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Alexis Wynter

The Prince Charming

0 · 167 views · located in Precaria

a character in “Forsaken Kingdom”, as played by Milk-two-Sugars


Alexis Wynter
The Prince Charming

  • Also known as: Alex (a long time ago, when his friends were close), The Hollow Prince
  • Age: Early twenties
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Physical Description: Original Appearance: There was a time when Alexis was beautiful, cheerfully boyishly handsome in the kind of way that meant you’d almost expect him to be surrounded by dancing sparkles and for his raven hair to ripple in slow motion every time a gust of wind passed. And then for it to fall perfectly back into place, side parted and coiffured as always. Tall, elegant, muscular (but not unattractively so, heaven forbid), generally dashing and not particularly memorable or exciting. He would appear dressed in a deep blue military jacket with a red sash, bright gold epaulettes and a gold coronet, astride his noble steed etcetera.
    Current Appearance: Years of restlessness and wakeful nights have had their toll on his appearance. His frame is gaunt, waif-like, his eyes sunken to deep green pits and his cheeks hollow – his look isn’t fashionably skinny, it’s unnerving and ghostly. His jacket has faded to patchy grey-blue, the gold tarnished to a dull bronze colour. His sash now adorns the back of a chair in his bedchamber rather than his chest. He also wears black trousers and a pair of knee-high riding boots, scuffed and worn like the rest of his clothes.
  • Personality Description: He was once the perfect gentleman, gracious, charming. Brave and kind, sensitive and strong, and the most horrifically bland Gary Stu in all the land. He would always be ready to ride up on his noble steed and sweep Victory off her feet, swear his undying love to her and ride off blissfully into the sunset; but as over time he began to see her less and less often, Alexis became more and more restless. Long periods of time spent apart from her would lead to weeks of sleepless nights – as he’d been created such a flat and one-dimensional character originally, being unable to fulfil his single purpose in life made him excessively agitated and upset.
    Years passed the worry and sleeplessness took its toll – gone was the charming, happy young man and in his place was left an irritable, capricious shadow of his former self; friends and allies driven away by his newfound aggressiveness, bouts of paranoia and most unsettling of all, the love which had warped over time into an all-consuming obsession. Alexis truly and deeply believes that Victory still loves him as much as he loves her and that eventually she will return for him and they will have their ‘happy ever after’ as rulers of Precaria; for this reason he has deluded himself into believing that in Victory’s absence he should be the rightful ruler until her return.
    Personality Flaws:
    Irritable and capricious – he is prone to flying off the handle with only the most minor provocation, going from seemingly calm and almost amiable to a screaming tantrum at the drop of a hat.
    Paranoid – all it takes is a tiny seed of doubt to be planted and he will immediately become distrustful and suspicious of his closest friends. Or he would if he still had any.
    Inattentive – his mind wanders all over the place, even when talking directly to him you’d better make it quick as he’ll rarely keep his focus in one place very long and his interest is quickly lost. However, if something does manage to pique his interest he becomes…
    Obsessive – once he’s taken an interest or a liking to something there’s no going back; he’ll become completely fixated. It’s a close call between whether it’s more difficult to attract his interest in something, or to pry him away when he’s developed a fascination.
    Redeeming Features and other traits:
    • He isn’t one to be put off something simply because it appears difficult – there are many other reasons why he’ll choose to avoid doing something, but fear of failure is rarely one of them.
    • Despite normally being rather unpleasant to interact with, he does have a vague sense of justice remaining; the problem is that he’s too being angry or not paying attention to make other people realise it. If he sees somebody being needlessly cruel he will usually step in to stop them, although that tends to happen mostly when he's in a good mood, which is rare. In a bad mood he can be just as cold and heartless as he chooses to be.
    • As his hugely defective personality was brought about by being distanced for so long from his life’s obsession, there may be a chance that spending time with Victory again will allow him to rediscover bits of his old charming self. Unless, of course, he’s already changed too much for that to happen….
  • Relation to the Creator: He was Victory's Prince Charming. Not much more to it than that.
  • Notable Powers: Music, "the food of love". He specialises in the violin and piano, but as Precaria isn't the normal world he's able to tempt a tune out of any instrument, if he feels so inclined.
  • Brief History: Alexis was an early creation of Victory’s, inspired by the classic fairytales in which the heroine gets swept off her feet by the handsome prince. Due to the fact that Victory was very young when he first came into existence, and he wasn’t based on a real person, his original personality was very flat and one-dimensional.
    After Eros appeared in Precaria, Alexis first began to appear less frequently in Victory’s adventures – he wasn’t even based on a real person, he was just a completely fictional stock character who couldn’t hope to compete with her first actual crush. He began to start resenting Eros a little at this point, and currently views him as a potential threat in competing for Victory’s affections.
    It’s a possibility that his original personality being so one-sided forced him to develop the way he did – the only really solid aspect was his love for his creator and lovestruck heroine, so naturally it would grow over time. Only it just so happened that his love became warped and distorted into something wholly more sinister.

