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Arata Kazehaya

"Once you've lost something, you've got to find it again yourself."

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a character in “Forgotten History of an Avatar”, as played by electric




Image⌈Nickname⌋ "I have always been proud that my name lets me soar."
Kaze, 風 meaning wind. Arata's mother used to call him 'Little Wind' lovingly, and the name wind stuck.

⌈Age⌋ "I wish to be young as the morning and old as the sea."

⌈Gender⌋ "Being a gentleman is a matter of choice."

⌈Sexuality⌋ "I love who I love; it's the person that matters."

⌈Role⌋ "I must have the force of a great typhoon."
The Airbender

⌈Face Claim⌋ "I’d rather protect a living, breathing person I can touch than some shogun above the clouds I’ll never see." -Toshizo Hijikata


⌈"We train for a thousand days, whether we win or lose is decided in an instant."⌋

ImageImage⌈Hair Color⌋ "My head is a very dark place."
Dark Black

⌈Eye Color⌋ "You're eyes show the strength of your soul."
Royal Purple

⌈Skin Tone⌋ "It is not the color of your skin; it is the way people treat you that matters."
Warm Beige

⌈Height⌋ "To reach a great height a person much reach a great depth."
186 centimeters; 6 foot 1 inch

⌈Weight⌋ "It is important to be as light on your feet as possible."
66.6 kilograms; 147 pounds

⌈Physical Description⌋
Arata is long and lean, though still tough. He has a muscular physique that is light because of his airbending heritage. He bears the traditional tattoos down his arms, back, and legs that usually stay hidden beneath his clothes and hair, the tip of the arrow on his forehead is just visible. He covers his forehead with a hitai-ate if he does not want to be conspicuous and usually wears the clothes typical of shinsengumi or traditional loose airbending outfits. He has extremely long hair that he usually keeps down or half pulled back, and his eyes are vibrant and intensely purple. Years of training has granted him durable muscles and a strong posture but he is flexible as well.


⌈"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things."⌋

⌈Potential Interest⌋ "If I had my life to live again, I'd find you sooner."

    ✦ Katana Wielding || Arata learned from a very young age how to wield his dual katana and he always keeps them strapped at his left hip.
    ✦ Baguazhang || The traditional origins of airbending, this martial arts style focuses on the circle and flexibility. Arata is also proficient in T'ai chi ch'uan and Northern Shaolin kung fu.
    ✦ Strategy || As a former member of the guard, Arata is skilled in the art of planning and thinking before acting.

⌈Power Abilities⌋
    ✔ Airbending || Arata can create, shape and manipulate air. The attacks formed by it, are invisible and make it a versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge.
    ✔ Air Manipulation || He can move extremely fast, create durable shields, use jet propulsion, project bursts of air as weapons, and sweep away multiple opponents simultaneously.
    ✔ Focused Streams || Kaze can propel air down or across his katana swords to create strong cuts and pushes. The weapons and air work in harmony to create seamless attacks.
    ✔ Spritual Projection || Though only rarely done and extremely tiring (often resulting in a two day sleep,) he can project himself to different locations or the spirit world for short amounts of time. This ability is only possible for high-level benders, and he still struggles.


⌈"Breathe in the fresh air of freedom to create your own mood."⌋

Arata does have a familiar, a small winged lemur named Ami who follows him around. She hangs on his sleeves or in his hair.
He wears his hitai-ate quite often when he doesn't want to be discovered as an airbender.

    ❖ Bowing || As a member of the guard, he always bowed to greet people out of respect, that has just continued to even his best friends.
    ❖ Glaring || Arata has a very serious resting face, so it seems that he glares intensely when he is thinking.
    ❖ Hand Clenching || When Arata is disturbed of nervous he clenches and unclenches his hands, sometimes causing cramps.
    ❖ Hands & Hair || When frustrated, Arata runs his hands through his hair, which is relatively easy considering its rarely tangled.


    ♥ Sore Muscles || This means he has worked hard, and that feeling satisfies him.
    ♥ Bending || There is no greater pleasure than feeling the wind and air embrace you like an old friend.
    ♥ Clear Skies || A clear sky makes visibility clear and bending all the better.
    ♥ Heights || Unlike many, Arata is not afraid of heights at all, the higher up he is, the more at peace he feels.

    ✘ Tears || He doesn't know how to deal with them, for himself or others, and hasn't cried in years.
    ✘ Rain || The weather makes Arata very volatile, and rainy days bring back bad memories.
    ✘ Fire || All will be explained, but fire is feared by Arata, all because of that one day in the pouring rain.
    ✘ Ignorance || He cannot stand those who do not take time to educate themselves about all walks of life.
    ✘ Blood || Arata is not a fan of blood, which makes it hard for him to get injured, as he is prone to passing out.

    ✪ Combat || Because of many years of training to become a guard and master, he is highly skilled in the art of close combat. He wields his power and katanas to be a strategic fighter, planning out his moves in his head as he goes, as if he is playing a violent game of chess.
    ✪ Motivation || Kaze is skilled in the power of rhetoric. He is able to motivate others and have them listen to him easily because of his commanding stance and voice. He is also very good at connecting with people, making it easy for him to gain other's trust.
    ✪ Lying || Should need be, Arata is very good at lying and keeping secrets, mainly because he believes it to sometimes be his moral duty.

