Xiao Huang

"These flames are my only family now..."

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a character in “Four Gods-remake”, as played by TheLastHunter


God of: Fire
Known as: Xiao Huang
Sex: Female
The sign that she/he is a god: She has flame tattoos covering her body and hidden wings made of flames.
Way to stay alive: She must combust into flames and be re-born from the ashes every so often.
Location: At the top of an active volcano
Description: Image
(She's only blue because the hottest flames are normally blue.)


Xiao is very withdrawn and shy. She tends to keep more to herself than talk to others. But if you piss her off, she become a wild fire of fury.


She uses a paint brush set that can create objects. (Like from Okami)


Born at the base of a volcano, she was left there by her mother. She taught herself how to draw and paint and function properly. She enjoys the volcano for it's warmth and hates parting from it.

So begins...

Xiao Huang's Story