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Marion Davis

Believed to be a mad scientist... I'm not mad, I'm a scientist, and thus not occupied with your tedious normal activites

0 · 435 views · located in Northern Europe

a character in “Forgotten Myths”, as played by Froggiepril


Marion Davis
"Ph.D Biologorum, RNDr Davis"


Full name: Marion Davis
Race: Human
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Appearance: Short, "fatskinny" body with either passinately twinkling or tired to the bottom of her soul eyes, depending on what she's looking into, and how it's going. Brown, plain hair, in a ponytail if she's well rested. Usually always wears her labcoat over random knitted, colorful clothes.

Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.

Occupation: Researching Scientist

Personality: Marion is over and anti-social, or owns very little social skills at all. She's controlled by her endless need to figure out everything. She's got no firm belief in anything she's told before she can see it herself or have some controlled study or compelling evidence. Her sence of etics is out the window if there's something interesting to be learned. Like many geniouses, she's believed to be crazy, and does from time to time suffer from delusions, but she's never had time to check it out

Ph.D in natural scienses and biology
IQ of 151
Capble of surviving on very small amounts of food and sleep when she's focused
Extreme high caffeine tolerance

So begins...

Marion Davis's Story


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We're back everyone! Feel free to continue posting ^^
And enjoy the plot *evil laugh*


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"Creatures...?" Marion noted down all the things said, then messed up her brown hair already looking like a bird tried to make a nest from it, then put it in a ponytail, a little further with the pen by scratching her head with it. This all made no sence, none what so ever... She was at the head master of the universeity where she was workings office, or the dumbdugeon witch she called it. How someone with so little brains could ever get to run anything science based, was beyond her, but he was apparantly good with the administrational things.

She carefully raised her hand and harked slightly "sir...miss... I have one of my doctrats in Natural Science...(she loved to point out that she infact had more than one, although it bothered her a bit that they per say weren't both labled Ph.Ds, so she had to use slang) These things you describe, they're mythical creatures...?" She quickly let her hand down, and stared into her notebook, hoping it would swallow her for speaking up, and before she could get an answer, her brain sped up. If they tought they'd seen mythical creatures, they would surely have seen something! Some spiecies not yet discovered. What if her disbelief got her kicked of the trip. What if some other scientist got to disprove this madness and actually find the amazing new animals. "So I'm very exited to see them for my self" she lied with a big smile "I was just wondering what we're going to catch them with or in... And if you know what... erm..." she was thinking fast, lying her ass off "tranquelizers they respond to?" she shot them what she hope'd to be a cute, blond, harmless smile, but with her face structure, twinkling, flickering eyes and messed up hair, all atempts at smiles looked more crazy.
She knew that most people were dumb compared to her, but what sort of animal would trick people in 2014, in a very sivilized part of the world, to think that there was such a thing as demons. She left the tought with a shrug, people in this part of the world did after all believe in mediums, palmreadings, imaginary friends called gods and recently they had started to go against vacines. She tried repairing her ponytail, only getting it even more mangled, waiting to be exused from the office and be on her merry way.

This was now five weeks ago. Marion had so far spent half her budget, she hadn't seen a decent shower for almost two weeks. Her camera/documenting guy had left, her bodyguard had quit the job, and she now had to carry all her heavy equipment on her own. But she had seen tracks! More specifically, she'd seen hooves that didn't match any animal. She had been moving her basecamp by car, but lately, the forest was getting to tick, so today she'd locked down the van and taken what she needed to document findings, food, sleeping bag and a tranquelizer riffle, and headed of on foot. She decided to scope the area following the hooves, and if she found more interesting things, she would get a pack mule so she could move furter into the forest. But right now, the only thing in her mind, was following the tracks.