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Forgotten Fairytales Reboot

Storybrooke, Maine,Earth/The Enchanted Forest


a part of Forgotten Fairytales Reboot, by FalloutRomanae.


FalloutRomanae holds sovereignty over Storybrooke, Maine,Earth/The Enchanted Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Storybrooke, Maine,Earth/The Enchanted Forest is a part of Forgotten Fairytales Reboot.

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Ruby/ Red [4] "I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna screw it up. I mean, I'll screw up with flair, but..."
Jia Li MingXia [3] Just a typical girl running her parents beauty shop out of Stroybrooke......nothing more, right?
Regina Mills/The Evil Queen [3] "Since when do I care about anyone's happiness but mine?"
Mr. Gold/Rumpelstilskin [2] "Magic always comes with a Price"/ "Neahahaaha!"
Ava Zimmer (Gretel) [1] Where has my brother gone now?
Emma Swan [1] "This is crazy..."
Doctor Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket [1] "Giving in to one's dark side never accomplishes anything."
Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White [0] "Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing"

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Regina smiled as she waved to Henry through the window of the bus. She was kind of sad that he was leaving, but he would be back in a month or so. And Dr. Hopper had said that some time away from home would improve his mental health. Despite what many - including Henry himself - thought, Regina really did love Henry, in a selfish kind of way. His very name was comforting to her, as it was the name of her late father, whom she had dearly loved... whom she had killed. Henry ignored her, staring at the back of the seat in front of him. He was going to a camp out in the country with some other children, where he would be nicely out of the picture, no longer getting in the way of Regina's plans to get rid of Emma. Now she could enact all of her plans, and Emma would have nothing to hide behind. She turned on her heel and walked away towards Mr. Gold's pawn shop, smiling in anticipation.

Abd al Aziz, or "Fadi" as his many friends called him, sat in his office, reading The Daily Mirror. Apparently there was a new woman in town. A strange woman. In fact, the very fact that she was here was strange. Fadi knew that no one came to Storybrooke, and no one ever left. He knew about the curse, and he knew who he was. He knew who most people were, but that was beside the point. The point was that he didn't know who this new woman was, and that bothered him. He liked to have all of his ducks in a row. And this duck was very much out of line. Just thinking about it made him annoyed. So with that, he folded up the newspaper, patted his pockets to make sure he had everything he needed, and then walked out the door.

"Yes, thank-you Leroy, see you next Monday." Doctor Hopper sighed as he closed the door. He didn't want to show favoritism to any of his patients, but his mandatory sessions with Leroy were not his favorite. Whenever Leroy was pulled in for a drunk and disorderly, he had to have several sessions with Doctor Hopper as rehabilitation. And since Leroy didn't want to be there, it only made Doctor Hopper's life more difficult. He walked over to his chair and at down. He would miss his sessions with Henry, even if it was only for a month or so. Henry was a good kid, despite his weird delusions. And being Jiminy Cricket inside some little kid's head wasn't so bad. At least then he valued whatever Dr. Hopper said. But Mayor Mills was growing more and more adamant that this delusion must disappear. Henry wouldn't stop accusing her of evil plots and calling her the "Evil Queen." Poor kid. It only made sense that he would retreat back into his fairytale land and turn on his mother when she loved him with such a selfish love. No matter how many times Dr. Hopper told her that she needed to back off a little, she still stifled Henry. And the more Dr. Hopper advised her, the angrier she became. The pressure she was putting on him was becoming unbearable. To tell the truth, he was glad that Henry could get away from her for just a moment in time. She had gotten worse ever since that woman had come to town... what was her name? Ella? Emma? That was it, Emma. He wondered what there was between those two. Oh, well. It was none of his business - for now.

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Mr. Gold stood in his pawn shop over looking the many trickets and treasure he'd collected from the Enchanted Forest after it's destruction. He was one of Two that remembered the past lives of residents of Storybrooke. Prince and Princesses, Knights and Dwarves. All completely oblivious to what they truly were. It was his curse as well as it was Regina's. The Queen. He merely chuckled at her most of the time. It was then the small bell rang alerting him of a customer. Speak of the Devil he thought and then chuckled at the joke. "I was just thinking about you." He told Regina as she closed the door. It was amazing how beautiful she was yet so ugly. She was a walkong contridiction. "How may I be of service, Ms. Mills?"

Emma sat in her apartment with Mary Margaret, since she couldn't stay at the Inn like she'd planned. It was her fault the kid found her. Some how the child travelled several states to just tell her about some crazy tale about how she's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and to somehow top that, He claimed this whole small little town were filled with storybook characters. She felt it was her own doing, her son, whom she'd gave birth to in prison and then gave up for adoption was batshit crazy. She sighed. It didn't help that his adoptive mother was a crazy bitch and wanted nothing more then to get rid of her which made Emma want to stay all the more. It was crazy...all of it.

Ruby was at the diner, she heard Granny yelling to her to get more pies from out back. She rolled her eyes and went out back to get more of the pies that everyone in town was fond about. As she walked back to the front of the diner she could hear the recent town gossip being told from many different customers. Emma Swan...the real mother of Henry was in town but now Henry was sent off to camp. Ruby knew it was none of her buisiness to get involved, she met Emma a few days back but only for a few minutes, she wondered what the womans story was, knowing she was staying with Mary Margaret she decided maybe later she will have to go pay her a visit. As she put the pies on the counter she smiled as a guy came in, she slowly moved her front have over the counter. "Hello may I help with you something"? The guy ordered a piece of pie and coffee and she nodded, quickly getting herself back to work.