    ⌘ Social Atmospheres || Kaze has never been a very talkative person, he is usually stoic and silent, which can put people off initially. Though is he is passionate, Arata will make sure he has a say.
    ⌘ Fear || Often times in the heat of the moment, Arata becomes very afraid of everything all at once, as if everything is out to get him. This extreme paranoia probably stems from his years as a guard.
    ⌘ Fire & Water || Though he is usually very calm, Arata had an extreme fear of fire which stems from an incident in his youth. He is also very afraid of drowning.


⌈"When we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change."⌋


Arata isn't really a dark minded person, though he has a rather serious looking face and mysterious exterior and persona, but he is hardworking and confident. He is always very organized, and likes to set things straight. He isn't too talkative, and enjoys listening to stories, especially those of his elders or other older people who can remember things that others cannot. By never getting nervous or worked up too easily, Kaze can handle himself very well in stressful situations and can come up with ideas on the spot if he has to, although he likes making plans in advance better. The young man rarely smiles, and is always working on something or getting something done. To those he doesn't know he is cautious, gauging trustworthiness and personality, so people often see him and perceive him to be quiet and mysterious, which he is, but only because he doesn't much like talking about himself.

As much as he would like to deny it, Arata is kind, helpful, and shy. He acts differently at first however, coming off rather dark and mysterious. This is really only because he's afraid to get too friendly with others, often feeling like they may betray him or hate him for who he is. Because of his childhood, Arata was often though to be selfish and uptight, which he never really was. He has an intense focus when he is working on music, writing, or reading, which is unexpected since he seems so careless and uncaring at first glance. His overall demeanor is cold, while his friends see him as one of the nicest people they have ever met. Selfless and driven, Kazehaya wants to change the world one day. Arata is a brilliant fighter, which makes up for his lack of social skills, and his quietness makes him a good undercover worker. Even though she is seemingly heartless, Kaze cares passionately for those that are close to him or those who fight valiantly for him or his own cause, and would give up his life for any of those people.


⌈"Maybe where there's clarity of air, there's clarity of thought."⌋

⌈History⌋ "The past hurts, but I must learn from it."

Arata was born, as all Air Nomads are, into the great family of monks that knew the ways of the wind. His family hailed from the Northern Air Temple. He was, as most Air Nomads are, separated from his mothers and sisters to live with the monks of the north from where he learned to bend as the earliest of ages. Arata, because he was the son of one considered a "noble" monk, decided not to take the path of leadership like his elder brother Sangmu, and instead, at the young age of six, decided (or was placed by his father) to become one of the warrior monks to protect the Air Nomads around the Four Nations. He trained from that young age and onward, making his best friends in the force and graduating after ten years at the age of fifteen, though he continued to study texts and practices and still does today. He earned his arrows when he was ten, like most other benders, and opted for the traditional tattoos as was common at the time.

He became a very serious child, studying and training hard to try and step out of the shadow of his "better" elder brother, who he loved but despised at the same time. Arata wanted to become a great warrior, which was not usually thought of in Air Nomad tradition, so he did much of the research himself, teaching himself other forms of martial arts based on other bending styles. His father did not like the path that Arata chose, but still looked after him because he was his son. Arata decided that unlike many nomads, he would not shave his head, which made him stand out from the crowd so his father often forced him to stay home, in the grand library, or in his training or meditating grounds. After this isolation, Kaze, as his mother called him in all of her letters, became a sort of social recluse, rarely talking to anyone except for his elder brother and, on occasion, his father. He lived a relatively peaceful life with the guard and stood post at night so he didn't have to talk to many people, leaving the daytime for sleeping, reading, training, and staying inside the grounds of his home or the guard center.

When he was sixteen after nearly a year in the guard but more than a year under his father's isolated eye, tragedy struck, he found that his mother and sisters had been attacked while on a mission of peace in the Fire Nation. They had been purged of their bending skills and were unable to ever bend again. It was also in this year that Arata himself was attacked by a rogue firebender, unrelated to the government and a criminal on the run, who was trying to enter the Northern Air temple for safety. Arata was severely burned and his elder brother was killed before his eyes. It had been an extremely rainy night and Sangmu came to visit Arata at his post and give him a snack, when, out of the noisy, blustering air, a firebender fell at their feet and incapacitated Arata, killing his brother who was trying to call for help. Kaze always believed that it had been his fault that his mother and sisters were attacked because he wasn't there to protect him and that he also caused his brother's death because of his inability to gather the courage to fight. Arata suffered burns across his stomach and on his hands, and they are still visible as scars. The other scars are purely emotional, though, as Arata's father has not spoken to him since his brother was killed, and only glared or sighs deep;y when he is around. Arata was devastated after that year, and decided to venture out into the world, first to bring justice to his mother and his sisters and to prevent anyone from suffering as his brother had. He joined with the Avatar and the other masters because he knew that with them, he could make a difference.

So begins...

Arata Kazehaya's Story