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Liliana Philomel

The Mourned

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a character in “Forsaken Kingdom”, as played by Rann



"Don't even know how old I should be. Heh."
15 when she died, and her manifestation in Precaria has never aged since

"Not mildly insulting or anything."

"Well, sorry for not having as many years to grow."

"Nice, low number, I s'pose."
94 lbs

"Here's me. Wanna buy?"
Lily's a pretty short girl, sporting black hair that shines blue under certain light; worn in two sidetails down her face. She has a pretty small frame, making her seem almost... fragile, in a sense, as well as childlike, because of her unfortunate lack of endowments. She used to be pretty, too, but as of now her hair's somewhat stringy, and she's full of nightmarish sinister smirks and twisted grins, making the denizens of Precaria afraid of her. Her eyes are almost always wide; pupils tiny and diluted, giving her an odd appearance, and she's so skinny that she looks gaunt, almost like a ghoul. On her back are large wings that used to shine white, giving her the look of an angel- are now black and wretched.

Personality Description:
"If my looks didn't cinch the deal...."
Lily is a what you'd call a classic tomboy. She's sporty, she loves videogames, and she's protective of her best friend, Victory. The two girls were incredibly close in the time that knew each other, though you could tell that Lily was always the one taking initiative and charge, always one step ahead of the reclusive girl. Lily tried as she might, though, but she couldn't use her energetic disposition and competitiveness to draw Victory out of her shell completely, something that she always sort of regretted.

Of course, now that she's died, Lily's form in Precaria twisted, corrupted, changed. She turned gaunter, more deformed and demonic, and her powers starting changing, too, now drawing up nightmares of people around her, instead of dreams. And she'll always be looking for Victory again, blaming the girl for failing to save her when she needed it the most.

Relation to the Creator:
"Best friends are meant to be together."
Lily met Victory on one of her playdates, at around age ten, and the two girls became attached at the hip ever since; instantly clicking to be best friends for life. They did everything together, and days were idyllic. Maybe the competitive and playful spirit of Lily was what Victory needed, to become more social? Perhaps so. But they really were incredibly close. On their adventures, she was one of the main companions of Victory, who had told her about Precaria, and let the tomboy make up a persona for herself, imagining herself, funnily enough, to be an angel that granted people's dreams.

Of course, eventually, the two girls started splitting apart, once the first year of highschool hit. Lily found herself playing in the wrong groups of people; people that introduced her to the world of drugs, and although Victory became aware of her habits, Lily was already addicted and beyond help. Things got worse, and at one point, Lily ended up running away from home to try and deal with her debt she owed her dealers. They struck a deal- if she sold her body to anyone he said, he'd continue giving her drugs. And so, she did, devaluing herself. There was one point where the two girls met again, once Lily had already been with countless men, but the confrontation went nowhere, and Victory failed to protect her old friend. Finally, about seven weeks after she ran away from home, her body turned up; raped and throat slit open. The perp was later caught and was found guilty.

Notable Powers:
"Heh. Look what I can do~"
She has the power to draw up people's innermost dreams- but now that has been corrupted into the drawing up and manifestation of their nightmares.
She can also conjure and shoot generic dark bolts of magic, by channeling her own fears into an energy attack.

Brief History:
"Not my fault. It's all hers!"
Lily was once Victory's close companion in this world, but now she's a twisted being, looking for someone to blame her pain on; while secretly being lonely and longing for someone to love her like they used to, a long time ago.

So begins...

Liliana Philomel's Story


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#, as written by Polka
Alura sat in the middle of a large tree stump. Small blue orbs danced around her hair as the breathed in time with the surrounding wind.
At one time she was more of a fairy.. a Godmother if you like. However, now she had surrounded herself in nature and became rainbow sage of Precaria.
After her pride and Joy had left she had nothing to work for, her main reason for living ceased to exist. Thankfully the tree's showed her the way and in return for their kindness she became the sage.

It would be a lie to say that Alura never thought of her. She had left a handprint behind, poor old Lili. There was a time that she looked after the two girls together and she adored them but that all changed when she chose to leave them behind.
The sage and tried to create a medicine to mend Lillian, she was a broken reflection of the girl who kept Precaria alive but nothing seemed to work.

People often visited her for advice and herbal medicine and Alura always delivered but she just couldn't find the right medicine to fix the messes that had been left behind.

As she continued to meditate in the middle of the large stump, rain began to hit the ground. The weather had became so unpredictable these days but it often indicated how the earth was feeling. It rained most days now, the earth weeped. All the Sage could do was try to keep as in tune with nature as she could and soothe it's broken heart.