"Just thinking about me, hm?" Regina said. "Of course you were. Well, I was just thinking of someone, too. I'm sure you've heard of one Abd al Aziz? Well, I was talking to Granny the other day, and she made reference to a certain payment she had to make to him. Same thing with Aamir, and Tom Clark. And here I was thinking that you owned this town." she smirked at him and cocked her head in that annoying way that seemed to assert so much authority. "And as I was marveling at that little surprise, I realized - I don't know who Fadi is... or was. And since you're so savvy at figuring things out, I thought I'd make a deal with you." She leaned over the counter. "I want you to find out who that man was, and I want you to stop him from running this town."

Fadi walked down the street towards the apartments. He formulated what he was going to say in his mind. He had to make a positive impression on this woman, or the whole thing was useless. He rehearsed his smile and friendly demeanor until he came to the door of Mary Margaret's apartment. Then he knocked and stepped back. He knew that Emma was staying here, and he just hoped she was home.

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Mr.Gold smiled with his teeth hidden behind his lips. "I do not know who this Fadi is but I would certainly found out." He said, keeping the shock of that from being revealed in his face. He watched her expression as she asked him for a deal which was more of a command. "A Deal? Well, What do you suppose I get from this deal? I plan on finding out who this Fadi is on my own but if you want to make a deal, Ms. Mills, then who am I to stop you." He said knowing she could read between the lines on that last comment.

Emma looked up from her cup of coffee as when she heard a knock on the door. She stood up and peered out the peephole. She frowned when she didn't recognize the face. She made sure her glock was within reach, as in tucked in the back her pants. She unlocked the big brass lock and opened the door just enough for him to see her. "Yeah?" She asked with a frown on her face as she examined the man. He was new. Somebody she hadn't seen before. Henry had mentioned something about how people couldn't enter or exit Storybrooke. Boy, was he wrong.

Regina frowned. She had expected Gold to want to make a deal - it was his nature. It disturbed her that he would just want to help her without any sort of payment. Was he trying to trick her? She narrowed her eyes at him, then smiled. "Alright, Gold, I'll accept your help. We'll work together, you and I. And that man will not run this town." With that, she turned and walked out the door, the little bell over the exit ringing as she left.

A woman - the woman, Fadi recognized her from the papers - opened the door just barely. 'Yeah?' she asked in a tone that could not be described as exactly friendly. Fadi smiled. "Hello. I'm Abd al Aziz, but you can call me Fadi. I heard you were new in town, and so I brought you these." he handed her the box of chocolates that he had bought. "As a welcome gift from me to you." Fadi waited for her response, expecting it to be a good one. After all, who didn't like chocolate?

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Mr. Gold simply chuckled. She somehow thought this was free. Didn't she understand everything comes with a price...

Emma scrutinized the man -Fadi as he called himself- and his box of chocolates. "Chocolates? Are you serious?" She said, her frown never leaving her face. "Who are you?" She asked him plainly.

(Gah, Sorry so short)

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'Chocolates? Are you serious?' she asked him. 'Who are you?'

Fadi frowned, taken aback by her defensive attitude. "Why, I just told you. I'm Fadi." He attempted a smile, trying to salvage the situation. "And you're Emma. Can't we be friends? You do seem like you need some of those."

(/ooc That's okay. Mine was just as short. :) )

The morning hours were always slow at the salon, so for the last few hours Jia Li had been alone.
She usually would just take the time alone to clean, watch tv, or read, however none of those three things were suiting her mood at the moment, so she instead grabbed her black messenger bag and removed her waist-apron - revealing her red sweater dress which matched her red red elastic-trim was off to Grannys for her usual cup of french vanilla cocoa, OJ, & cinnamon french-toast.

The walk was only a few minutes away, an once inside Jia Li would quickly throw her bag up onto the counter and hop up on a bar stool.
"Hey Ruby!" she'd yell out at the top of her lungs, hoping to scare her friend a bit - who had her back facing where Jia Li sat down.
Out of all the people in town, Ruby was the only one she could really consider a close friend, rather than just another friendly acquaintance, so Grannys was always on the top of her list as a second-home.
"Aww, did i scare ya! I's sowwie!" she'd say in a playful baby tone, before crossing her legs. There was no need to order anything, Ruby and Granny always knew what she got.....

I hope it's okay i made Ruby Jia Li's friend! >.< If not, let me know i can fix it.......

Ruby was busy getting someones order when she heard "Hey Ruby!" which made her jump and spill a bit of coffee on her apron. Grumbling to herself she turned to see her good friend Jai Li. Eyeing her friend for a few minutes she went and cleaned herself up before going over to put int the cinnamon french toast order in. Grabbing a mug she made the frnch vanilla cocoa and brought it over to her friend.

"How many times do I have to tell you to not do that Jia...jeesh one of these times im going to get you" she chuckled putting the mug in front of Jia then turning around to pour a cup of oj, then putting that in front of Jia also. Leaning her elbows on the counter with her chin in her hands "So how is your morning going?"

((perfectly fine with me!))

Ava happily skipped down the street and towards Granny's dinner in the mood for a pie, her satchel swinging at her side like a swing and her two braids jumping up and down like frogs. She pulled open the door and skipped in and sat at the counter. "Hello Ruby, Jia." She tapped her hands on her knees, "I think I'm in the mood for a pie." She said smiling at Ruby and tugging at one of her braids slightly." Have you seen Nicholas, by the way?" She said tilting her head to the side. "Can't seem to find him."She muttered.