So begins...

Alexis Wynter's Story


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Alexis Wynter

The Prince Charming

The hall was empty of sound, save for the faint intermittent clinks of cutlery on china. Sat at one end of the great oak dining table, Alexis ate in solitary silence, dominated by the vast dining hall. It had been beautiful once, but from the immense chandelier now hung swathes of cobwebs, and drifts of dust had gathered against the skirting boards. Casting a faint glow up onto the elaborately moulded ceiling, a single candelabrum sat in front of Alexis’ plate, placed by one of the few remaining servants. It was the reason the castle had fallen into such a state – the cheerful ranks of housestaff had been dwindled down from dozens to a very select few, who drifted silently through the corridors and lingered in the shadows, never in sight long enough for Alexis to take some sort of offense from their presence.

He had known it was necessary, really, to dismiss all those servants; with their smiling and chattering, their waiting on him and their helpfulness, always being around and doing things for him – he knew he couldn’t trust them. He couldn’t, could he? Of course he couldn’t. No, they had to go.

Alexis put his knife and fork together and frowned coldly at his plate. He’d barely made a dent in the meal that had been prepared for him, but he wasn’t hungry for something so bland – he couldn’t even remember eating anything that tasted of something. Glancing up, his eyes lingered on the opposite end of the table, where a second place was set – a full glass, an untouched plate, spotless silver cutlery. Her place.

He rang the tiny silver handbell that sat behind him, to indicate to the servants he had finished, stood up, pushed his chair back and left the hall. The staff would wait until after he had left to come in and clear away; that was how he liked it. You couldn’t get too personal with the help, couldn’t have them finding out things about you. He kept his distance.

His boots made faint tracks in the soft carpet of dust along corridors, paintings and tapestries gave him unnerving smiles through cataracts of grime. He scowled at one of the paintings as he passed; he’d decided last week to have it moved from upstairs into the main corridor as he rather liked it, but seeing it here he’d decided that actually, he really didn’t like it all that much. He’d have it moved somewhere else later, to be replaced with whatever piece of wall decoration happened to take his fancy today. Continuing onwards, even the candles seemed to shine with a dull and dusty light, barely able to make a dent in the gloom that hung all over the castle. He reached the great double doors at the end of the corridor and entered, to perform what had become a daily ritual to him.

Into the throne room. It was grey, bleak and unlit, but daylight streamed in from the great windows. He’d considered having them boarded up, but of course that wouldn’t look good at all when She came back. Between the two rows of pillars a long and dusty carpet stretched to tsteps leading up a raised platform and, there, the throne. He approached the empty seat, and sank respectfully to one knee before it. Her face appeared before him in his mind. He made a great effort to remember every tiny detail he could, every mark and mole, every highlight of her hair, the way her nose sloped just so and the way her eyes made the light dance in them. He had to keep her alive in his memory, to let her be forgotten would be a treason of the worst order and Alexis couldn’t do that to her.

His love would be proven, in time.
And, he was certain, returned.


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Alexis Wynter

The Prince Charming

A crash somewhere in the halls disturbed his silence.

Idiots! What the hell were they up to now? Servants were far more trouble than they were worth, he could see that now. Tomorrow he would see that they were thoroughly disciplined for making such nuisances of themselves.

He straightened up to his full skeletal height and brushed the patches of dust from his knees.

On second thoughts, why wait until tomorrow? No time like the present, after all. His face set in an irritated frown, he strode quickly out of the throne room in the direction of where the sound had come from; buckled to his hip, his dull sword swung against his thigh with every step. It hadn't been properly used in a while - the rust and tarnishing cake over the hilt made that clear - but he had taken to wearing it even around the castle, just in case of sudden violent treachery.

It didn't take long to see what had caused the crash that disturbed him. There on the floor, lying in shattered fragments rather than on the elegant plaster pedestal it had previously inhabited, was the urn of - of - well, of someone very important, probably. He didn't know who's urn it was and he didn't really care; but what he did know, and care very much about indeed, was that it was very expensive, very broken and very much his property.

He scowled at the empty hallway.

In response, the faint sound of footsteps came to him from the narrow hallway that led off to the left, and with one hand on the hilt of his sword he followed the noise. He knew that the only place they could hide was a storage room at the end of this corridor, which gave him a shred of faint satisfaction.

"You can't hide from me in my own castle!" he shouted into the gloom, drawing himself up as tall and imposing as he could manage. Although he didn't have the same visual impact as a large man might have, there was definitely something unnerving about seeing his gaunt shadowy frame stalking towards you down a dimly lit stone corridor.