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Avalon Calcorn

"No dont lick that! Don't pull her hair! Quit running! Oh yeah this is loads of fun..."

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a character in “Fostering the Supernatural”, as played by tatteredbutterfly236


Avalon Calcorn

Age- She wont say (27)

Race- Human

Physical Description- She has blonde wavy hair almost always pulled into a pony tail to keep her children from cutting her hair, yes that happened once, she has a sort of hazel eyes, she is okay kind of fit, pale,5'8", and a little rough around the edges.

Personality: She is very loving and disciplinary to the kids, making sure they are okay. Her life revolves around them. She can become very sarcastic and she is the woman of the house. She loves her husband and is happily married.

History-She grew up on a farm raising animals, riding horses, and farming. She had an okay childhood other than the mandatory whippings and harsh summers and winters. She moved into the city when she was a teen and met the love of her life. Now they are married and have adopted children.
other-8 accepted characters ((sorry for the long wait I became super busy >~< and so far this is a WIP))

So begins...

Avalon Calcorn's Story


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Jake Calcorn
Jake grabbed the clothes as quickly as he could when Alex threw them to him, once he grabbed hold of them he immediately put them on.
He head Alex moaning about it going to rain soon, this caused him to roll his eyes. "We will be home quick, were not that far from the house!" He shouted from behind the tree whilst putting his shoes on.
Alex asked him if he had a good night, he wasn't sure if he did or didn't. He was still to young to have complete control over his wolf and wasn't aware if he ever was.
He then heard a growl, at first he thought it was himself but then he made himself aware he didn't growl like that. Coming out from behind the tree he noticed the bear behind Alex.
He knew Alex had basic control over his magic so he would be able to manipulate the plants around him to hold the bear back for a bit.
"You really think calling him a bad bear is going to stop him?" He questioned from behind Alex.
Releasing a sigh as he looked up to the sky, they were going to have to go back, it was nearly time to leave for school and well he still needed a shower.
Nodding to Alex when he asked if they were ready to go back, he started to walk towards the house. Alex not far behind him.
"You coming?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

Lexi Gaia
Lexi suddenly felt a pair of small arms around her. "Morning to you too" She said with a soft smile on her face.
"Well It's not Alex's fault he's clumsy now is it?" She said with a chuckle.
She watched as Zane left the kitchen to get him Lunch She had never judged him for what he was and never will, he was her best friend out of her family and she liked that he didn't treat her any different.
When Darren mentioned about a teacher from the school being fired a scowl appeared on her face.
"He deserved worse than being fired" she spoke with venom in her words. "Who ever the substitute is, better not pick on any of us again." She muttered the last bit to herself.
Their previous teacher Mr Long, had made an effort for most of the year to single out Zane and herself, he basically tormented them.
So to get him back, she had created an Illusion of his worse nightmares, one of her specialties. Safe to say he went made after that, destroying the entire room. And well the rest is history.

Lexi began to smirk to herself about the incident. She watched as Zane began searching for his bag, "Did you leave it at school?" She questioned him.


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#, as written by Polka
Lucille drove her car down the bumby valley roads.
She had been on a short business trip. Now and again Lucille went on short care courses, she believed you could always better your craft and she was extremely lucky that her husband was happy to let her do it.

She pulled her car outside the family home. It had taken a lot of work to get the house just they way they had wanted. Darren had done most of the renovation and Lucille had concentrated on the painting of the rooms. Each time they family took in a new child, Lucille always had to redecorate so the child would have the perfect room so you could say she was especially crafted in painting rooms.

She grabbed her back from the car, just in time for all the kids to clamber out of the house. She was just in time for the school run.