Henry could get away from her for just a moment in time. She had gotten worse ever since that woman had come to town... what was her name? Ella? Emma? That was it, Emma. He wondered what there was between those two. Oh, well. It was none of his business - for now.

"Just thinking about me, hm?" Regina said. "Of course you were. Well, I was just thinking of someone, too. I'm sure you've heard of one Abd al Aziz? Well, I was talking to Granny the other day, and she made reference to a certain payment she had to make to him. Same thing with Aamir, and Tom Clark. And here I was thinking that you owned this town." she smirked at him and cocked her head in that annoying way that seemed to assert so much authority. "And as I was marveling at that little surprise, I realized - I don't know who Fadi is... or was. And since you're so savvy at figuring things out, I thought I'd make a deal with you." She leaned over the counter. "I want you to find out who that man was, and I want you to stop him from running this town."

Fadi walked down the street towards the apartments. He formulated what he was going to say in his mind. He had to make a positive impression on this woman, or the whole thing was useless. He rehearsed his smile and friendly demeanor until he came to the door of Mary Margaret's apartment. Then he knocked and stepped back. He knew that Emma was staying here, and he just hoped she was home.

Regina frowned. She had expected Gold to want to make a deal - it was his nature. It disturbed her that he would just want to help her without any sort of payment. Was he trying to trick her? She narrowed her eyes at him, then smiled. "Alright, Gold, I'll accept your help. We'll work together, you and I. And that man will not run this town." With that, she turned and walked out the door, the little bell over the exit ringing as she left.

A woman - the woman, Fadi recognized her from the papers - opened the door just barely. 'Yeah?' she asked in a tone that could not be described as exactly friendly. Fadi smiled. "Hello. I'm Abd al Aziz, but you can call me Fadi. I heard you were new in town, and so I brought you these." he handed her the box of chocolates that he had bought. "As a welcome gift from me to you." Fadi waited for her response, expecting it to be a good one. After all, who didn't like chocolate?