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Floren Ostel

Spymaster to the Crown

0 · 231 views · located in Isles of Penumbria

a character in “Forth Rode the King”, as played by Brawness


~ Floren Ostel ~
~ Age ~
Looks around his 30's

~ Occupation ~
Spymaster to the King of Penumbria, Freelancer

~ Biography ~
Ostel was previously a smuggler/peddler before finding talent in espionage/reconniasence. He found work as a lowly torturer and interregator in the Langsmerth dungeons for many years until given a position in the royal court after the previous spymaster nominated him to take his position.

~ Description ~
Ostel is of average height since he wears a dark robe most of the time his appearence is unknown. Ostel is well versed in dagger combat and disarming techniques making him a formidable opponent.

~ Personality ~
Ostel is a vocal royalist and often is direct in his insults, he knows how to piss people off.

~ Equipment ~
Thick robes (with hood) and dagger.

So begins...

Floren Ostel's Story

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Ostel entered the room with two other hooded figures. "A moment, Ostel." Virgil flicked his fingers and put more wood into the fire, he turned around, nodded and signaled the two gentlemen to leave.

I assume by standing here you done the task i asked?

"Indeed your majesty my spies came up with some disturbing speculations from their observations..."

"Enough with the words, explain."

"We tracked each of their their day to day activity, nothing out of the ordinary until tonight your majesty..."

Ostel moved closer to Virgil leaning into his ears.

"Sturmaz that grinning bastard went to the docks and hopped onto a small boat and went off. The fog was too thick to see where he was heading. A few hours later that ice whore was seen heading into the direction of the docks but that wolf of her could of smelled us out if we got too close. That swamp bastard Vaino Sivareth abit later was seen heading in that direction also. Unless all of em enjoy the night sea breeze what else?" For a moment Virgil leaned back on his chair in disbelief."

"You are saying.....they are scheming behind my back? How preposterous!"

"You missed the point your majesty, it is not them, it's that pirate bastard. He should be ridden of, just as he said to you personally. Stop a conflict before it could start!"

"Ostel, you are being blinded by anger. It is a most heinous crime to kill a vassal of the realm with no just cause! Speculations Ostel, I wish for hard true facts before I can pull the strings."

Ostel was clearly frustrated, he politely bowed and left the room. "Excuse me your majesty...". He was not going to give up, only one person controlled the shadows within Langsmerth, that was him. "Someone will not leave these walls alive." Hooded figures formed a circle, huddling around. He knew the consequences of what he was about but it mattered not, death to Typhon Sturmaz was the only thing on his mind. "Get him where he least expects it, not when he is alone, when he is with other people." The hooded figures then brandished their weapons "Death to he!" There were nine of them, all bloodthirsty. "Get some good rest lads..."

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"Today I can sleep with ease, I am relieved to hear." Virgil took a step back "It would be a pleasure to stay a while longer unfortunately there is much business that must be addressed, excuse me." With that he left and headed for his own personal quarters with Qunten and his entourage of guards.

"The swampman wanted the forest..." Qunten shook his head.

"The Central Forests, why?

"Well...we all know that the Swamps are heavily populated and according to his lordship, more land is needed to sustain rising populations, bullshit. Then i reduced his desired grant to 1/6 in which he replied with slight discontent, ungrateful bastard."

"A most likely conflict will arise, Hightowers naval force can beast a combined navy in an open battle. Something troubles me, we cannot trust any of them, there is only one that I have not taken the pleasure to meet in person, Lord Warden of the Highlands, Maul Theongor. If the books do not lie, he will be a valuable ally. A day of being king sure made him hungry, servants cleared the table, roasted pheasant and fine marsh wine. "What will you do?" Qunten said as he gnawed through the bird. "We give Vaino half of what he wants, half of the forest, under two conditions: First he must immediately improve or build roads within the forest, secondly station patrols along said roads, it will be a responsibility and duty that will be passed down to his heir and heirs after him. I will have to have Tigernan in here to write up the official decree...

Ostel enters the room looking distraught. "I have failed you your majesty, the pirate scum escape before I could deal with him. I had men ready!" Although he has disobeyed his direct order Virgil did not feel the urge to punish him. "You insubordinate swine." Qunten spat, he stood up and forced him onto his knees. "Your majesty, punish him!" Virgil stood up from his rest and walked over. "I understand why and I do not hate you for it, however justice is justice you defy my own words which is punishable by death. Today i spare you that honour and instead strip you of your salary for one year and demote you to a more humble position." Guards then took him away to a dungeon cell for a time being.

Deaglan call for Tigernan. Qunten took his seat again and poured himself some more wine. "Qunten, not really know what to do, perhaps all we can do is brace the storm... Tigernan enters with typical attire and manner, this time a slight bit tired.

"Ay your majesty."

Draft and compose a royal decree, my first one. Tigernan pushed away the dishes and rolled a piece of thick parchment across the table and began to wet his quill. "His Most Highest Lordship of the Swamps, Vaino Sivareth the first of his name by the Makers hand is bestowed the highest honour "Bann of Crestwood" by his Makers speech all whom succeeds he shall be have this title bestowed onto thee."

Tomorrow will be a day another open court...