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Elliott Lancaster

0 · 291 views · located in California

a character in “Four Hearts”, as played by Starlight77


Elliott Lancaster


“Oh, for the love of… love.”

Ellie, Lancaster



50% Canadian/ 50% British

Male Two

⌈Face Claim⌋
Connor Franta


⌈Hair Color⌋
Chocolate Brown

⌈Eye Color⌋
A Mixture of Sharp Yellow and Bright Green

⌈Skin Tone⌋
Lightly Tanned



⌈Physical Description⌋
Elliott has never looked like the kind of guy that screams “manly”. His face retains many boyish features that one might call endearing, which gives him a “little brother” vibe. With a set of bright green eyes filled to the brim with a childish glimmer of mischief, his energetic smile and infectious laughter can brighten even the sourest of moods. His build is more on the lanky side, but underneath his clothes is a toned, fit body with just enough muscle.


{Playful, Humorous, Kind, Protective, Childish, Clingy}
Elliott, at first glance, can be described as a kind, innocent soul. Born a people-pleaser, he’s always seen offering people help or working himself to death over the simplest things. If anything, his playful, energetic attitude only contributes to his childish personality. He’s easily distracted and can be seen staring off into space instead of paying attention in class. His white, toothy grin is always plastered on his face, his eyes filled to the brim with joy and mischief making him look like he’s always up to something. Elliott has no idea what personal space is, and tends to invade people’s personal bubbles accidentally.

Elliott is a hopeless romantic. If he see’s a girl he likes, and is currently not dating anyone, he will pursue her until she gives into his whims. He will literally do anything to gain her affections, whether that involves him singing, dancing, buying hundreds of dollars worth of gifts, or simply just making a fool of himself. This makes it very easy for him to be taken advantage of by the person of his sudden attraction, and he would be lying if he said that that hasn’t backfired in the past.

Though it may seem like Elliott is all fun and games, he’s no pushover. He gets attached to things and people very easily, and will protect them with everything he’s got. He can get jealous over the simplest of things, and he really does try to hide it, but usually doesn’t succeed in doing so. Because of this, he may seem very clingy and a bit obnoxious at times.

⌈Romantic Interest⌋
Elliott is currently dating Lily.

✦People’s Emotions || Elliott would be lying if he said he wasn’t a people’s person. He hates being alone, and it generally good when dealing with people. He can read people’s emotions well and knows how to react correctly to them.

✦Mixed Martial Arts || Elliott’s older brother was very into MMA, and eventually pulled Elliott into it. Ellie has been taking karate and Taekwondo since he was nine years old, and is very skilled in the sport. He currently works in a dojo on the weekends giving lessons.

✦Cooking || Elliott has simply always had a knack for cooking.

✦Singing || Elliott literally cannot play any instrument. He’s tried the piano, the guitar, the flute, the violin, even the ukulele for God’s sake and has never had any luck. Singing is the only musical thing that Elliott can do. Well, that and whistling.

Elliott was born from a lovely little British woman and a very serious bulky Canadian man. He has one sibling, an older brother named Richard. Baby Ellie grew up with everything a boy could want in a small town on the coast of California. To put simply, his family was filthy rich. But everyone knows how the saying goes, money doesn’t buy happiness.

To say Elliott’s father wasn’t around much is an understatement. Elliott has only spoken to his father on his birthdays and a few other occasions, and even then the man is very distant. What he does with all of his time, no one knows. No, literally. No body knows. Not even his wife and kids. He seems to simply disappears for months at a time and then reappear when he feels like it. Most people think that’s where he’s getting all of the money from. Many speculations have arisen, but most of them seem foolish to even consider. Things like his being a drug dealer, or a pimp, or even in the secret mafia. The family simply ignores any sort of attention from the press.
Not only was Elliott’s father distant, so was his older brother. Richard was seven years older than Elliott, and it seemed like every single one of their parents’ expectations were put on the elder boy. Little to nothing was expected of bubbly baby Ellie. Richard even went to a different school; a more prestigious one. The brothers only exchanged small talk when they were together, but Richard was often to busy with school to pay any attention to Ellie.
But Ellie’s mother is a completely different story. She’s incredibly tender and sweet and almost never leaves the house. She had to raise both of her children alone and did a rather good job of it. She seemed to be the only person who ever cared about Elliott. She was Ellie’s best friend for most of his life. Even though Ellie lives farther away now, they talk regularly.

In short, Elliott lived life having everything handed to him on a silver platter. He went to the college of his choice, got the car of his choice, and buys whatever he likes and never gets told off for it. And it seems like it will be like this for the rest of his life. Despite that, Elliott wants to get his own job and buy his own house and find his own wife. He wants to show his father that he is not worthless.

Elliott currently owns a red convertible Camaro which is his main form of transportation.

So begins...

Elliott Lancaster's Story