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Eros Primit

The First Crush

0 · 350 views · located in Precaria

a character in “Forsaken Kingdom”, as played by ISpeakTheTruth


|| Eros Primit || 20 || "The First Crush" ||

Name: Eros Primit
Age: Roughly 20 / Early Twenties
Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 136 lbs
Physical Description: Tall, thin, lacking a bit in muscle. Eros doesn't rank very high on appearances alone. He has short and dark scruffy hair that gives off the impression he was dragged backwards through a thorn bush, and dull green eyes that have obviously lost their original shine. Since his Creator left, Eros went from a cheerful, excited about everything young boy to a now young man who has clearly forgotten his purpose. His shoulders sag a bit when he stands and his mischievous grins all now appear to be somewhat sad without really knowing the cause.

Notable Powers: Not much of a source of entertainment, but Eros has control over the growth and movement of plants. This ability is probably due to the fact the boy he was based off of loved gardening so much, but Eros can barely remember even the simple things.
While he was once able to make wonderful gardens for Precaria and create lush orchards at will, now Eros is lucky to have one pathetic grape vine ripen without it dying off. His lack of ability to do what he once loved frustrated him, but now the young man doesn't seem to care if his once perfect gardens go rotten and wilted.

Personality Description: Eros was much more energetic and loving before the one that created him decided to forget. He had always been a childish boy of few words yet a mind filled with tricks, but was also tender and caring when it came to looking after the crops and gardens. He used to be happy, one could say, but when Victory the Creator abandoned him and the others, the joy and childhood seemed to be drained out of him.
When Victory left, Eros gradually became bitter. His plants were wilting, his gardens were dying, the simple things that the boy took pride in were suffering from neglect, but why should he care? He had been left all by himself, too. Stranded with the few company who were abandoned as well. The light burnt out inside him, it was like a fire that needed more fuel but was never tended to, left to die in the embers.
Though he may show the occasional grin, Eros feels lost without a purpose. His fields are dead and he can't revive him, his friends all feel in a similar way, all that he is now is some creation that was left to whither.

Relation to the Creator: Eros would tag along for the adventure occasionally, but mostly the boy would act as support in the many tales of Victory. He had been created with the thought of the girls first crush and didn't mind playing the part in her imagination, but Eros had never been the true hero in any of her stories. Although off in the sidelines a fair bit, Eros was happy enough by simply making his Creator smile. While young he was her loyal lap-dog, ready to jump into action when needed, but after years of being forgotten and discarded by the girl he once adored, Eros' feelings have certainly changed.

Brief History: Eros came to Precaria earlier than most, but later than quite a few. He would occasionally accompany Victory on her adventures, acting as the loyal friend who helped push things along, but for the most part Eros acted on the sidelines where he was unseen. He was created by the thought of Victory's first crush and a little imagination, but rarely did he play hero. On that note, Eros and his 'Base' were both close to Victory, being her friend in both worlds Eros felt a connection.
When Victory left and grew up, Eros waited. She was his friend, after all, she would visit soon. Surely, surely she would visit again.
He waited longer. . . and longer. Time dragged on and eventually Eros questioned whether his Creator was ever going to return or not. He took time away from his gardens, using the days to sit on the hills and watch for any sign that would tell him Victory was back. No such signal appeared. His beloved plants died after time, and he had lost the heart to revive them.
When the days turned into months, Eros grew bitter. He was abandoned, discarded and forgotten like he had no meaning. His 'Base' was out beyond Precaria, living his life and still probably being able to talk to Victory, while Eros had been left alone. He aged, like all things do,
When the months stretched into years, he became resentful. Eventually, when the years dragged on, Eros forgot. What was he mad at? He didn't know, some girl who had left a long time ago. Some creator who stripped away his meaning, who didn't think twice about the world she left to die.
Eros was angry at a person who's name he could hardly grasp, but his hatred was still there. . . as with the hidden longing that some how, some day, this 'Creator' would return and bring life back to the ones she left.

So begins...

Eros Primit's Story


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Eros Primit

"So, Rose, how's your day going?" The young man who was dressed all in green asked, his dull eyes looking hopefully at the wilted figure infront of him. The pathetic excuse for a rosebush didn't even budge when he willed it to move.
No surprise there.
"Ah... not so great then." He sighed, dropping down on to the grass and began staring up at the clouds. When the rest of his body made contact with the ground, the grass below him instantly went dry as if he was sucking up whatever life was around him.
Sorry, Grass. He thought as he plucked a dead strand and tossed it away, I couldn't help you even if I wanted to.
The man stared up at the sky for a few minutes, but quickly got bored and glanced over at the flower again.
Maybe if he just tried harder...

"I bet you looked nice once, huh?"
He said, pulling himself upwards into a sitting position, "This whole place did, maybe. But Rose, you've gotta cooperate with me, okay? You can't keep being dead like that." The boy said to the plant, a slight smile findings it's way onto his face. He could revive it, he was sure. The petals would go back to red and the leaves would straighten themselves out. It would be a little bit of beauty brought back to the world, the others surely would enjoy it.

However, when he tried to put life back into the rosebush, all it did was stay where it was and not change at all.

The smile dropped from his face, "I guess not today." he said in defeat. There wasn't any motive to try for a second time, for he knew that the result would just be the same. The others would have to wait if they wanted to see the rosebush alive again.
Not that they passed through where he young man was, though, but if he ever was able to fix it then he'd go out and find them... wherever they were now.

"Eros!" Someone called in the distance. At the sound of his name, the man shot up to his feet and looked around. No one had used him name for as long as his mind allowed him to remember. Maybe the odd old friend he had talked to once or twice, but nowadays Eros had spent his time with Rose, Lily, Marigold, and Fern. They never could hold a decent conversation, of course, but even if it was one-sided Eros was content with having friendships.
"Eros, come here!" There it was again. Just being able to hear someone... Eros smiled.
"Where are you?" He called back, actual hope ringing in his voice, "I'm down by the stream... tell me where you are and I'll find you!"
"Right over here, turn around!" The voice laughed. Eros did as told and saw...
It looked like her.
It couldn't be her.
'Her' was somewhere else.
Who was 'Her', anyway?
Eros squinted his eyes. He knew that he should have recognized her, but when he tried to remember... nothing came up. "You..." He said, taking a step towards her, "I know you." Eros was only a few feet away now, but when he tried to reach out to the girl, his hand passed right through and suddenly the figure vanished into thin air.
His hand snapped back and Eros stared at it in surprise. She had been there, he had seen her! ..But she was gone again, just like that.

Eros scowled at the ground and went back to the rosebush. It had been just another stupid illusion.