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Forgotten Myths

Northern Europe


a part of Forgotten Myths, by Pantheran.


Pantheran holds sovereignty over Northern Europe, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

383 readers have been here.


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Northern Europe is a part of Forgotten Myths.

4 Places in Northern Europe:

14 Characters Here

Travis Lockwell [13] "That's a nice looking watch you got there..."
Re' nura [9] Re' nura is Tiefling rogue like mage, happy by standard but when stuff hit the fan its gonna hit the fan!
Jodac & Dae & Vhal (Jodhal) [9] "Why can't we all co-exist in peace?"
Shena Savel [9] "Don't mess with me"
Rayne Anaroux [5] "I prefer nature to anything like you."
Miranda [3] "Mystical creatures stick only to my imagination... And I hope they will stay there"
Caedmon Shaleking [3] "By my hammer, I shall watch over the mountains."
Larif Keergire [3] "I like my life the way it is, troublemakers only get in the way"
Vrag Posast [3] "What's your name?" "I don't know, what is a name for" "Well, your name is what they call you..." "Oh, in that case my name is "kill the monster"
Heralds of Nature [3] An organization led by Y that hunts mythical creatures

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Character Portrait: Re' nura Character Portrait: Shena Savel
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#, as written by Kastrar
Re' nura looked up and saw Shena fly above him. "Oooh, hi shena. No i haven't been seeing invisible people around any where near. Though i did get nice sleep while you were gone. Re' nura laughed and got up on his feet. "So what should be done now...?" long pause followed that sentence. "Ahhh! Yes the dwarf! I'll go look for the dwarf and tell him to inform forward the damn human incident. Who doesn't love to bring the bad news.. at least i'm not the one telling it to the rest of the folks." Re' nura shake'd his head in thought of the job he had to do. "well off we go!" Re' nura started to run and waved his hand to Shena.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Re' nura Character Portrait: Vrag Posast Character Portrait: Travis Lockwell Character Portrait: Shena Savel Character Portrait: Jodac & Dae & Vhal (Jodhal)
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Shena sighed when hearing Re'nura's answer. She really had lost tracks of that man. She looked at the forest, wondering where he would head. He didn't seem to be afraid lose his ways in the forest, it meant he knew the territory. It meant he had to have a hiding place somewhere.

As Re'nura was talking about dwarf Shena just answered with nod. ”I would come with you, but I have to find the one spying on us. He claimed not to deal with other humans but he's human. They lie, don't they?”

When she was in her thoughts she suddenly hear steps behind her back. She quickly draw her spear forward and turned around just to see a hooded creature. She narrowed her eyes before realizing it was a female tiefling. ”You don't look familiar.” she said to her then turning her head towards Re'nura who had already started leaving away. ”Hey Re'nura!” she shouted after him. ”Here's a fellow tiefling. Do you know her by any chance?” She then turned to look back at tiefling. ”Name is Shena Savil. My apologizes but I have no time to get know you right now. I'm tracking down a possible dangerous person. Maybe we see later.” she said, nodding at her and rose up to her wings. ”Have fun to be the one telling bad news, Re'nura” she shouted from air smirking.

She flew back to the places she had met the man and landed down well before the workers would see her. She heard them shouting with each other. There seemed to be chaos. She didn't pay attention anymore than that. She looked around her. Where would she head from here? Left. She had went to right, assuming the man was heading to the same way he had come from. Shena turned to left and trusting her instincts she walked forward.

Suddenly she heard' a distant voice. ”Ooman! Where are ye?” ”Ooman?” she wondered and walked closer to voice. She came to place where she saw a Cerberus. He seemed to be familiar. Then the memory came to her. ”You... Weren't you the one helping humans? Ah, let me guess. You have been helping one man again. Tell me, where did you hide him?”


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Re' nura Character Portrait: Vrag Posast Character Portrait: Shena Savel
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#, as written by Kastrar
As Shena shouted Re' nura to turn he spun around on one leg and started walking back to Shena just as he had always meant to do that. "Ohh.. never seen her no... Yo! Nice to meet fellow Tieflings around here! Name is Re' nura. Nice to meet you!" Re' nura bowed down to the new Tiefling face. "So... i'm on mighty quest to tell the bad news to the courier to tell the rest.. hmm.. not so mighty after all when you say it out loud. Care to join?" Re' nura bowed slightly and smiled awkwardly in the end.